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Family Update

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O Pete so happy beautiful Ella had been blessed with so many miracles. Please know I will continue to keep her lifted up in prayer. I know about TBI unfortunately it has happened in our family a few times.

I am mailing a package.

I am so thankful to hear how many sent love, prayers, cards & gifts. Much love and many blessings to your entire family.

I think your children look like your beautiful wife. Especially Ella. I have enjoyed seeing the holiday photo you shared on line. Love all the dogs too. Titus was a great helper to you with your livestream today.


I’ve been praying for Ella since I saw Tyler’s video shortly after the accident. As you referenced, Pete, and as others have mentioned….when the Lord allows trials in the lives of His own, the tentacles of healing and repair and truth are intended to reach a multitude of areas. I guess you could call it refiner’s fire. One last thing….it is a pleasure to see how beloved you are and how you appreciate that!


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I’ve been with my family and away from all social media for a week, so I’m just now finding out about Ella’s awful accident. I’ve started praying immediately for Ella, your other children, your unspoken prayer need, and the others involved in this accident.

All praises to Almighty God for His loving care of Ella! And for the arms of those around the world who are encircling your family at this time.

With love and continuing prayer for all of you.



Thank you for the update Pete. Our family has been praying from Northern BC, Canada.

It’s amazing to hear the testimony of Gods hand over you all, most especially your sweet Ella and her recovery.

Please encourage Ella with the hope that her summer could turn out better than the one she planned. That trumpet could very well sound at any moment. But, should we continue to wait past those summer days, may the peace of God surround her and fill her with joy and unexpected surprise's.

God bless you and your family.


Jun 06

Our family has been praying for Ella. It is wonderful to hear that she is doing well in her recovery. My six year old daughter's name is also Ella, so it hits close to home. She is drawing Ella a picture of the waterpark to send to her because I told her she was sad about not being able to go this summer. We will continue to lift her up!

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