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2022: The Year in Review

Each year since at least 2013, I think, I've done a "year in review" ahead of the coming year. While my "batting average" (a little humor here) tends to stay a little higher the more general and less specific I stay, I'd like to think I have a decent track record. That is NOT because I am so smart (I'm not), but because the Bible has already told us where events will move toward. Regarding accuracy, I have two particular methods that have contributed to my track record.

First, I look at what the Bible has to say about a thing and then look at where the news is headed. At that point, I simply connect the dots. Second, I take what world leaders say will happen, and then I expect the opposite to happen. Now having said that, here are my highly speculative and in no way, hard predictions/forecasts for 2022.

Caveat Emptor: Black Swan events can and will happen, and are unpredictable (hence black swan). These include (but are not limited to) events like tsunamis, major earthquakes, terrorist attacks, meteor strikes, solar storms, and other natural and man-caused catastrophes that happen without any forewarning. There is no way to predict those, other than to say that as we draw closer to the end, expect more of them to occur with increasing frequency and intensity.

1. Domestic economy worsens. Intentionally.

Image: Gettyimages

Make no mistake about it, the people currently running the world, are all globalists. I don't mean Congressman X or Senator Y, or even President Zzzzz, but the people behind them who have the deep pockets to fund major changes in the world. And given the direction they (globalists) want to take us, they have no intention of making our economic situation any better and there are numerous implications as to where this is going to lead us.

Logistically speaking, there are currently somewhere between 100-300 cargo tankers (with upwards of 3K containers on each) still sitting off the coast of California waiting to unload their wares. Between the global C-19 restrictions, the never-ending new 'variants', Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, economic lockdowns, shutting down of oil pipelines, government-subsidized unemployment, and California's ridiculous environmental restrictions, an already fragile global supply chain is intentionally being sabotaged with the intended effect as to not recover.

The purpose of the global supply chain woes has to be understood from the perspective of motivation or why. Think about it this way: if the world economy was working perfectly fine, and things were going normal, then no one would want it to change. No one would want this global utopia these globalists are trying to sell us. That is why everything is a crisis to them because they need people panicked and willing to give up normalcy in favor of more top-down control. So this in part explains why democratically elected politicians, corporate and tech billionaires, and leaders of transnational industry are doing this. It seems counterintuitive to us does it not? Hence, here is their multifaceted approach to deconstructing American economic power.

First and foremost, many progressive politicians and corporate leaders have sincerely bought into the climate change hoax thinking that without their help, the planet will die. This is why they feel compelled to enact these drastic global changes and restrictions in order to save the planet. To them, saving the planet trumps capitalism and nationalism. It also trumps the US Constitution and your liberty. Out of this group of leaders is a smaller, yet more powerful group of elites, who recognize that environmental alarmism isn't the real agenda, but simply a mechanism to get them where they want to go; global governance.

Second, the select few elites understand and are using the Hegelian Dialectical approach of creating a crisis(s) to implement the changes they wanted from the start. Thus, their approach is to create a multi-domain crisis' impacting populations on numerous fronts, all of which, require a federal and even international response. This is why global cooling/warming/climate change is their grand poobah of existential crisis...because the climate affects everyone. In other words, if they can tie a crisis to climate change, they will, regardless of how ridiculous that association may be. Tornados, meteor strikes, earthquakes, racism, transgenderism, C-19....they (all of these elites) find a way to tie it all back to climate change.

Lastly, these select elites who use climate change as their primary crisis mechanism, are doing so because they need to level the international playing field. They need to do this in order to create the necessary conditions for a universal, digital income. They know they can't have global governance without a global digital currency they can control. So, in order to do that, they need to either weaken the American stronghold on the global economy or crash the US Dollar. In order to do that, they need to diminish the US Constitution and our deeply held belief in the rule of law.

There are two primary ways they are promoting this. The first is either by creating lawlessness or by allowing lawlessness to flourish. This is why we see the relaxing of laws against criminals in blue states, which, surprise surprise, creates more crime, which creates more demand by the people for law and order, which means less liberty and more state/government control over the people. It's almost always a four-step process.

