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Down the Rabbit Hole: Part II

Updated: Feb 19, 2022


America has loads of them.

The reason why she has so many of them is that she is addicted to power.

Ergo, if information equals knowledge, then this must be protected (classified) so it can then be used as leverage. Leverage then equals power, and America has become (as of late) quite smitten with the taste of power. In fact, given her constant state of intoxication, we can say confidently that it has become a full-blown addiction. And anyone who has ever been in an AA meeting knows, the first step on the road to recovery, is acknowledging you have a problem.

However, anytime anyone becomes bold enough to take that first step toward recovery, they are instantly censored, silenced, destroyed, and disappeared. When this happens, their fate becomes enshrined in layers of classification, and their whereabouts buried in some secret misty realm presumably guarded by a three-head dog named Cerberus. It would seem, as it were, that no one in charge really wants to heal. There are far too many skeletons in our closet which threatens our “way of life.” Things like-

  • Jekyll Island

  • Area 51

  • The existence and role of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UFOs)

  • Deep State Surveillance of the American population

  • Occult influences in government

  • Operation Paperclip

  • Big Pharma’s Nazi Roots

  • The JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations

  • The truth about the Missing 411 cases

  • The "Oiligarchy" (must watch)

  • Long term health concerns with regards to mRNA vaccines (gene therapy)

  • Etc. etc.

Could the revelation of these really break “our way of life?”

Perhaps. But perhaps not.

To make matters worse, all of our drinking buddies (i.e., other nations and political entities who are also addicted) are as belligerent as we in refusing treatment for this addiction to power. For many of the newer generation of globalist-minded tyrants, primarily, those graduates of the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” school, C-19 was their first whiff of power, and either they’re already hooked. Just look at the potential civil war brewing with our northern neighbors should Justin Trudeau continues his heavy-handed approach to "protecting freedom" by simultaneously crushing it. They, like Justin, can’t wait for the next global crisis to come along so they can go on their next power trip.

However, if the Sentient World Simulation (SWS) project is still in play (I believe it is) and if it is the epitome of one of our nation’s most closely guarded secrets (I believe this as well), then our government has finally arrived at its most ignominious attempt at playing God. What I mean to say is they went from wanting control to getting control, then onto controlling the narrative, and now, wanting total control over things no human or empire can control, i.e., the future.

In some regards, I pity world leaders who are attempting to rule-by-fiat, as if the world we have now, was the be-all, end-all of our existence. All they can see is what is in front of them. Their aspirations for greatness, supersedes in their mind, the fact that they are still mortal. They are still finite beings subject to the ills and woes of this life. Moreover, their heartbeats and breaths are on loan from their Creator, and at some point, the bill will come due.

And for most of them, their entrance into the realm eternal will become the first day of an eternity spent in great pain, the blackest darkness, and absolute misery.

The Hybrid Age

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” –William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

As a citizen and believer in these last days, it’s remarkable to bear witness to so many converging events. For instance, I was born in 1974, which was in the last century of the last millennium. I also lived at a time (the first time in 1,878 years) when Israel exists as a nation again. I have lived both before the European Union, and now with its existence. I’ve lived through both the third industrial revolution, and now into the fourth. I’ve lived before and now in the Age of Information and the Internet Age. I’ve lived before and now after, the end of the Cold War, and the collapse of the Soviet empire. I’ve even traveled the world in the War on Terror with its focus (formerly) on the Middle East.

However, I’m not alone. Many of you have seen the same or more of the changes I’ve just listed out. With all of this change and transformation, I’ve come to rely on two veins of thought. The first is to ask why something is. The second is to counter that first question, and ask why something is not.

For instance, I can wonder and discover how and why light bulbs came into existence. Usually, the topic evokes two names for most people right off the bat- Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla. However, a question I might further ask is, why don’t light bulbs last longer than they do. With as many light fixtures as I have in my house, it seems like I’m constantly changing these supposedly long-lasting LED light bulbs on a weekly basis. So what gives?

Well, Planned Obsolescence is what gives.

Planned Obsolescence

In summary, early light bulb manufacturers did in fact, create incandescent bulbs which could last for decades. In fact, one 60 watt light bulb at the Firehouse Station 6 in Livermore, California, has been continuously operating now for 122 years. In 2011, the “Centennial Bulb” had passed its one-millionth hour of near-continuous operation. Therefore, the problem wasn’t that we couldn’t make products that lasted forever, we could. The problem was creating repeat customers to stay in business.

When you don’t need to change out products frequently, or ever, people quit buying them. When people quit buying them, factories close down and people lose their livelihoods. Thus, in the 1920s the light bulb manufacturing cartel essentially agreed to make their bulbs last no longer than 1,000 hours, so people would be forced into becoming repeat customers. Granted, World War II changed this demand, however, the principle of planned obsolescence can and was applied to all manner of products from vehicles to smartphones. Basically, anything that can be sold, can be made to become more ‘inferior,’ either aesthetically, or functionally, so that it does not last any longer than the market can bear. Hence, planned obsolescence.

