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Don't think for a minute that the Democrats and establishment D.C. Beltway types (including RINOS, NeoCons, and Deep Staters) have all of a sudden become moved by the atrocities done against Israel by Hamas.

With the exception of Trump's four years, recent history has shown that since the Clinton Whitehouse days, US Democrat policy has grown increasingly anti-Israel/Zionist in policy and rhetoric to the point of open hostility.

Most of these Democrats are the same people who for years/decades, have routinely spoken out of both sides of their mouths regarding peace in the Middle East being obtainable if Israel would but only give up more of her occupied land (see below map). This is the same political ilk who since the 1977 Camp David Accords, relentlessly pushed the suicidal "land for peace" deals upon Israel as that was the only solution.

They ignorantly pushed for this despite all the bloody Palestinian uprisings, Palestinian Intifadas, Palestinian suicide bombings, Palestinian attacks, and thousands of Palestinian rockets launched against Israel year after year.

Even still, these are the same political creatures who love to label you an anti-Semite, while they openly support NAZIs such as Ukraine's Azov Brigade and islamicists (who frequently use the Swastika in their propaganda) in their war against the Jewish people.

This is the same people who ignored the bloody reality that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the surrounding countries don't want peace; they want Israel removed permanently forever.

This is even the same Democratic Party that has, not once, but twice freed up money for the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism (Iran), who suddenly flush with cash, used said cash to fund terrorism around the world.

With all that said, please don't think I'm giving the Democratic party any credibility when I say the following.

While Democrats are either famously oblivious, purposefully ignorant, or both when it comes to living out their border Marxist ideologies, they are exceptionally keen when it comes to seizing a moment. Nevertheless, instead of viewing their begrudged sympathies as being sincerely heartfelt, rather, what I think is happening now, is much like it was with the onset of the COVID-19 crisis in February/March of 2020.

Democrats, who are obsessed with power and control, are sensing an opportunity here, especially as we come into the 2024 election cycle.

It reminds me very much of Rahm Emmanual's infamous quip about never letting a good crisis go to waste.

An Israeli war is a crisis they will not let go to waste.


So, just to set the record straight, the same Administration that had no qualms about...

  • arresting and indefinitely jailing January 6th protesters (i.e., American citizens)

  • tragically botching the US exit from Afghanistan killing 13 American servicemen and countless Afghan allies, and leaving behind $900B+ in military weapons, equipment, and vehicles

  • failing to stop millions of illegal middle-aged males and OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) from crossing over our southern border enabling all manners of illicit and illegal endeavors (i.e., human trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorism, cartel violence, etc.)

  • allowing millions of pounds of fentanyl to flow across the same border killing tens of thousands of Americans each year

  • vehemently protesting the US Supreme Court decision to strip abortion (infanticide) as the law of the land

  • helping orchestrate the senseless killings of tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers (We will fight to the last Ukrainian!), Russians, and others in the most bloody conflict in Europe since World War II

  • fanning the flames of racial strife

  • giving Iran $6 billion now somehow shocked into action in helping Israel?

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad this administration is helping.

I'm just not buying their motives for doing so.

Yes, what Hamas did is barbaric and on the level of evil rivaled only by the Nazis and ISIS, but let's not kid ourselves. The political left is wholly given over to the influence of devils and demons, so it's not in their political DNA to help the only nation Satan is fanatical about wiping out.

Neither are they squeamish about brutality. Let's face it, they've been championing Marxist ideologies and policies for decades, which have demonstrably proven responsible for killing upwards of 100 million people in the 20th Century alone. So we shouldn't be ignorant of the fact that they aren't squeamish about a few thousand dying.

Safe to say that due to the horrific and unthinkable barbarisms of Hamas, and their willingness to broadcast it around the world on social media, Hamas is enthusiastically pouring fuel on their own funeral pyre.

Even many of the staunchest "Liberate Palestine" morons are having a hard time justifying the level of brutality they're starting to see everywhere, which makes this an acceptable risk the Democrats are willing to take. They are willing to risk this because they think it will benefit them politically in a number of ways.

Since Democrats align closer to Marxism than our own Constitutional Republicanism, it shouldn't be surprising that they would adopt the old "divide and conquer" and Hegelian Dialectics as strategies going forward. Let us count the reasons.

1. Splinter the MAGA Republicans from its Christian base. Consider the following:

  • They know two things for sure: Christians for the most part, are pro-Israel, and secondly, true conservatives loathe endless and unwinnable wars

  • Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, there has been non-stop cheerleading for an ever-expanding war that began under Obama. Championed religiously by no less than the mainstream media, the political left, RINOS, NeoCons, and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)

  • Political Conservatives, Independents (libertarians), MAGA, and the Christian evangelicals have either been against or at the least, not supportive of the Ukraine boondoggle making it the second "major" crisis the average patriotic American could care less about (e.g., the Covid-19 hype, and Ukraine)

  • The US under Barack Obama and Joe Biden spent years funding anti-Netanyahu initiatives bent on both destabilizing Israel politically, as well as destroying Netanyahu personally

