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Can One Man Save the World?

Over the past 120 years, Satan has been subtly laying the foundation for the creation of new world order (NWO), specifically, at the cost of the United States of America. What is of interest to this article, is not that it’s happening (we know that already), but who Satan is sacrificing our nation for, what the past five presidents have done in expediting this process, and who, of our current crop of leaders might take on the mantel of Antichrist. While we (the Church) will not be here to identify who this coming world leader is specifically, we can look at the traits the Bible says this man will have, and see, if any, of the present crop of global leaders fits the bill.

However, before we go there, let us remember there have already been three new world order events in our nation’s history alone (1776, 1865, 1945). Each of these NWO events began with a slow-boiling crisis that culminated in open warfare, resulting each time in great bloodshed. We know these are NWO events because the end was always vastly different than the beginning. Acts 17:26 states rather clearly that it is God who appoints the kings and the kingdoms, and sets their times and boundaries.

Given our understanding of history and God's purposes, the United States has existed for two purposes: First, to be the greatest vehicle by which the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be spread throughout the world. We saw this through the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings, the Missionary movements, and the great evangelists and biblical scholars that have come forth from this once great nation. The second was for the safeguarding of the nation of Israel, which began in 1947.

But God wasn't the only one using the United States.

Like cancer that has quietly been metastasizing within our national body all these many years, the political left is beholden to Satan. Now, they won't admit that, but ultimately, we know their purposes align with his, just as the Church (the true body of Christ) is aligned with God's. Arguably, the left has only ever had two tactics - corruption and crisis. Satan has been these simultaneously to bring our nation to the point of today where we have: an impossible national debt, weak and porous borders, political correctness in every institution, aggravated racial divisions, radical progressive ideologies, despotic technocracies, and imbecilic politicians, just to name a few. Thus, the further we drift from God, the closer the embrace we have with Satan. He is using this nation to implement his own agenda of laying the foundation for a global totalitarian government. Satan has been dreaming of this since the tower of Babel.

Admittedly, he’s come close several times.

At the heights of each of the respective Persian, Grecian, and Roman Empires, much (not all) of the known world was subjugated to the whims of a singular emperor thru military might. As massive as Alexander the Great’s empire was, or Julius Caesar's, or Genghis Khan’s, it was physically IMPOSSIBLE back then for one man to rule everywhere. But God used other kingdoms and powers to keep other kingdoms and powers in check. (There was a very good reason why God separated mankind into 70 families when He did!)

Next, Satan tried imposing his global domination through religion, particularly those spread by political power and sword (e.g., Holy Roman Empire, Islam, various pagan/barbarian beliefs, etc.). Nevertheless, there was sufficient push back by the Church Jesus Christ was building.

Over the 20th century, there was kingdom-building under the guise of money and economies. Look at the vast wealth, power, and empires acquired by the titans of industry. Whether we are talking about commodities such as oil or steel, or banking and financing, money quickly became the currency of power between the years 1900 to 2000.

However, this time is different. What each of the empires before lacked was the convergence of all three (military might, religion, and financial control) into one system. The vehicle which makes convergence possible is technology. This is how and why Satan combines the three (political power, economic might, and religious devotion) into the coming final human kingdom. This became a reality when the world moved from the third industrial revolution into the fourth, finally connecting humanity together in a way that hadn't been seen since Babel. This was the opportunity Satan had waited for millennia to happen. But let us briefly see how this process came to be.

1.0 - First was the invention of the machinery by which man could convert human/animal power, to machine power. By necessity, this created the need for the energy to drive the machine (such as steam, fire, and water). By doing this, mankind could greatly increase the output of whatever effort was being exerted.

2.0 - The second was converting the machines to create the process to mass-produce "things" like vehicles, weapons, bombs, etc. Thus, the capacity for business and war must match the population in which it is to be executed. But more than just war were the multi-trillion dollar industries dedicated to global logistics and supply chain technologies. Armies have to eat and sleep, and war provided opportunities that helped create some of the major industries still thriving today.

3.0 - The third was the increased lethality of the weapons. What once was the premier projectile weapon of choice, the bow and arrow, eventually fell victim to the musket. The musket gave way to the repeating rifle, which later gave way to the machine gun. The same could be said for: vehicles (horses, automobiles, tanks, planes, jets, now space-based weapons); artillery (catapult, cannon, artillery, nuclear missiles, hypersonic missiles); and communications (messenger, telegram, radio, digital messaging, cyber-physical). There are always improvements made to weapons with regards to lethality and deliverability.