  1. Come up with a plan to increase totalitarianism and reduce personal liberty

  2. Create the crisis (or allow it to become a crisis)

  3. People demand change

  4. Leaders implement said intended change

The second is the economic squeeze will also be felt in varying degrees of severity depending on where one lives, with blue states feeling it more severely than red states. This is intentional and designed to overwhelm certain parts of the country. This is similar to the Soros-funded migrant trains coming up from Central America. It is a form of weaponized immigration, where now, intranational populations are being displaced (forced out) and overwhelming the receiving host red states.

Examples of intranational immigration are like people fleeing California or New York, for Florida and Texas. There are generally only a couple of reasons why most people move (i.e., quality of life or cost of living), however, intranational immigration is designed to create an exodus of sorts with thousands leaving these two states each month.

So you ask yourself, why would the governor of California or New York do this? Seems counterintuitive to create the conditions that drive out your tax base. The only reason I think they would intentionally do this is to destabilize the nation and pit the states against each other. For instance, if California falls apart, the federal government will then seek to artificially prop up that state by getting other states to financially support it...which they probably won't do willingly. This creates tension and constitutionally-based legal challenges that ultimately, weaken the US.

This rapid exodus of populations is also designed to put huge strains on successful red states with the intended effects of making them purple-then eventually blue states. It creates secondary and tertiary problems of rapidly increased populations with things like increased traffic, power grid demands, supply chains shortages, and strains on emergency and health services, as well as rapidly overinflating property value and property taxes.

Again, all of this is to say that 2022 will be an increasingly turbulent year for the economy.

2. The escalation of the cold civil war

A cold civil war is better than a hot civil war, but it is not a good situation for a country to be in. Underlying our cold civil war is the fact that America is torn increasingly between two rival constitutions, two cultures, two ways of life. (Hillsdale Imprimis)

The political and cultural divide in the US has moved past the point of any repairable measure. The truth is, we are currently in a war where co-existence is impossible. The political left, with their strongholds over numerous governments, unelected bureaucracy, mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, and social media, is militantly trying to impose and enforce their way of life on the majority of Americans. This means next year will feel more like 1859-60, rather than 2022.

Up until the 2020 elections, most people on the right didn't realize they were in a war. They largely assumed the cultural slide into decadence, and the "win-some, lose-some" nature of politics, was the unavoidable and yet, normal course of events. Most law-abiding citizens did not realize the "losing" was being done to them intentionally (see Frankfurt School).

Second, it means this cold civil war, if left to fester and free of interference by the "little green men" will, at some point, cause one of three outcomes.

  1. Further division amongst the states leads to either call for inter-state secession or intra-state secession (cities, counties, and regions of a state seceding to other states). IOW, a further fracturing of our nation.

  2. It becomes a hot civil war (i.e., active warfare) whether inter or intrastate fighting erupts.

  3. One side (political left or right) completely concedes.

Seeing how neither side is likely to surrender, it eventually only leaves only one option. A new hot civil war erupts and it will be nothing like the Civil War of old (1861-1865). There won't be uniformed soldiers facing off on a battlefield. The conflict would likely feel more like a war in Ukraine or Syria, rather than Antietam. If you don't understand that reference, just try figuring out who is fighting who in either Ukraine or Syria, and you will get my point. However, you can expect big tech and social media platforms to actively only work for one side of the conflict...the progressive globalist establishment.

There is a potential solution (or workaround) to the unavoidable trajectory for where this nation is headed, and it will depend largely on when #13 happens. President Reagan once wisely noted something decades ago regarding the buildup of the undercurrent of tension that has been building up since the 1960s and has only recently begun bubbling over.

