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2019: The Year in Review

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

As always, I will begin with my predictions from last January (2018) to see what I got right, what I got wrong, and what has yet to happen. I do not have a crystal ball, nor do I claim any extraordinary insight into world events. I only watch trends and try to put the pieces together in a logical, sequential order.

2018 Predictions

  1. John McCain to retire this year due to medical reasons

  2. Rex Tillerson is replaced with Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

  3. John Bolton is brought back to be the Ambassador to the United Nations (personal wish) National Security Advisor

  4. Mueller is trying to keep this collusion investigation going through to 2018 where the Democrats hope to take back either the house or the senate. He then will hand over what he has to them (at least this is the plan)

  5. The Swamp begins to drain

  6. Pres. Trump mulls over serious Afghanistan withdrawal plan

  7. Russian support to Iran and North Korea continues

  8. Israel-Cyprus-Greece energy triangle-making strides, but staying under the radar

  1. Nancy Pelosi retires from politics (although if she doesn’t get speaker of the house, this still may happen)

  2. GEN (RET) David Petraeus joins ranks with the administration

  3. Blue Sky Option #4 (although, I still hold a high degree of skepticism regarding North Korea’s true intentions here).

  4. Merkle loses her reelection (although she has announced her impending withdrawal from politics)

  5. Natural disasters- tons of flooding, lots of earthquakes, but the main focus this past year was again, on hurricanes and wildfires.

  6. Any Black Swan-type event

  1. US divorcing the UN- we have already quit the defunct and corrupt UN Human Rights Council, the Compact on Human Migration, and Paris Climate Agreement. Expect further distancing from the United Nations the longer Pres. Trump stays in office

  2. Saudi Arab Spring-although you can see the undercurrents stirring, nothing has materialized as of yet

  3. The whole Russia Collusion scandal falls apart and takes a dramatic swing to the left, on to Clinton, her cronies, and the Uranium One, and Benghazi/FBI/email scandals

2019 Predictions

US Affairs 
  1. 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates begin their run

  2. President Trump gets another Supreme Court pick

  3. Robert Mueller officially ends his Russian Collusion investigation with zero credible evidence against President Trump over collusion or obstruction

  4. Media continue to push obstruction/collusion narrative despite actual evidence

  5. Pres. Trump and Congress continue to clash over border wall, and the government shuts down. Only military and key functions remain open

  6. A Democratically controlled congress unsuccessfully attempts to impeach Trump

  7. Pres. Trump declassifies the entire investigation in retaliation (payback against the Democrats)

  8. Pres. Trump declassifies all the information on extraterrestrial activity (payback against deep state)

  9. Pres. Trump instructs SECDEF to begin pulling out of Afghanistan (payback against establishment hawks). This is a reiteration of last year’s prediction.

  10. The congressional impeachment effort fails to clear the Republican-controlled Senate, and a new Republican investigation is launched into the 2014-2016 Democratic Party collusion in retaliation

  11. If Trump’s Middle East peace plan is revealed, expect a major economic downturn

  12. If Trump’s Middle East peace plan is not revealed, expect continued economic growth, or at the least, economic status quo

Asia Affairs 
  1. South China Seas military flare up between US and China

  2. Chinese military aggression against Taiwan continues to sour relations between US and China

  3. North / South Korea continue normalization between the two countries. This is going to end badly for South Korea

European Affairs 
  1. Pres. Trump opens permanent military base in Poland in reaction to increased Russian aggression in Ukraine/Baltic states and Caribbean base

  2. Germany’s Angela Merkel steps down from office

  3. France’s “yellow vest” protests spread to Germany and the Netherlands, clashing over immigration and high taxes

  4. The Union of the Mediterranean (UfM) gains traction due to the rising success of the Israel/Greece/Cyrus energy triumvirate.