4.0 - The last is the cyber-physical age, in which man is not content to just have the machinery or the lethality, but now is dependent upon the 'real-time' information by which to deploy its weapons (albeit military, political, or economic). Not only does the information need to be instantly accessible, but must be protected (encrypted) by the most secure means possible. Moreover, man is now working overtime to get information that hasn't even happened yet through forecasting/warcasting. This is done by wargaming scenarios ahead of time (e.g., Event 201, Sentient World Simulation Program, AI-driven data mining, etc.) so when it happens, a 90% solution can already be presented. Just think about how quickly the Orwellian Patriot Act was signed into law only 30-days after 9/11.

As previously stated, Satan is not just content with destroying the United States, he wants to sacrifice her on the altar of the new world order for the sake of global domination. Why else would he try so hard and for so long to destroy her both from without and within? As for the lifespan of nations, the average is 250 years. Also of interest to this discussion, is the timeframe in which these new world order events seem to come about, which is roughly every 80 years (+/- 10 years). (See also the Theory of Generational Dynamics) Thus, we are as follows:

  1. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Cyber-Physical Age)

  2. We are 246 years old (as a nation) in 2022

  3. We are 81 years removed from our start in World War II (the last NWO event)

We appear to be in the prime window for both the ending of our nation and an NWO event. No wonder the World Economic Forum (WEF) is pushing so hard for a Great Reset, and the United Nations so hard for Agenda 2030. While most Americans seem to be in the dark about what is coming, the leaders of this world are of 'one mind' in seeing the opportunities that will soon present themselves in our (the USA's) global absence.


“What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the alliances of all people and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and be he god or devil,

we will receive him.” Paul Henri Spaak, NATO Secretary General 1956-61

As the title alluded to, Satan has always had a man/ or men in place in every generation who will accept the offer Jesus rejected nearly two thousand years ago (Luke 4:5-8). When Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, notice that Jesus didn't deny Satan's authority to give them. Rather, Jesus told him to pound sand (so to speak) for trying to get Him to worship him.

Nevertheless, Satan has been in the business of king-making ever since. He's tried over and over with limited success, because something, or rather, Someone, has always been holding him back. The Restrainer (God the Holy Spirit through the Church) has always presented some challenge to Satan's dream of global domination.

And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock (Peter's confession that Jesus was the Christ) I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:18-19 (my emphasis)

You see when true believers pray, and that prayer aligns with God's agenda for kings and kingdoms, Satan and his plans will either be bound or thwarted. I'm not trying to sound like one of those apostate, name it and claim it wackos on television, but our prayers are powerful, even if we don't see the fruits of it right away. Nevertheless, God wasn’t ready to allow Satan to take over the world just yet because other things needed to take place first (the age of the church to wind down, the rebirth of Israel, geopolitical alignments, modernization, etc.)

From the Caesars to Hitler, Satan has used many people to achieve his goals of both consolidating his power and wealth, as well as persecuting the Church. Every time Satan persecuted the Church, it spread. Every time he tried to corrupt it, either the apostates were forced out, or the faithful remnant started new elsewhere. Even though Satan failed each time, he still used his failures in ultimately building his coming kingdom.

Satan's new world order will be controlled by the Beast and the confederation of Ten Kings. These will all be answerable to the False Prophet and the Antichrist, who in turn, answer to Satan. Just because Satan knows he cannot stamp out the Church this side of the Rapture, doesn't mean he's just going to sit on his hands and wait until his time comes. No, he is actively and aggressively preparing his kingdom because he knows one day very soon, the trifecta of prophetic variables will all be in place and he needs this horror show ready to go:

  • The right man

  • The right time (on God’s prophetic calendar)

  • The right place (the revived Roman Empire)

So before moving forward, let us look at the past five presidents to see what has transpired under each of their respective administrations to further enable the coming Beast system.

1992-2000: Bill Clinton

  • permanently entrenched the deep state by fostering corruption at all levels of the government

  • created the need for a Global War on Terror by ignoring Al Qaeda

  • promoted treasonous regionalization plans (NAFTA)

  • pushed for the disastrous land for peace initiatives (Israel-Palestinians) resulting in numerous violent Intifadas

  • Overall, a scandal-ridden and terrible president who enabled a highly corrupt deep state.

2000-2008: George W. Bush

  • empowered the deep state with the Orwellian Patriot Act shortly after 9/11

  • began two unnecessary wars which 1) burned out our military forces, and 2) allowed for two decades of foreign interventionism under the guise of the “War on Terror”

  • he continued the "land for peace" facade between Israel and her enemies

  • he mismanaged the greatest economic collapse in US history to then.

  • Overall a distracted and ineffective president who refused to deal with the greater threat of internal enemies.