If one thinks about how America’s cold civil war could be resolved, there seem to be only five possibilities. One would be to change the political subject. Ronald Reagan used to say that when the little green men arrive from outer space, all of our political differences will be transcended and humanity will unite for the first time in human history. Similarly, if some jarring event intervenes—a major war or a huge natural calamity—it might reset our politics. (Source)

3. Option B: The impending economic collapse of China.

Now, globalists don’t even have to directly trash the US Dollar to directly to tank the US economy. They might go with Option B and kill two birds with one stone. Forget the fact that Evergrande has collapsed (28% of Chinese GDP). Forget the fact that the rest of China’s economy is as stable as a house of cards on a windy day. Forget the fact that China is a paper tiger (financially speaking) because its financial strength is reliant to a large degree on over-leveraged US markets. Forget the fact that China is feeling the effects of decades worth of strictly enforced, state-sanctioned one-child policy (of which the unintended consequences have been disastrous). Their one-child policy has created one of the worst cases of female-gendercide in human history and has skewed the current generation's gender imbalance by some 34M more men than women in China.

No, the real issue is that the new world order globalists (see elite few in point #1) have turned against China and will seek to do to them in 2022, what they did to Trump in 2020. Globalists are determined to push an existential climate change crisis, to enact global legislation that requires all nations to subvert their own national autonomy to the will of the global order…and China is refusing to play ball. One could make the argument that this is why China intentionally released C-19 from their biosafety lab in Wuhan to sabotage the globalist plans of world domination.

China sees the 21st century as ‘their century’ and they are not about to let go of their multi-dimensional power play. However, their fate is tied to the US fate, and as our nation collapses, so will they. This seems to coincide with the geopolitical reality presented in Scripture that in the last days, true power will rise in Europe and remain there until the end.

Look for increasing economic woes to come out of China in 2022.

4. The rise of military conflicts around the world

Image: University of Cambridge

There are two geopolitical factors that are almost a guarantee for increased global conflict: a multi-polar world, and a turbulent global economy.

Given the reality of the Biden Administration's penchant to suicide our national economy and its military-diplomatic lead from behind strategy, the 21st century is coming to terms with the US no longer serving as the world's lone superpower. Adding fuel to this fire is both Russia and China’s increasingly serious existential problems. This is why an aggressive and expansionist-minded Chinese Communist Regime, led by Xi Jinping, will seek a massive show of strength (i.e., distraction) by launching an attack on Taiwan in 2022. This attack will coincide either right before or right after Russia makes its move on Ukraine. While the western world might make a move (show of force) against one of these aggressors, it’s highly unlikely they will against both.

Both common sense and history have shown us that geopolitical weakness invites geopolitical aggression. In its first year, the Beta-Biden Administration has projected prodigious weak American foreign policy in spades (i.e., catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal, begging Iran to return to the negotiation table, kowtowing to China, Paris Climate Accords, etc.). Both of the US near-peer powers (China and Russia) recognize that if they want to recoup the lands they lost in previous eras, they must take advantage of the present situation as they have done in the past (see also Russia’s 2008 Georgia incursion and 2014 annexation of Crimea).

Authoritarian expansionist-minded nations will not risk waiting and possibly having to endure a second-Trump administration in order to grab what they think is already theirs. This is why I believe these two countries (and others) will seek to make their power plays happen either simultaneously, or in close proximity to each other before 2024.

Projected 2022 border/territorial conflicts/land annexations/geopolitical hotspots include:


  • Russia- Ukraine, Belarus

  • China- Taiwan, Kashmir

  • Pakistan- Afghanistan

  • Iran- Iraq

  • North Korea- South Korea

  • Armenia- Azerbaijan

  • Ethiopia- Eritrea, Sudan

5. The solidification of an EU Army

Given the increased aggression by Russia and the demonstrated unreliability of the United States, the European Union (EU) has finally come to terms that the time for their own supranational defense force is now. I believe the August Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco was the final straw regarding the future of NATO.

Granted, the idea of a separate EU Defence force to complement the EU's growing economic and diplomatic power is long in the tooth, however, nobody ever wanted to foot the bill before. Not at least while the US was willing and eager to pay the bill. But for all the endless chatter, there has been some slow movement in this direction, namely, with the signing of the 2017 PESCO. All the recent collapse of the US mission in Afghanistan under Joe Biden highlighted was a need to expedite this transition. I believe 2022 will be the year that European NATO members finally take the necessary steps to cut the American umbilical cord, especially if the US bungles the Russian-Ukraine response.

