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Down the Rabbit Hole: Part III


Over the last two articles, we looked at the government's likely culpability in projecting certain crisis events and lunacy-based legislation to drive and derive reactions from the general population. These, along with sweeping data collection efforts, in order to, help feed their Sentient World Simulation (SWS) project. We also looked at both the short and long game efforts that dedicated internationalists used to simultaneously secure their wealth while diminishing America's.

This time, we will look at more anomalous events that appear to be on the increase, which has begun threatening the average persons' grip on reality. We will specifically focus on the five categories listed below which I have also provided with credible sources should you choose to pursue those particular rabbit holes. At the bottom of the brief, I’ve included a short video portion that I will use to expand on some of these and how I believe they tie into the grand Luciferian Agenda.

1. Atmospheric/Geological Phenomena

For centuries, cultures have reported on hearing strange and ominous sounds emanating from the atmosphere. However, in recent years, there has been a rapid uptick in the reports of strange and mysterious sounds booming across the heavens. Dubbed as either "Sky Quakes" or "Sky Trumpets," this audible phenomenon has triggered apocalyptic fears across the planet. Interestingly, this phenomenon appears to be predominantly located in the northern hemisphere, however, some rarer cases are found in South America and Australia.

Leading conspiracy theories attribute the bulk of these bizarre cases to H.A.A.R.P's intentional manipulation of the ionosphere (weather manipulation). However, enough evidence has been collected regarding this phenomenon to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these are just conspiracy theories. Likewise, the sounds and vibrations from the equally mysterious subterranean booms not only physically rattle the foundations of the homes and businesses impacted, but also rattle the nerves of those left without explanation as to why.

Make no mistake, these real and increasingly unsettling events are leaving the scientific experts and political leadership without answers. So, regardless of whether these are man-caused phenomena (i.e., HAARP, DARPA, CERN, etc.), or of a more natural/cosmic occurrence (ex. solar storms, tectonic plates shifting), its notable increase is what is most disturbing. Perhaps Scripture has a more reasonable explanation?

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. Romans 8:20-22

2. Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

Although this video is given from a non-Christian perspective, this video does an excellent job summarizing the increased rising UFO activity, as well as our government's admitted knowledge of it. From a Scriptural perspective, we know these mysterious interlopers have proven time and again to act in a nefarious manner. For we know that God and His holy angels are not the only spiritual beings operating in our dimension. Satan and his fallen angels also can, and have become increasingly active as of late, which, we should note could signal the very final moments of the end of our age.

3. Anthropological Phenomena

Cryptid: Cryptids are animals which are generally believed to be legendary in mainstream biology. These animals are studied by people known as cryptozoologists, who are either interested in proving that they exist, or interested in studying the myths and cultural beliefs which have arisen around such animals. Strictly speaking, cryptids are not mythological; creatures like unicorns, for example, are not considered cryptids, because they are accepted as myths. Rather, cryptids are animals which some people think could actually exist. (Source)

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you lived in some manner of complete isolation, completely cut off from the rest of the world. Let’s also say you were given two pictures and asked which was more likely to exist— a unicorn, or a giraffe? I would wager to say, most people would pick the unicorn, as giraffes just seem to defy every form of nature there is. Nevertheless, we accept giraffes because we can go to the zoo and see them for ourselves. But just because unicorns don’t exist now, doesn’t mean unicorns never existed; let's be honest, more bizarre animals exist than unicorns (platypus, narwhal, etc.). Furthermore, the Bible (Septuagint and Latin Vulgate) lists unicorns as real, single-horned animals (Job 39:9-12).

The same could be said for dragons. Almost every ancient culture believed in them, and even our Bible often references dragons (Hebrew-Tannim) as real creatures. Furthermore, the fact there are now extinct, does not diminish the fact that the Bible uses a dragon to symbolically represent Satan (Rev. 12:3). Therefore, this must mean the symbolism was based on a real creature at some point, or else its allusion becomes nonsensical. By nonsensical, if Rev 12:3 had said Satan was that Great Red Jabberwocky, no one would have any idea what that meant. Similar arguments could be made for the still remaining Loch Ness’s “Nessie,” Lake Champlain’s “Champ,” and Lake Okanagan’s “Ogopogo.” The bottom line is the oceans of the deep remain largely unexplored, and there are likely creatures and things that defy our understanding of reality.

As for the terrestrial-based cryptids, since the 1960s, there has been an explosion in both the interest and sightings/encounters with the so-called creature commonly referred to as Bigfoot (i.e., Yeti, Sasquatch, ape-men, etc.). While tens of thousands of witnesses claim to have come into contact with these mysterious creatures, scant physical evidence exists. Nevertheless, two things intrigue me regarding this particular subject. First, is the revival of interest in these and other cryptid monsters. The second is the increasingly persuasive elusiveness these creatures (if real) seemingly possess with regards to their ability to avoid exposure, especially in our increasingly intrusive age of surveillance.