2008-2016: Barack H. Obama

  • oversaw the massive transfer of wealth vis a vis Omnibus Bills 1-3 which, to date, remains largely unaccounted for adding massive debt to our already over-bloated national debt

  • unconstitutionally nationalized healthcare (1/6th of the US Economy)

  • starved and eroded morale within the US military and intelligence agencies

  • did more to speed up the collapse of the American civilization than any president before him.

2016-2020: Donald J. Trump

  • managed to unleash the American economy

  • strengthened Israel’s claim over Jerusalem and the Golan Heights

  • eradicated ISIS and tamed (temporarily) North Korea, Russia, and China

  • brought normalization to the Middle East vis the Abraham Accords

  • Overall, the globalists unleashed COVID-19 on the world before blatantly stealing the 2020 election from him before Trump could do any more damage to their NWO plans

2020-20??: Joseph Biden Jr.

  • overseeing the very obvious attempt to initiate WWIII by both provoking our enemies (China and Russia), and terrifying our allies

  • further exacerbating our economic decline through massive spending (i.e. inflation) providing the necessary economic crisis to force the US to replace our aging fiat currency with a digital one

  • by doing this, the left can minimize the shift in Congressional power (post-midterm elections) effects and further entrench dictatorial power in the Executive Branch (similar to how Rome went from a Republic to an imperial dictatorship)

  • Overall, Biden is a useful idiot in the waning moments of a dying republic. The minute he becomes useless (i.e., Build Back Better), they will declare him medically unfit and replace him with someone they think can get the job done (not Kamala). Perhaps the Biden administration's sole purpose was in providing the necessary contradistinction between the government we have, versus the government the world wants

Spoiler Warning- The rest of this article is complete speculation. It is not intended to give a definitive answer to who I think the Antichrist is, as we (the Church) will not know the answer to that question this side of the Rapture. I'm simply continuing the ongoing conversation regarding a growing list of candidates who seem to be trying out for the role of the coming world leader.

However, what is not speculation is that if the 70th Week of Daniel is as close as many of us suspect, then the Antichrist of the Bible MUST be alive today. Furthermore, if the Antichrist is alive, then so are the Ten Kings from whence the Antichrist rises up and subdues. Dr. Dave Reagan has an excellent article here detailing the rise and fall of the Antichrist and all of his attributes.

Side note:

  • Pros mean things that make this candidate a more likely candidate for the Antichrist.

  • Cons mean things that make him less likely for the person of the Antichrist.

Antichrist Candidates (in no particular order)

1. Barack Hussein Obama

44th US President serving from 2008-2016. A radical progressive who helped lean the Democrat Party hard left and further racially divide the nation. He permanently tainted numerous government and intelligence agencies with corrupt Deep State officials that would come to haunt the next president.

Pros- globally popular, faux Christian (in name only), committed globalist, pro perversity agenda, has a cryptic background shrouded in secrecy/inconsistencies, and strong connections to really wicked people

Cons- viewed by many as weak, incompetent, and vague. Although his origin of birth is debatable (either Hawaii or Kenya), both fall outside of the biblical boundaries of the old Roman Empire (Dan. 9:26)

Summary: I have never believed Obama was the Antichrist. About the only thing that even makes him worthy of this list, was his meteoric rise from obscurity to global popularity. Likewise, the rise of the Antichrist will be similar. He does have global aspirations so I don't count him out of the entire mix entirely.

Antichrist status potential: Highly unlikely

Ten Kings potential: Highly likely

2. Volodymyr Zelensky

Pros- War-tested political leader, who has shown great resolve and competence in the face of existential danger. This is what distinguishes him from the other Antichrist candidates on this list such as Macron and Obama. However, his willingness to lie and deceive other nations to get them involved in this potentially terrifying conflict comes very easily. The globalist's agenda to prop this man up as a savior means he is not working alone but has the backing of other world leaders behind him (primarily those WEF types). He has pop culture already hailing him as a political messiah. He also comes from within the boundaries of the old Roman Empire.

Cons- The only cons I see now is that he is current reliance upon the Azov Battalion and their very public associations with Nazis. This however may be written off as a necessity, rather than a choice.

Summary: Volodymyr Zelensky is an interesting candidate overall. He has extensive grooming from Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum (WEF) and Young Global Leaders' school. He has global accolades. Like other current WEF global leaders, his present position as Ukrainian PM (should he survive the war), seems more like a launching board than an end-state.

Antichrist status potential: Highly likely

Ten Kings' potential: Moderately Unlikely

3. Jens Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg is a Norwegian politician (former Prime Minister for Norway from the socialist Labour Party), long-serving NATO Secretary-General, and was a newly appointed governor of the Norges Bank (however, he has recently been extended for an additional year as NATO Secretary-General in light of the current Russian provocation into Ukraine). He really only has two publically attributable things that would put him in the running for an Antichrist candidate.