  • With Trump maintaining monumental political momentum despite the lawsuits, and the phony charges by Georgia and New York's politically ambitious Attorney Generals, Trump still decidedly leads the 2024 Republican field. This has the Democrats terrified since they have no strong contenders in their own pool to draw from. The best they can muster is a Michael (aka- Michelle-my-belle) Obama and Gavin (the Gruesome) Newsome combo. Even then, that is if Biden refuses not to run again. The Democrats are in a conundrum

  • This is what makes the recent atrocities by Hamas against Israel so intangibly delicious to the Democrat party. What better way to fracture the conservative right, than to use the conservatives' general distrust in the Biden Administration's sudden 180 shift in providing everything Israel needs (even exceeding Nixon's support during the 1973 Yom Kippur War)

2. Control how Israel fights this war

  • By giving so much aid and military support to Israel, they are increasingly being able to be able to steer and drive the conflict. Recent evidence of this is in the US's ability to persuade Israel to delay the ground invasion long enough for a humanitarian corridor to be established to southern Gaza

  • Granted, this Biden honeymoon won't last long as Israel's soon-to-be very unpopular war (once the ground invasion begins), begins to fade with the US increasingly pressuring Israel to acquiesce to the global demand that they reach some negotiated peace deal

  • That is unless the Democrats can find some way to profit off of sustained conflict that benefits them going into the next election cycle

3. Disrupt the Abrahamic Accords that were successfully initiated under Pres. Trump

  • The Democrats are seeking to undo everything that #45 was able to achieve, especially with regard to the normalization process between Israel and her Arab neighbors

  • The Democrats and Deep Staters (again appealing to 'divide and conquer' policies) need the Middle East destabilized in order to justify US involvement in these countries (ex. Oslo Accords, Iraq war, Arab Spring, the Syrian crisis, Ukraine War [diminishing Russian influence in the ME], etc.)

4. Continue the policy of weaponizing immigration

  • The Democrats and globalists are actively seeking to establish an all-powerful global governance system

  • In order to do this, they need to remove or weaken national sovereignty, and by creating endless wars, creating massive waves of refugees that overwhelm (Cloward & Piven Strategy) governments and is the perfect vehicle to destabilize national sovereignty in the Middle East, the European Union, and the United States

  • Establish the necessity for regional governance (since endless refugees create transnational crises)

If I were able to get a message to Prime Minister Netanyahu it would be this, place your faith not in the United States, but in the God of the Bible. I would keep the US at arm's length because being our friend these days can often be more hazardous than being our enemy- as Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi, etc. have unfortunately come to find out.

Now, the Israelis are incredibly intelligent and strategic. I'm sure in the back of their mind they know this but it's never a wise thing to get too deep into the US pockets in much the same we it's not wise to get in deep with loan sharks or mafioso types.

More importantly, the Israeli people and their government, are unified in a way that hasn't happened since 1948 to exact retribution on the organization of Hamas, and anyone that supported them. Aside from reversing their strict personal gun laws, the Israeli government is unified in making itself the most prickly, spikey, porcupine in the Middle East.

Furthermore, I agree with the Israeli leadership that retribution should be disproportionate, so as to dissuade any future groups from attempting the same thing. However, as students of the Bible and in particular, Biblical eschatology, we know that the worst is yet to come. (Zechariah 13:8, Matt. 24:15-21).


We can already see the splintering happening.

Groups we (the Watchmen community) thought we could trust on most issues, find ourselves at odds with over the issue of Israel. Even approved pundits like Tucker Carlson, Tim Poole, Stephen Gardner, Redacted, Benny Johnson, and others whom I would agree with on most issues, find myself vexed at their "non-biased" and "reasonable sounding" attempts to justify US non-involvement as if the violence Hamas has done is the fault of both sides.

Now, I'm not saying the aforementioned hate Israel, are openly anti-semitic, or even against Israel retaliating against Hamas. What I am saying is the very Amero-centric (America-first) sentimentality they are using to justify their position is that we should not get involved at all.

Somehow, if we do approve of US military support of Israel, we are then lumped in with the rest of the NeoCons warmongers who want a military solution every time, everywhere. They just don't see this as "our" problem not worthy of American blood.

I wonder if they would have held that same opinion back in 1939 when the Third Reich was on the march.

Granted, this exercise in selective isolation is most commonly done by trying to either blame the Biden Administration of jump starting WW3, or as if the issue was only over land and liberation. And please excuse my anger on this, but that is absolute and utter horsecrap.

Evil is evil.

God created the institution of human government for the purpose of being a check against rampant lawlessness. (See Genesis 9, Romans 13). If nations didn't step up to counter rising evil, most of the world today would be speaking German, Russian, and Chinese.

Despite all the brain power on the right, they're either intentionally ignorant of the historical and Biblical facts, or they know them and don't care. Either way, their ignorance of Genesis 12:1-3 will not hold them blameless when that day arrives at their doorstep.

Now the Lord had said to Abram:

“Get out of your country, From your family And from your father’s house, To a land that I will show you. 2 I will make you a great nation; I will bless you And make your name great; And you shall be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Gen. 12:1-3

Last time I checked, this has never been rescinded.