Some of you may be wondering how unicorns, dragons, and sasquatch fit into last day's events. While I don't think the Antichrist will come into power riding on a unicorn or using armies of sasquatch to secure his global dominion. I do, however, believe that these oddities will become increasingly common as fallen angels begin to further corrupt and exploit nature, in order to further Satan's agenda. Jesus said in Luke 17:26 that as in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man. I understand the context as saying the time surrounding His return, mankind will be distracted by the cares of this world...and cryptids provide a significant distraction.

I do believe some of these cryptids/demons/Nephilim ties into some of the Missing 411 cases. Some might ask, why/how would God allow it? Again, I don't know. However, we do know that throughout man's history, people have become possessed by demonic entities, and somehow God allows that. So it could be there is a certain threshold of activity that God allows from these nefarious beings, but for purposes unknown to us at the present.

There could also be some things implied in this "days of Noah" statement that may signify the return of the preternatural. For instance, we know for a fact that giants existed both before and after the Great Flood. If giants (9-13 ft. tall) could exist, then why is it a stretch to believe that sea monsters and sasquatches couldn't either? Or dragons? Or other mythical creatures that have long since gone extinct. Could it be that Satan is either reviving or mimicking these beasts as a means to further supplant God's natural order?

4. Enhanced Humans

Of all the prophetic signs highlighting our nearness to the end of the age, there is only one that is, until our generation, unique only to the days of Noah. This is the attempted effort to change/alter/rewrite the genetic makeup of what it means to be human. In 1951, scientists Francis Crick and James Watson cracked the code on the double-helix strand of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Since then, there has been a global sprint to tweak/alter/enhance mankind's genetic makeup of mankind. This has also led to some other subsequent offshoots, that of merging man with the cyber-machine. One writer has called Transhumanism “Satanism with a Brain Chip.”

TIME magazine’s “Transhuman of the Year,” Elon Musk, warned that the runaway advance of artificial intelligence is “summoning the demon.” The mother of his child, a techno-pagan known as Grimes, has even written hymns to this Super Computer God. Worried that Homo sapiens will soon be overshadowed, Musk is pouring money into an implantable brain-computer interface, Neuralink, so we may commune with this AI deity.

Looking far down the road, the most ambitious transhumanists long to transcend death itself through radical life-extension, or even mind uploading—the replication of your soul’s pattern in immortal silicon. It’s like Instagram, only forever. Anytime the gods demand sacrifice and devotion, transhumanists demand immediate gratification. If that means storming the gates of heaven with brain implants and hoverboards, then so be it. In 1990, the musclebound Max More gave “transhumanism” a succinct definition:

Philosophies of life (such as extropian perspectives) that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.

As the term “extropy” implies, transhumanism is a cosmic battle against the perpetual drag of entropy—it’s the human ego versus a dying universe. (Source)

With regards to futurists (speaking specifically about the non-Christian types), there are two great camps: the pro- Artificial Intelligence (AI) group, and the pro-transhumanist group. The former is close to creating these artificial gods, and the latter, wants the upgrades to contend on equal ground with them. Somewhere in the middle is the Military-Industrial Complex and foreign nations, who are trying to capitalize on this emerging technology to create real-life super soldiers. Listed below are just some of the efforts to create enhanced humans.

  • Brain microchips — France has been given the all-clear to develop microchips to enhance soldier brainpower.

  • Bionic eyes — Being developed in Hong Kong, this gives users infrared and night vision.

  • Super hearing — The US’s Tactical Communication and Protective System are smart earbuds which boost soldiers’ hearing to be near superhuman.

  • Health implant — DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, is developing cyborg implants to monitor combat efficiency.

  • Enhanced limbs — A Devcom report revealed plans to equip US soldiers with enhanced limbs for increased strength.

  • Exoskeleton legs — The US Army has tested an exoskeleton which can be attached to soldiers’ legs and can increase their productivity by up to 27 times.

  • Synthetic blood — Respirocyte is a theoretical red blood cell that could help soldiers not get out of breath and stay underwater for hours.

