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Apr 03, 2022
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Hi Pete. I'm hoping you and others reading this post would provide some encouragement to me and perhaps to others. I recently read a comment posted on Leo Holmann's website by a post-tribulation believer that said everyone, including born-Again Christians, will soon have to decide whether to take the mark of the beast or get their head chopped off. I haven't taken the clot shot and won't be taking any other gene-editing "vaccines" in the future, even if that means not being able to access digital currency to buy food. I can try to stock up on food with a long shelf-life but most likely someone will just steal it from me. I've read the Bible passages that appear to support a pre-tribulation rapture. I believe God's love and mercy are infinite. However, my joy has been replaced with dread. The evil in the world is becoming overwhelming.
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