Many of these conservative pundits and leaders, unfortunately, have succumbed to fake eschatologies such as Post Millennialism (the Church brings in the Kingdom), Amillennialism (there is no kingdom come), Post-Tribulationalism (confusion on the church and Israel), or Preterism (all prophecy ended in the past) that has inundated Christendom going back to Augustine of Hippo.

Add to that all the conspiratorial nonsense we've been subjected to since the turn of the century and it has rightfully caused many Americans to become highly skeptical of anything the government does.

Now, add to that the sudden and overwhelming willingness this present administration is now doing, and has done with Ukraine, as proof-positive that this is yet another foolhardy attempt to get us involved in World War3 for the singular purpose of canceling the 2024 elections. They believe they will use it as a pretext for the next major "crisis", the Deep State, the MIC, etc. can capitalize on.

Again, I don't discount the left's true motives for their present involvement, but neither will I hide behind skepticism or diminish God's ability to make all things work together for His purposes.

As for what lies ahead, I believe what we are now witnessing is the unfolding of both the Psalm 83 conflict and the impending fulfillment of Isaiah 17. Both of these will pave the way for what will come in the not-so-distant future with the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog and Magog War. I believe that Israel's actions now, aside from utterly desolating Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, and possibly Hezbollah, will be the destruction of Damascus.

We can already see Russian leadership aligning with the Palestinians on this issue, which in part is because of Biden's overwhelming support of Ukraine and Israel. Damascus's destruction will be the last hook in the jaw that will draw in this satanic coalition together and will be led by Russia and be joined by Turkey, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and many others. Russia will use that to justify its attack to plunder Israel for its wealth, while Turkey and Iran simply want to erase Israel as a nation and as a people.

But God...

You want to know why I think we are close? Every time the Democrats claim something as definitive, it seems the opposite happens.

Blinken emphasized that Washington’s support will be unconditional: “We will always be there by your side.” (

Reaffirming US commitment amid the ongoing war with terror group Hamas, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US stands with Israel "today, tomorrow and every day" as it defends its people and shared values. (

“The message that I bring to Israel is this: You may be strong enough on your own to defend yourself, but as long as America exists, you will never, ever have to,” Blinken said while standing alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." (

Not according to the Bible (Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12:3).

There is a day coming when the US is nowhere to be found in the pages of Bible Prophecy. Something happens to cause the US to not be in any position to help anyone, anywhere.

But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. 2 For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. 3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3

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Pete--your assessment is so incredibly awesome, insightful, and right on point!!! Thanks for informing us all. I occasionally read stuff from Brighteon/Mike Adams and I am completely dismayed to report that they are doing the same thing those pundits you mentioned are doing. It is utterly disgraceful. Thanks again for all you do. God bless you. CQLJ!!!

Me gusta

Dan Galbraith
Dan Galbraith
24 oct 2023

Great read Pete! Your closing thoughts regarding the USA is what has my mind somewhat occupied. I’m glad this administration has stepped up to the plate to back Israel…at least with a show of force, but given their psychotic relationship with Iran, will they use it or stand down? What pulls America, and Europe, out of any future participation to aid Israel during the Ezekiel attack? Just speculation, but I don’t think all of these military age illegals are invading the west looking for a better life. At least the USA has a fairly heavy armed citizenry, unlike the rest of the world. Thanks to the foresight of our founders! Our hope is on the way soon!!! Come quickly Lord…

Me gusta

Excellent article Pete. I would just say the the term "Democrats" needs to just say "Politicians." Too many RINOs and those who flip flop on positions for their political careers.

My personal opinion is that this was allowed to happen. You'll never be able to convince me Mossad and the IDF didn't know, nor would that many areas of the border been able to be breached. I view this very much like 9/ inside job. (See Architechs and Engineers for 911 Truth for convincing evidence, as well as the study done by The University of Fairbanks Engineering department noting that the jet fuel would not have created a hot enough fire to melt steel. Plus the collapse of Build…

Me gusta

Diane Williams
Diane Williams
21 oct 2023

This. ☝️. The last few weeks watching prophecy unfold and the duplicity and intrigue lining up has been a strange mix of excitement and dismay. I can attribute these last years to the mercy of God. We now know nothing can be trusted but Jesus and his return. I know I had to see it even though I tend to plug my ears and shut my eyes.

My great surprise has been the spiritual blindness. When I studied these prophecies I was so sure it would wake people up if we saw them...I am heartbroken for much of the church. We are no different than Israel at the first Advent. Sigh.

Knowing what our tribe knows, it is still exasperating…

Me gusta

19 oct 2023

Great article. Funny how many believe Obama is pulling the strings. I believe it is Trump. He is a master in deception. Unfortunately, we are not able to put any trust in our government. In 2016, when antisemitism leaders were elected and voiced their ugly truth, I lost trust in our government. As many say all is falling into place, and they are correct. As far as my participation with our government leadership , only include prayer for their souls.…. Folks stay close to God’s promises

Me gusta
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