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Jun 22, 2022
@cavalier973 No, I think Cain always knew that Abel was Gods’ favorite. Nothing that Cain could do was ever good enough. Cain was jealous of Abel, just like Satan was jealous of God. Cain wanted to be the one that got all the glory, and instead he was always second best. So Cain decided to murder Abel. With him out of the way, Cain thought that he would be the one that everyone would love and favor. Again, representing the two blood lines. The Red and the Blue. Cain and Abel were twins, so Abel was of the Godly bloodline the (Red) and Cain was of Satan‘s bloodline the (Blue). The Red blood line is said to be of God, and the Blue blood line is said to be of Satan. Rehashing the Good/Evil mindset. Like The old cartoons where the character would have a Devil on one shoulder and a Angel on the other when they were faced with a decision. We are still dealing with that today, the battle of hood and evil. That’s why we see so much red and blue everywhere. That’s what they are referencing. These witches and satanists always have to reveal their plan In plain sight. They know the Bible is true, and they blaspheme it every chance they get. People are just so dumbed down now, they don’t even make the connection. If you notice anyone that is in high power frequently Wears the color purple. Because Red and blue make purple. What was the devils plan all along? To combine the bloodlines. Like the Nephilim, the giants that were made when the Angels came down from heaven and mated with the mortals, and Giants were born. That is what the Elites are still trying to do today under Satans Control. Mix the Iron (Blue Bloodline) with the Clay (The Godly Bloodline) Man and Machine with all of brain chipping technology, and currency. Its real. Satan knows his time is short, he’s trying to fool as many people as he can, all in plain sight. People are just so brainwashed into thinking that the Bible and heaven and hell is t a real place. It’s all made up. Then why are The Bible references in all of our movies, media, music. If it isn’t real? It’s because it is real, Satan knows it’s real, and he is trying to manipulate you into thinking it isn’t real, so you don’t ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and live In paradise with Jesus forever. Satans knows he can never go there, he blew his chance, so he wants you to burn in the fire pit of Hell with him for all eternity. don’t let Satan fool you, Jesus is real, he’s coming back soon. Surrender your life to him today, ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, trust that Jesus is the one True living God, and you will spend eternity in Heaven. Don’t be fooled. Jesus is the onlth


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