I expect major movements and/or announcements on the EU Defence Force front in 2022.

6. US House and/or Senate flip to Republican majorities

I have said in the past that unless we rein in election fraud, we will never get a Republican government back. However, even during the grossly fraudulent 2020 elections, a curious phenomenon occurred. While progressives and democrats were singularly focused on directing all of their fraudulent election efforts against Trump himself, the down-ballot Republican candidates fared much better. In fact, Republicans in Congress gained 27 seats bringing the Congressional balance to 221 Democrats to 209 Republicans.

Some have argued and will point to the upcoming 2022 elections as evidence that the far-left has overreached with all its wokeness and will have to move back to the political center. However, I disagree. They won’t, because they feel like they are so close to having achieved their goals of global governance, they will not quit now. They have a bought-and-paid-for president in office who is virtually a guaranteed rubber-stamp for every Marxist agenda they want to move forward. With the exception of only a handful of moderate Democrats, the only thing that they are fearful of now is Biden's failing health.

Now, with a vastly increased state and national scrutiny going forward, as well as a ton of Trump-Esque congressional candidates running, the chances are decent that we could flip the Congress in 2022. So what does that mean for 2024? Well, IF Congress flips, and IF enough states enforce voter fraud legislation and enforcement, Trump MIGHT win again if he chooses to run. He'd be the second president in history (the first being Grover Cleveland) to ever win two non-consecutive terms.

IF he runs and wins, and IF the Rapture occurs, then in a true sense of divine irony, it will truly be at the last trump.

7. Trump announces 2024 Presidential Run

I’m not sure when Trump will announce it, but I expect him to announce his intentions this coming year. He would likely get more campaign momentum behind him if Congress flips, but he could make the announcement irrespective of the mid-term elections. Granted, everyone expects him to run again (as would be his nature), but the question of whether he does or not is intended to keep his enemies guessing until the last second.

The second question on everyone's mind, is who would be his running mate? I can guarantee one person it will not be (I'm looking at you, Mike Pence!). It would likely be someone he has worked with in the past and has complete trust in, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, or Sen. Tim Scott (SC).

8. Congress seeks to remove Biden and/or Harris, citing health and/or competency issues

The first big problem in D.C. is the fairly substantiated rumors going around that VP Harris is not doing well in the Biden Administration. Nobody, including the Biden’s or even her own staff, really likes or trusts her. The second problem is the increasingly obvious mental decline of Sleepy (and creepy) Joe Biden himself. At 79, he is either suffering from Alzheimer's or early onset of dementia. Many (myself included) did not expect him to last a full year in office. I believe the only reason he has lasted this long, is that he's literally being carted around by his (or rather, Obama's staff) like some real-life "Weekend at Bernie's" stiff.

Joe Biden (President Zzzzz) resting his eyes (or meditating) at the COP26, October 31st, 2021

With the exception of high-profile events, Biden's press secretary, Jen Psaki, refuses to detail what the president does on a day-to-day basis. It's very likely that Biden delegates most of his schedule to his wife and staff while he takes his daily naps. Furthermore, he has on numerous occasions: tripped, grossly fabricated, and/or embellished stories, refused to take questions, talk nonsensically when he does take questions, drifts off mid-speech, and wanders on and off stage as if he doesn't know where he is or what he's doing. He also routinely forgets his name or where he is, or what he is talking about. Despite the discussions amongst Republicans and Democrats alike to remove Biden over his declining mental health, nobody wants Harris to take over.

So what to do?

I believe there will be significant Republic traction/movement in Congress to remove Biden from office in 2022. How fast this traction moves, largely depends on how much longer Biden's handlers can keep this charade up. Nevertheless, I believe the Democrats won't allow this to happen until they can solidify a replacement for Harris first. There are rumors they want to bring in Michelle ‘my belle’ Obama to replace Harris. After which, they can then remove Biden and bring the Obama’s back in the office as the premier power couple before the Republicans take back control of Congress.

