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Forest Head
Nov 16, 2023
In General Discussion
If you were a Mossad agent how would you move around without having to constantly worry about blowing your cover? In plain sight This is not meant to tarnish anyone's reputation. I am speculating. I believe Amir Tsarfati and David Tal are Mossad agents. This has become even clearer since the Hamas invasion. Think about it: They both know fluent Hebrew and English, they both travel back and forth between the US and Israel. I noticed they had the same talking points early on after the Hamas attack "This is our 9/11" and things like that. Amir has been redundantly promoting his telegram channel and once you go there, ...well you be the judge. This is a secondary thought: All of what's going on is horrible but it reminds me very, very much of the days after September 11, 2001. And terrible atrocities came out of that. "Never let a good crises go to waste" When asked about the end times Christ said, "Do not be deceived" I could be wrong but would be interested in what other think

Forest Head

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