Pros- First is that he is very comfortable with antisemitic and anti-Zionist propaganda, as well as radical Islamist groups. Second, he is a huge proponent of vaccinating every child on the planet. Given our recent experiences with mandatory mRNA dictates, you could see where this becomes problematic. Nevertheless, he has largely managed to stay out of any controversy over a very long political career, meaning, he's a smart political operator

Cons- His anti-semitic/anti-Zionist background would not endear him to Israelis, making the Dan. 9:27 'covenant' less feasible. They would largely be skeptical of anything he had to offer. Norway sits outside of the boundaries of the old Roman Empire

Summary: Jens Stoltenberg is an interesting candidate for one of the Ten Kings primarily because he is considered a European elite, well connected with many governments around the world, and largely viewed as a competent leader. Either way, I see him in some sort of leadership role in the coming Beast system.

Antichrist status potential: Highly unlikely

Ten Kings potential: Highly likely

4. Alexis Tsipras

Former Greek Prime Minister (2015-19) who was head of the Syriza Party (Radical left). A self-described atheist, and lives with his registered partner (Peristera "Betty" Baziana) and their two sons.

Pros- While in the office as PM, he made strong connections with Israel and Cyprus at the Beersheba Summit agreeing on numerous issues such as defense, cyberspace, energy, and education.

Cons- Has remained largely silent and politically off-grid since leaving office in 2019

Summary: Alex Tsipras was a popular Antichrist candidate when he first came to office back in 2015 but has largely faded from the spotlight. While not a leading contender any longer, one of the strengths of the coming Antichrist is his seeming emergence/re-emergence on the scene as a global fixer. Alex Tsipra's main strength is his close ties to Israel which will figure largely in the coming 70th Week of Daniel.

5. Emmanuel Macron

Formerly dubbed "Europe's Savior," the French PM from 2016-present, likened his leadership to that of the Roman God Jupiter (distant, yet dignified and weighing his pronouncements carefully). Heavy on the image-bearing, Macron has been seen as cryptic and esoteric, presumably doing so to mirror former French PMs of the past such as Charles de Gaulle and Jacques Chirac.

Pros- Strong occult and esoteric ties giving conspiracy theorists a field day

Cons- largely seen as weak and ineffective (the pandemic has not been kind to his leadership), and may lose the upcoming election to Marie LePen, barring any election fraud

Summary: Again, a strong Antichrist contender back in 2017 when he first rose to prominence (even from Newsweek no less), yet, he is one whose star quickly lost its luster when the reality of governing set in. Hard to say where he ranks now amongst the other candidates nowadays. never know. Maybe he will get to play Jupiter one day.

Antichrist status potential: Moderately unlikely

Ten Kings potential: Highly likely

6. Justin Trudeau (Canada)

Liberal Canadian PM from 2015 to present. Largely seen as aloof and even persona-non-grata amongst other world leaders (see here, here, and here).

Pros- proven highly despotic tendencies, groomed by globalists, admires other totalitarian regimes

Cons- seen largely as weak and feminine, does not hail from inside the boundaries of the Old Roman Empire

Summary: Justin Trudeau has shown his true nature recently with regards to the actions of some liberty-loving Canadian truckers. He, like Zelensky and others, are a group of the newer leaders who were groomed via the WEF to think and act globally.

Antichrist status potential: Highly unlikely

Ten Kings potential: Moderately likely

7. Jared Kushner

Jewish Son in law to President Donald J. Trump (#45) and husband to Ivanka, Jared has proven to be a skilled political figure and negotiator, overseeing one of the most miraculous peace deals of either the 20th or 21st century with the Abraham Accords. (See here for an interesting video montage of JK).

Pros- a former democrat, independent, and now Republican, he seems politically pliable to whichever benefits him at the time; practicing member of Orthodox Judaism, viewed favorably amongst most Israelis, Kushner bought 666 Fifth Avenue (across from the Rockefeller Center) for $1.8 billion in New York City, which was later resold and rebranded (660 Fifth Avenue). A skilled negotiator and political insider, has managed to successfully navigate the treacherous waters around his father-in-law's targeting by the political left.

Cons- (so far as we know) not from within the boundaries of the Old Roman Empire

Summary: Jared Kushner is an interesting candidate for his political bonafides alone. He is one to watch in the coming political cycle. I don't really see him settling for just as a member of the Ten Kings. Perhaps an advisor to the Antichrist?