What’s of interest to this topic, is the idea that planned obsolescence was not unique to just products. Could this also be applied to nations as well? The short answer is yes, and this would become the proverbial fountainhead for globalists worldwide who opposed nationalism and were wholly committed to the idea of new world order.

Of course, the obsolescence wasn’t for their utopic global government, but for every other government out there. The idea was to both destabilize nations from within (i.e., Gray War tactics) as well as create global crises so profound that every nation would be forced to come together to solve said crisis. However, two issues arose, specifically regarding the United States.

The first problem for globalists was in the way the United States government was designed (or intended to function). Her power was not centralized with a Prime Minister or a monarch. No, her power would be decentralized amongst three separate, but equal branches of government. Furthermore, the states were to have more power than the federal government. Lastly, the citizens, theoretically, were to have the most power of all, having their unalienable rights shielded by a Bill of Rights, as well as a Declaration of Independence of which enshrined its authority, not with a human government, but from God.

Thus, the government must be corrupted from within, before it could be destroyed from without. This corruption was done in a tripartite manner- seed the government with globalist and progressive individuals, deconstruct societal norms and values through academia, science, and Hollywood, and corrupt the education system from kindergarten through university. As President Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

We are already seeing the poisoned seed of the 1960s-70s generation bearing fruit in our politics today. Should the Lord tarry another generation, I fear this nation, nay, this world, is doomed to a most frightful future.

The Scheme

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Tim. 6:10

However, all the plans and schemes of globalists and those dedicated to this nation’s destruction can do very little, if they don’t have the means to carry out their ways. They needed money, and they need an unlimited amount of it.

Thus, by 1913, the determined globalists had committed their first salvo of the war of obsolescence by successfully lobbying/blackmailing a certain quorum of Congress to vote in secret, on Christmas Eve, to pass the Federal Reserve Act. This most abominable act, farmed out one of the most sacred, duly-appointed roles Congress could have, i.e., the printing and coining of monies, to the “Federal Reserve,” which is neither federal nor a reserve. In reality, the Federal Reserve is a private cartel of unelected bankers separated into 12 districts now in charge of printing and coining US currency, as well as controlling the national interest rate.

Before this abomination occurred, proponents for central banks, both within and without the US, had twice attempted creating an American central bank with both efforts meeting the biting sting of veto. Nevertheless, their persistence paid off when a naïve idealist, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, won the 1912 election. They wasted no time. They realized the opportunity at hand and rallied each other by saying, ‘once more into the breach, dear friends, once more’ and they did go. Only this time, instead of finding the veto, they found success. But in order to bring to life this monstrosity of a beast, they needed what all globalists and authoritarians need…a crisis.

Wilson complied. After campaigning in 1915-16 that he had “kept our boys out of the war,” (i.e., the Great War), Wilson did a 180 and by 1917, the US was sending American boots to European soil. Consider this:

When Congress created the Federal Reserve on Christmas Eve 1913, just six months before Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination, it had provided no legal authority whatsoever for the Fed to buy government bonds or undertake so-called “open market operations” to finance the public debt.

In part, this was due to the fact that there were precious few Federal bonds to buy. The public debt then stood at just $1.5 billion, which is the same figure that had pertained 51 years earlier at the battle of Gettysburg, and amounted to just 4% of GDP…

But WWI crossed the Rubicon of modern Warfare State finance. During World War I the U.S. public debt rose from $1.5 billion to $27 billion — an eruption that would have been virtually impossible without wartime amendments that allowed the Fed to own or finance U.S. Treasury debt.

These “emergency” amendments — it’s always an emergency in wartime — enabled a fiscal scheme that was ingenious, but turned the Fed’s modus operandi upside down and paved the way for today’s monetary central planning…

The Great War was nothing short of a calamity, especially for the 20 million combatants and civilians who perished for no reason discernible in any fair reading of history, or even unfair one.

Yet the far greater calamity is that Europe’s senseless fratricide of 1914-1918 gave birth to all the great evils of the 20th century — the Great Depression, totalitarian genocides, Keynesian economics, permanent warfare states, rampaging central banks, and the follies of America’s global imperialism…

Indeed, in Old Testament fashion, one begat the next and the next and still the next.

Indeed, absent Wilson’s crusade there would have been no allied victory, no punitive peace, and no war reparations; nor would there have been a Leninist coup in Petrograd or Stalin’s barbaric regime.

Likewise, there would have been no Hitler, no Nazis, no holocaust, no global war against Germany and Japan, and no incineration of 200,000 civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nor would there have followed a Cold War with the Soviets or CIA-sponsored coups and assassinations in Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, Brazil, and Chile to name a few. Surely there would have been no CIA plot to assassinate Castro or Russian missiles in Cuba or a crisis that took the world to the brink of annihilation.

There would have been no domino theory and no Vietnam slaughter, either.

Nor would we have had to come to the aid of the mujahedeen and train the future al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Likewise, there would have been no Khomeini-led Islamic counter-revolution, and no U.S. aid to enable Saddam’s gas attacks on Iranian boy soldiers in the 1980s.