Sounds crazy I know. But after everything we saw in 2020, I think anything’s possible.

9. The demand for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

The new arms race is not weapons, but information technology. The new race for global supremacy lies in three areas: information superiority (artificial intelligence), information processing power (quantum supremacy), and a universal digital currency (central bank digital currency). After 109 years as federal reserve note, the calls for replacing our increasingly aging and bogged down paper money will soon come to a head this year. This aligns with my point #1 in the "why" of why they are intentionally tanking our economy.

The argument made by the “experts” (all of whom seem to be on the political left) will be that at nearly $30T in debt, we need both global debt forgiveness and the ability/opportunity to start over. By starting over they mean replacing our American dollar with a more secure, versatile, and fiscally sound digital counterpart. On the downside of digital currency, is the complete loss of financial anonymity and physical control over personal wealth. Given our increasingly dire economic situation, starting over will be the most appealing option for both the legislature and the American public going forward.

I expect this to become a major issue in 2022.

10. New C-19 Variants and embedded biometrics

The globalists have found their new sacred cow for scaring the public into almost absolute compliance and it's called C-o-v-i-d. So far, we have the: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Mu, Eta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Omicron, and “unnamed” variants (see here for a complete list). You can bet they (globalist elite) have ZERO intentions of allowing a true cure to be found, even if they get their precious 100% vaccination compliance.

This is the new normal they promised. C-19 was artificially designed (via tax-payer funded gain of function research) to never be 100% eradicated because it is too useful as a form of social conditioning. We can also know they are not seriously letting this go as a crisis-management tool because they keep using the phrase "fully compliant." Being a former military man myself, I know this is a loaded phrase intentionally designed to create a moveable goalpost.

For example, every soldier has to complete nearly 300 hours of annual mandatory federal training each year, or else one is not "fully compliant" with the training requirements (as if you mentally dump all the training you just spent most of the year doing when the FISCAL year changes over). Regarding these new C-19 mandates, you can never be fully compliant for long, because either the efficacy of said "medicine" wears off, or a new variant will flare up and they can start the hysteria all over again.

Just as 2021 became the year of the mandatory vaccine requirements to hold jobs and travel, I expect the goal post to move again for 2022. Only this time, even if you had all your shots, your paper vaccine passports will not be considered fully compliant. You can only be fully compliant when those vaccine passports are digitized and on someone's database (so much for HIPAA). Shortly after that, full compliance will only count if that digital passport is moved into the human body via microchip, quantum dot, electronic tattoo, or other biometric devices.

11. Natural disasters (birth pangs)

Without a doubt, natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and intensity. Even non-watching believers believe this. However, instead of attributing this phenomenon to what is actually happening, i.e., biblical birth pangs, the globalists are attempting to exploit these crises’ by stating it’s man-caused climate change. So regardless of whether it is a tornado, earthquake, meteor strike, or solar storm, doesn't's all because you drive an SUV. They want to use this as a means to both accrue wealth (impose carbon taxes) and consolidate power (implement totalitarian control). I expect 2022 to have much more volatile weather than any year before it, especially with the moves Israel will have to make regarding Iran.

12. Israel Strikes Iran

Israel knows they can neither wait for the Biden Administration to act nor wait for the next election in 2024 because Iran will not wait. Iran is racing ahead with its nuclear ambitions, opportunistically aided by Russia and China. As such, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Mossad will conduct strategic aerial and cyber strikes against Iran's reactor sites most likely in the spring of 2022. Israel recognizes that as soon as they launch this strike, Iranian proxies in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza will retaliate with missile strikes simultaneously in an attempt to overwhelm Israel. This could trigger an Isaiah 17 or a Psalm 83 situation.

This will not be some half-hearted attempt either; this will be a multi-domain attack designed to permanently curb Iran's nuclear ambitions forever. It will be successful, however, it will also drive the Iranian regime deeper into the arms of the non-Shia compatriots of Russia and Turkey, also known as the Gog-Magog Alliance. I expect Gog-Magog to happen AFTER the Rapture of the Church but before the official start of the 70th Week of Daniel (i.e., The Seven-Year Tribulation).