  5. The EU Army (Defence Force) continues to materialize as US/EU relations continue to strain

  6. BREXIT continues to stall out even after Boris is brought in as PM

  7. France’s Macron introduces his own (EU approved) Israel-Palestinian Peace Plan

  8. The Paris Climate Accord falls apart as France essentially abandons it

  9. EU Defence Force (EU Army) begins to materialize. They begin pillaging NATO for officers and soldiers.

  10. EU seeks damage control and continental unity through re-imagining of revived Roman Empire

Russian Affairs 
  1. Russia/Turkey/Iran continues to be isolated and marginalized economically and politically, further pushing them toward a Ezekiel 38 coalition

  2. Russia continues military buildup in Libya, Syria, and other Mediterranean locations (noted this in October 2018 before US pull out of Syria)

  3. With the fracturing and transitioning of NATO, Russia begins efforts to reclaim the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania

 African Affairs 
  1. Ebola (and other hemorrhagic-type fevers) continue to plague central Africa

  2. Geopolitical tensions flare up between Egypt and Ethiopia over their Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project

  3. South Africa continues to drive white Africans from the country through the governments illegal land grabs and escalating violence

  4. US continues proxy war (against Russia/China/Iran/Turkey) in eastern Africa

  5. US military footprint in Africa increases

  1. Israel conducts major, strategic strikes in Iran/Syria (see Isaiah 17)

  2. Bibi Netanyahu remains Prime Minister…barely

  3. Errant missile strike from Hamas hits the Temple Mount, destroying the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque

  4. Major push to rebuild the Third Temple ensues while Trump and Netanyahu remain in office

Supernatural Affairs 
  1. Major governmental UFO declassification program begins after irrefutable evidence emerges, this coincides with Pres. Trump’s desire to hit back at the deep state

  2. Paganism continues its resurgence in Europe and the United States as more political leaders identify as Pagan

  3. People began to self-identify as ‘non-human’

  1. AI machines begin to replace more and more human worker

  2. Breakthrough technology emerges in aerospace flight

  3. Cryptocurrency continues to grow in size and significance

  4. AI driven automation effects on job markets (taking human jobs) becomes major political issue for 2020

Summary: The General Trends 

2019 will be a watershed year for President Trump as the gloves finally come off. He recognizes that neither the Deep State nor the media will quit their subversive efforts regardless of what he does. The Trump Administration will continue to operate at a breakneck speed, largely sending out mixed signals to friend and foe alike. This is not done due to infighting or confusion, but rather, to keep everyone off their game. In terms of military affairs, the US is going to make some dramatic shifts that realign our forces in a strategic manner befitting the changing geopolitical and technological landscape (we are still largely operating under the 1990s/2000s construct).

While Trump’s recent decision to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan is breaking with the status-quo many military establishment-types and Republicans are comfortable with, these are both unwinnable situations. I anticipate major prophetic tremors throughout the Middle East as the US pulls out of Syria, and realigns efforts elsewhere. This could very well be the year Damascus is destroyed. The Israelis have largely not had to worry about too much Russian/Turkish/Iranian build-up in Syria so long as US forces were still on the ground. This is no longer the case.

I would expect the Israelis to be provoked at some point in the summer in which they will target Damascus (Isaiah 17) with grim finality. This, of course, sets the stage for Ezekiel 38. The Iranians and Turks will seek revenge for this attack, while the Russians are eyeing the natural gas fields off the coast and in the Golan Heights. So long as the US remains the world’s superpower (pre-Rapture), they will build their forces but not attack. I expect Ezekiel 38-39 to come in the gap of time between the Rapture and the official start of the 70th Week of Daniel.

I am loathe to try to predict major calamities happening at specific locations, as I have routinely gotten these wrong. However, I will say that given the rise in the major/minor earthquake activity along the ring of fire in places like Alaska, Malaysia, and Japan, I expect that the US West Coast is long overdue for major seismic activity. If the California wildfires of 2018 didn’t do their jobs in moving many good and decent people from California, this next round of seismic activity (judgment) could be the start of the collapse of California. Another place to keep an eye on is the New Madrid Fault Line which has also recently become active. See here for a more complete list of places to keep an eye on.

Again, 2019 will be increasingly a High-Rapture-Watch year as prophetic events continue to increase with frequency and intensity. Do not be discouraged because the world continues to embrace the spirit of the Antichrist. The Bible said it would be this way; primarily, those things would increasingly deteriorate during the final generation. Live with abandon concerning Christ. This world and the things therein are passing away. Live every day as if it could be your last. Keep your heart, mind, and soul fixed on Christ, and keep looking up.


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