Nor would there have been an American invasion of Arabia in 1991 to stop our former ally Saddam Hussein from looting the equally contemptible Emir of Kuwait’s ill-gotten oil plunder — or, alas, the horrific 9/11 blowback a decade later.

Nor would we have been stuck with a $1 trillion Warfare State budget today. But I digress. (Source)

In Closing

With both the ways (the plans and schemes) and the means (the monies) covered, those committed to America’s deconstruction and committed reconstruction into the new global order were finally making headway. Now would come the mix of both the sprints of crisis management (WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, War on Terror, C-19, etc.) and the long game (creation of the Deep State, Keynesian Economics, academic corruption, Hollywood norms, and values, etc.).

One last entity critical to the success of this new global order was the “Warrior Class” which consists of the war hawks (i.e., war enablers in both Democrat and Republican parties), the Defense and Intelligence agencies, as well as the corporate Military-Industrial Complex types. These are they who manage both the creation and the execution for the majority of the crises, and give teeth to the rise of the police state, as well as becoming defacto guardians of limitless amounts of information.

Hence, with a bottomless piggy bank in hand and rapidly advancing technology to both secure and leverage vast amounts of information, as well as the weapons to impose the will of the federal government, the United States is on the verge of a transformation in no less certain fashion than that of Rome some twenty-one centuries ago. We are headed from being exceptional to the exceptionally frightening new standard of tyranny. All they need now is a Caesar worthy of the crown.

Nevertheless, just as there is this relentless push to create this new world order with the elites at the top and everyone else consigned to serfdom, there are what seem to be, fleeting moments of people "doing freedom" around the world. From the January 6th's mostly peaceful protests in Washington D.C. to the spontaneous anti-mandate and vaccine protests springing up throughout Europe, Australia, the US, and Canada- the unwashed masses are pushing back. It remains to be seen whether this will be a Rosa Parks moment or a Tiananmen Square beatdown.

Either way, I think things will continue to be contained in this increasingly volatile world until the Rapture of the Church removes the lid and everything spills over.

P.S. For my Canadian friends, please remind the truck drivers that they don't have to stand in the cold, risking fines, bank seizures, or jail time in Ottowa to protest the draconian Trudeau Regime. All they have to do is not drive.

Video Recap

Part III: Coming Soon “The Outliers”

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21 de fev. de 2022

I am thoroughly enjoying this series! You are such a wealth of knowledge and I learn so much reading your articles.

One of the things I cannot wait for, after we are raptured, is to finally have full understanding of how everything throughout history connected and all that was hidden from us. There are so many more questions than answers.

The globalist schemers must feel invincible. But I take so much comfort in knowing that they would not have gained one iota of ground without God permitting it.



Amazing series of articles. I am looking forward to Part 3. I would love to know the truth about Missing 411. I actually have a couple of Dave Paulides' books on the subject because I found the subject both terrifying and intriguing. I've had this sense for a very long time that it's somehow demonic-related. The idea came from reading the Book of Daniel and Revelation - the activity of angels and fallen angels - how they travel, etc. Henry Morris writes a terrifying commentary of Revelation 9. He believed there are shafts on earth where the souls of unbelievers are taken after they die. If the saved are escorted to heaven by angels, it would make sense that the…


Pete, another great read…look forward to part 3. Truly a fearful time, but probably the most exciting time to be alive on planet earth -- especially if you’re born again and looking for the Rapture! The quality of your writing is manifest evidence that you are doing what you were gifted and called to do. So glad to see you loving your calling and walking in its truly blessed by it. Bless you brother.


Lori Fiechter
Lori Fiechter
19 de fev. de 2022

Your "rabbit holes" lead me down more rabbit holes! I have a computer screen full of tabs right now looking up Alice in Wonderland, that light bulb in California that has glowed since 1901, and articles on planned obsolescence. Plus I just downloaded the pdf of Griffin's The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Very much enjoyed your interviews with Jan Markell and Tina Griffin! Hope that more people will find this website through such interviews.

Finally--Your postscript about the Canadian truckers gave me pause...why has no one else mentioned that common sense approach: "just don't drive." ? Thanks.


19 de fev. de 2022

Thank you for being a resourceful voice of reason. I'm a 70's baby like you, and experienced all that you have. I'm just struggling with everything that's happening, and just so unsure of what I need to do to prepare for hard times. Everything is just so convoluted, and quite honestly, I'm scared. I'm reading your HOBO volume 1 at this moment and the thought of the economy crashing because of AI is frightening. I'm just so wondering why our government is so hell-bent on everybody getting this vaccine. I know a lot of it is the money, but it just seems like it's more than just that. In your book I got to the park where it talked about…

19 de fev. de 2022
Respondendo a

70s baby. You're so young---this coming from an 80s girl who, for the longest time, kept falling into rabbit holes. One things about all vermin holes, is that where's there's an entrance, there's an exit. God is faithful to show us the exit when it's too much to bear. Jesus does remember we are but dust.

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