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The Final Four

One of the great tragedies of living in this last generation is watching the vast majority in Christendom, being either unable or unwilling to watch for the soon coming of Christ. At some point over the last century, the professing Church has allowed two camps of extremes to rise up within Christendom to hijack the conversation regarding the Lord's return.

On one side, you have the fringe groups like the Millerites, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, Branch Davidians, Harold Camping, and so on, creating such controversy surrounding the topic, that orthodox Christians wanted nothing more than to put some daylight between themselves the word the Rapture, the Last days, or the Second Coming.

As much damage as they did to their own congregations, the damage was even far more extensive within greater Christendom itself as the naysayers, academics, skeptics, and scoffers began to lump the Blessed Hope in with fringe-cult radicalism.

This growing faction demanded we abandon the subject altogether and has now become the majority painting the subject as either a non-essential distraction or too controversial to ever want to address from the pulpit. The topic was 'beneath them.'

Many soft-spoken and well-meaning pastors claim the Church has far more pressing matters to attend to like church growth, seven mountain mandates, kingdom building, and other ministries designed to keep parishioners busy being busy, but not growing in the faith (which takes the whole counsel of God). Even more troubling, are the increasing number of churches that insist we must become more inclusive to stay relevant in an increasingly pagan culture.

The main problem with this is, the less you think of Christ’s soon appearing, the less you see it as a pressing issue. The less pressing an issue, the more fixated you become on this world which is, according to bible prophecy, on a conveyor belt heading straight into a meat grinder.

The bottom line is that there is no reason on God’s green earth, that believing Christians, can’t have reasonable and honest conversations about what is going to be, arguably, the greatest single event since Christ’s first advent. The fact that Christians aren’t talking about it with growing fervency, is mind-boggling. It is like the normalcy bias on steroids keeping the church in a sleep-like state. Folks, its time to wake up, look up, and get ready for the Lord's soon return.

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