  • Pain immunity — DARPA’s Persistence in Combat initiative would allow soldiers to have their pain suppressed for 30 days. (Source)

5. Occult Revival

Much ado has been made regarding a so-called “Third Great Awakening” happening this side of the Rapture. To be fair, there is a revival going on, it’s just not a Christian one. Paganism is on the rise and is making great strides within Western Civilization threatening to undo nearly 600 years of the Judeo-Christian worldview. This is evidenced in our popular culture- movies, books, television shows, and music. It's also increasingly dominating academia, scientific endeavors, and government. But to note the stark difference the pagan worldview has with the Christian, one writer summarized it as such:

To grasp the significance of what is happening, we need to understand the ideas and practices that permeated the pagan world, and how they differ from those of the Judeo-Christian tradition. The term pagan was initially used to describe anyone who did not believe in the God of the Bible or follow biblical guidelines. The thoroughly pagan Greco-Roman world—given to idol worship and adopting gods and practices of other religions as if they were interchangeable—provides one ancient example. Such concepts and practices were totally at odds with biblically influenced religion. The Greeks and Romans were a mix of polytheists who worshiped many gods and goddesses, pantheists who believed that “god” was everywhere in nature, and what we now call atheists, worshiping no god at all. Such pagans had no knowledge of the God of the Bible (cf. Acts 17:23). The idea of one true, personal God was generally foreign to them. (Source)

Check out the opening ceremony for the Gottard Tunnel near the CERN facility in Europe. Mind you, many leading European political figures are in attendance for this event.

There has also been a huge revival, since the late 1800s, in the occult vis a vis secret societies. From the Freemasons, Skull and Bones Society, and Bohemian Grove, to those that hide their occultism with economics and politics, many of our world's most elite leaders have come out of these supposedly harmless secret social groups. But are they harmless? Are you and I invited to listen in on many of the world-altering propositions that go on behind closed doors?

The answer is no.

Furthermore, the fact that they shroud all of their discussions and activities in antichristian prerequisites and ceremonies shows not just a tacit disdain for Christianity, but a real antagonism towards it. And yet, these people are the ones who are running our world? It's no wonder why the world has seen this aggressive revival of paganism here in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Jesus told His disciples that upon Peter's confession (that He was the Christ) the 'gates of hell' would not prevail against His church (Matt. 16:18). While it appears the gates of hell have already been opened, they are not. This is but a small sampling of what will become the 'new normal' one micro-second after the Rapture of the Church.

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10 ago 2022

Hey, Pete...I'm looking through some of your old posts as I lift you up during your rest time this week. I lasted about fifteen seconds through the "Cousin It" festival ("Gottard Opening Ceremony"). I don't even pretend to want to understand...but Psalms 2, 37, and 73 will give them all they can handle. It's hard to even know how to pray...are such beyond it? I think of Mary Magdalene and her multiple demons...but I am learning that WHERE WE ARE on Yahweh's timeline matters so very, very much. I look forward to hugging Mary soon and very soon...and please do know that even as you rest, you are a much-appreciated, much-missed brother to us all. Maranatha, and Isaiah 40:31!

Me gusta

22 feb 2022

Regarding population: My opinion is that population and technology are synergistic. As technology increases, population increases. As population increases, technology increases. As population decreases, technology decreases. As technology decreases, population decreases. The movements by the world overlords to reduce world population could shoot them in the foot. Without people to manage, care for and work with the technology that these uber-people have come to expect, who will get them their favorite chai tea? 500,000,000 will not be able to do what 8,000,000,000 used to do.

Me gusta

22 feb 2022

Regarding Sasquatches. I live in the PNW which records more sightings than anywhere in the world. I have friends (non- stoned) ones that claim close encounters.

A few years back my husband and kids camped in many spots where sightings were documented. My theory was to fry bacon, or leave a Voo-doo donut for them. This experiment was repeated for many summers. The only variable was change of location.

Results? No Sasquatches took the bait from 1998 to 2006. Conclusions? They are not real because who doesn't love bacon?

Me gusta

22 feb 2022

As both a sci-fi geek and degreed geek, this was by far my favorite series!

I marvel at how the world believes in demons and cryptids, yet have the hardest time believing in Jesus. I ask my peers, doesn't it take just as much faith to believe in your views, as it does mine? In fact, I have to try even harder to believe in say, a Sasquatch, than Jesus because the Holy Spirit resonates with truth when we hear it.

Me gusta

Stuart Wright
Stuart Wright
22 feb 2022

Pete, thank you for the very thorough, thought provoking, and spiritually insightful article. Wow! I am retired Air Force (Nurse Corps), and was intrigued by Secretary Mellon's comments, and also for the team interviewing him in the attached video. It is my opinion that the Air Force's "deafening" silence on UAP phenomena is largely due to control of assigned mission domains (atmospheric and space), and I believe there is MUCH that cannot be explained and will likely never be released. Even when I was USAFE assigned to Belgium at a PRP/SCI facility in the mid-1980s, there were a few UAP incidences at our small air base. To my knowledge, the particulars of these incidences have not ever been publicly acknowledged…

Me gusta
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