13. The Rapture of the Church

As for the imminent (not secret) event known as the Rapture (catching up) of the Church, 2022 is shaping up to be a bellwether year for it to happen. While we CANNOT know the day or hour (Matt. 24:36), we can know the season (1 Thess. 5:1-4). We can also see that day (the day of Christ) approaching (Hebrews 10:25). Thus, seeing the day approach makes sense given that we should know the season. I believe that day is coming soon, and 2022 appears as good a year as any for this to transpire. Therefore, this will be a high watch year for me personally. See my previous article titled When Will Christ Return? (Revisited) for evidence as to why I believe the 2020s hold particular significance for the soon return of Christ.

Overall, I expect 2022 to be a very turbulent year, with many longing for the good old days of 2021. Regardless of what the world throws at us, just remember that the Bible has foretold us that in the last days, perilous times would come (1 Timothy 3). Perhaps many of us didn't expect the last days to come as soon, or be as perilous, as they are turning out to be. Either way, remember, that He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

With that said, have a Happy New Year and Maranatha!

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Im 62 and so many dates have come and gone that I thought would be the year for rapture. I no longer speculate on the year. I think Any year is possible from now till the early 30ties. I expect on the year the Lord chooses to spring the rapture We will sense its close possibly a month or two before it happens.

Biden is dragging his feet on the refueling tankers Israel ordered under Trump....With out them its would be very hard for Israel to focus its full capacity of airpower against Iran. Because of this Im thinking it wont happen this year unless the Lord makes things happen that allow it.

thank you Pete, A very good list…


2022. jan. 01.

Sounds about right. I’m all in on the 2022 Rapture, but the gut is telling me 2023. We shall see.


Wow so many heated thoughts. I am not sure when the rapture is. I look up everyday and hope today is THE day. In the meantime I am following the advice in Luke 21:36 and hoping I am counted worthy to escape all these things. I am not interested in debates as everyone has their own thoughts and clearly everyone is passionate on theirs. I look forward to the time when we will all finally KNOW when we are up with Jesus and laugh at how we all thought we knew. Love you all and stay eager

2021. dec. 30.
Válasz címzettje:

Agreed. Opinions, interpretations, and theories are one thing but claiming to KNOW, assumes one's understanding is higher than God's. It's incredibly disrespectful to all the writers of this website, which I know all of us value. So, I for one, will NOT back down when a flaky commenter positions themselves with knowledge or authority they do not have. Please continue writing Pete, Randy, Steve and others. Your experience and study is valuable!


Thank you everyone for all the insightful comments!! This made my lunch hour very interesting. As none know the day or hour I find everyone’s enthusiastic comments and thoughts fantastic. Since we are all eagerly watching for him he shall appear to us. Matthew 24:20 says to pray that your flight will not be in winter. So from that I gather it is possible in the winter otherwise why would Jesus tell us to pray that it’s not.

2021. dec. 30.
Válasz címzettje:

That verse in Matthew is speaking to the Jews who will witness the abomination of desecration by the Antichrist at the midpoint of the last seven years (The Tribulation period) is not speaking to believers before the Tribulation begins. We are in the Church age now and can't be confused with the nation of Israel.


Ismeretlen tag
2021. dec. 30.

As hard as it is for folks to believe, including the writer of this article, these things that he has predicted are all still 'birth pangs', leading up to the Great Tribulation Age. We have up to, but not including, September 17th (Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Te'Ruah... today it's known as Rosh Hashanah but it should be known as Yom Te'Ruah), 2025 before that Age begins. Sometime between March 18th and September 16th, 2025, between the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, is when the Rapture will occur. Jesus Himself said this is in Matthew 24:20 and 32... not in winter. The Bible only recognizes two seasons, therefore God Himself only recognizes two seasons... summer and winter. These two season…

Pete Garcia
Pete Garcia
2021. dec. 30.
Válasz címzettje:

Alright, goodbye!

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