Antichrist status potential: Moderately unlikely

Ten Kings potential: Moderately unlikely

8. Elon Musk

South African-born American, Elon Musk is the single richest man in the world. Inventor and founder of SpaceX, Starlink, Paypal, and Tesla (and possibly Twitter), Elon is an innovative entrepreneur the likes of which we haven't seen since Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, and Steve Jobs. He is also terrified at the prospects of an Artificially Intelligent dictator and believes arming humans with his neural link upgrade will keep humans competitive in our cyber-physical age.

Pros- Insanely wealthy, creative, popular, and intelligent

Cons- Does not hail from the boundaries of the Old Roman Empire

Summary: Elon is a viable candidate only in the sense that I think any unsaved (unregenerated person) has the potential to be used by Satan to further his agenda. If he remains an unbeliever until after the Rapture, he will likely be used in the coming Beast system to marry up his Starlink and Neuralink technologies with regards to the Mark of the Beast system. Again, he may serve as science and technologies advisor to the Beast system (should he remain unsaved)

Antichrist status potential: Highly unlikely

Ten Kings potential: Moderately unlikely

9. Unknown Candidate

Here is to that unknown candidate we didn't even see coming. He's likely in government or business now, and has so far, stayed under everyone's radar. He will remain an unknown entity until the time is right (likely after the Rapture) and the opportunity presents itself for him to rise to prominence. It's likely that this candidate already feels compelled to bigger and better things as if he were fated to greatness. He will achieve what no human leader before him ever did- world domination. But it will be short-lived. He'll trade seven years of power for an eternity in the lake of fire.


As I said earlier, if the end is as close as we think it is, then the Antichrist is alive and well today. He will be the one who is presented as the man who can save the world.

At present, he is just as unknown to us, as a young unknown Adolph Hitler was to his generation before his ascendancy. Still, Hitler didn't grow up in a vacuum. He was shaped by his experiences of World War I and its aftermath, as well as being mentored by the likes of Dietrich Eckart, Georg Ritter von Schönerer, Karl Lueger, and Guido von List.

Likewise, this Antichrist is being shaped by his current environment. He is being mentored by the right globalists (Soros, Rothschilds, Schwab, et. al.). If we know anything, let us know Satan is currently grooming this coming leader, opening all the right doors of business and government, and preparing the way for this man to quickly ascend to power when the time is right.

Right now, he is watching the world today and carefully studying what our current crop of bozos are doing, and will likely do the exact opposite. He will not allow his wokeness to supersede his pragmatism, which will be to garner as much power as quickly as he can. After the Rapture, he will be armed with the supernatural powers from hell and will be accompanied by his Luciferian aide-de-camp, the False Prophet.

Satan will unlock all the world's unfixable problems for him to fix. Since Satan is behind all of the world's unfixable problems and impossible quagmires, it will be nothing for him to simply give him the "keys to the kingdom." This will embolden him to think he is the one actually doing it. But at the midpoint, he will succumb to an assassination attempt and will either die or appear to die. Meanwhile...

And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” Revelation 12:7-12

Even so, Maranatha!

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Sally Olin
Sally Olin
Jul 08, 2022

Excellent article. I think according to Daniel 11:37 there is a strong possibility he could be Jewish. The phrase, "neither regards the God of his fathers is actually a Jewish idiom. Pastor Gary Hammrick at Cornerstone Chapel believes the AC will be Jewish as well. Zelensky seems like the best candidate. Thank you for all you do Pete. You are an incredible writer.


I ask God and Jesus christ forgiveness of my sins every day and night I love God and Jesus christ I trust my life with God and Jesus christ Amen.


The Jews of Israel will call him messiah. You have to look at these prospects with that in mind. The Jews are a stiff necked people. They are going to have to find him really special to chose him as there messiah. Also he will have a strong appeal over most everyone. None of these people on this list fit that bill today. Some are close in some ways but most are in need of a lot of help to get there. But thats the case today. Radical events in the future could catapult one of these men or a man we have never heard of to the forefront of everyone eyes.

Replying to

I meant ”Jewish” in the context of nationality (State of Israel), not their religion.


Apr 23, 2022

Excellent article, I’ll go with the unknown for the same reason, I doubt any of these are Never heard of Harari, looking him up.


Apr 21, 2022

I’m with you on Zelensky Pete. The guy comes out of nowhere and is currently adored by the world. Will have to keep our eyes on that one, but we will never really know on this side. Maranatha is right!

May 10, 2022
Replying to

I don’t think we, as the Church, will witness that. I think that will happen shortly after the chaos ensues from the Rapture. I also don’t think we would have any clue who he is, at least not certifiable proof anyway.

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