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Pete Garcia is a retired military combat veteran and aviator, writer, researcher, speaker, and teacher of Bible prophecy and apologetics with a BA in International Relations and a graduate of the US Army's prestigious Command and General Staff College. He was called by the Lord to start writing at the age of 33 and wrote for Jack Kinsella's The Omega Letter from 2011-2018. He has since branched out to create this website under the banner of rev310. To date, he has written over 650 articles that are carried out on numerous websites and platforms. He has contributed written chapters to three of Terry James' published books (Discerners, Lawless, and Trajectory), Mondo Gonzalez's "The Red Heifer Ritual," co-wrote two non-fiction books (The Disappearing and the New World Order), co-wrote a fictional book with Toby Neighbors (Apocalypse 1%'s), and published three of his Christian fiction novels Hobo Vol I and II, and Kingdom of the Ring. Pete is happily married to his wife of 17 years and has five wonderful children.

Pete Garcia
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