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What Love is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

This, from the late Dave Hunt from The Berean Call, is one of the most profound expositions on the errors of Calvinism. For the record, I'm neither Calvinist nor Arminian. I believe man has both free will and exercises that free will under the sovereign plan of God.

This illustration is to reconcile God's sovereignty in salvation with man's free will to choose salvation. From H.A. Ironside:

"It has been pictured in this way. Here is a vast host of people hurrying down the broad road with their minds fixed upon their sins, and one stands calling attention to yonder door, the entrance into the narrow way that leads to life eternal.

On it is plainly depicted the text, "Whosoever will, let him come." Every man is invited, no one need hesitate. Some may say, "Well, I may not be of the elect, and so it would be useless for me to endeavor to come, for the door will not open for me." But God's invitation is absolutely sincere; it is addressed to every man, "I'mWhosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely" (Rev. 22: 17).

If men refuse to come, if they pursue their own godless way down to the pit, whom can they blame but themselves for their eternal judgment? The messenger addressed himself to all, the call came to all, the door could be entered by all, but many refused to come and perished in their sins. Such men can never blame God for their eternal destruction.

The door was open, the invitation was given, they refused, and He says to them sorrowfully, "Ye will not come unto Me, that ye might have life." ... [But some will say], "I am going inside: I will accept the invitation; I will enter that door," and he presses his way in and it shuts behind him. As he turns about he finds written on the inside of the door the words, "Chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world.

H.A. Ironside, In the Heavenlies (Ephesians), pages 27-28


Free Will and Predestination are like a door. The side of the door toward us says, "Free Will." Once you go through the door you turn around and see that the other side says, "Predestination."

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Hi Pete, this video was AWESOME!!! I had come to the point where I thought I could never understand the whole calvinist thing. I have just recently been praying that God would help me somehow to understand. Then I found this post by you! Right on! I so appreciate it and you and your ministry. God bless you and yours. Many thanks to you for all you do to edify the body of Christ! Marittza


12 de nov. de 2022

Great to see this video! Dave Hunt was a great apologist. I met him twice and was looking forward to his newsletter the Berean Call every month. Thank you for posting this.


12 de nov. de 2022

"For the record, I'm neither Calvinist nor Arminian."

You got that right--Arminianism essentially became little more than the Calvinists' straw man.

I love John MacArthur, and I can honestly say that this is about the only thing I disagree with him about. But at least on his good days he'll admit it's a tough call and that there is clear scriptural support for both a Calvinist and non-Calvinist view.

Which makes him the only honest Calvinist I know.

Greg Lauer


When RC Sproul first started radio teaching, I enjoyed listening to him. There was one occasion that he disputed dispensational teaching and I must say his arrogance was on full display. He even resorted to insults as he argued against it. I remembered that and lost any desire to listen to him again. Calvinists tend to be arrogant toward others who differ with them.

Respondendo a

Nice to know that update about him. Since I never listened to him again, I would not have known about it.


11 de nov. de 2022

I listened to Dave Hunt’s audiobook some months back, and what I remember most is the historical information he provides (while not excluding the Biblical and theological information). Another person who talks about Calvinism is Leighton Flowers (Soteriology 101); he focuses exclusively on the Biblical and Theological arguments.

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