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Thanks Scott, however, for the same reasons I stated in my responses to Pete, I respectfully disagree. And as far as getting rid of the devil in the White House is he not God's choice for this last 4 years to bring about judgment on an unbelieving and sinful nation? Where is the repentance from the our national leaders that we should deserve anyone else? At this point I'm thankful Michelle Obama hasn't put her name in the hat yet. 2020 was the year my vision became 20/20 about the country I love, and especially about who get's in office. I'm not so sure we have the final say through voting.. I watched in 2016 as HRC nearly fainte…


Pete, I originally posted this comment on your youtube video, but I took it down, I thought this would be a better venue to seek honest comments on my thoughts. On your podcast today you brought up Mike Johnson and the whole situation with him bugs me, especially in light of Genesis 12:3. God bless you. I am not very happy about the speakers compromises concerning FISA, spending, Ukraine., etc... I fully support blessing Israel in accordance with scripture, I have no problem sending them arms, money, or whatever.... But I don't believe God grades on a curve. In my thinking it's not ok for a leader to allow evil to your own countrymen in order to support another count…

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Steve, I understand where you are coming from. I like Mike Johnson but had trouble with his recent aid package. However, there is more at play here when you tear back the covers.

Remember that shortly before this legislation, Mike met with Trump at Mara Lago. Trump crafted the Ukraine aid to be a loan, not a gift. I agree with Pete that we must support Israel at all costs. I have no idea what the other aid is about and do not support that gift.

And this aid issue for Ukraine and Israel HAD to get done and NOW. Brandon was using it as a campaign issue to point at a failed MAGA-led Congress in turmoil. Now he can…

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