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End Times Chart

So I created this a year or two ago for your edification. I updated it a few months back just to put some graphics on it. Now, given the increase of traffic to this website, it undoubtedly brings out of the woodwork those who either deny the Pre-Tribulation Rapture position (which is the only Biblically-based position) or seek to discredit those who teach it so as to gain followers after themselves. I don't want followers, my life is complicated enough as it is. I want you to follow Jesus as I do. We are here to grow and edify each other in the process. Remember, I'm on this journey just as you are.

FTR, the Bible only teaches one Rapture position (or one doctrinal position on any given doctrine). The Bible is not a "choose your own" adventure book. If the Rapture happens on a day or hour no man knows, then the ONLY time that can happen, is PRIOR to the start of the Day of the Lord. Because once that Day starts, it's heavily chronicled and time-stamped for specific events to happen and one could easily determine when the Rapture will happen if we (the Church) step one foot inside the 70th Week.

There are many groups out there, who foolishly attempt to muddy the waters of a believer's understanding by either 1) linking the Church's timeline to Israel's, or 2) inserting their own interpretation into the Bible (this is called eisegesis). If we simply interpret the Bible in the way it was intended to be interpreted (literal, historical, grammatical) then this is the timeline you get. In closing, I'm not saying this chart is 1000% correct, but it is close. There are some things that are going to happen we can't know definitively how and when until they happen. But we (the Church) will not be here for those things.

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