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Eden Rose
Sep 22, 2022
In General Discussion
I know a believer who is completely committed to serving the Lord. This person works in a ministry that helps people who suffer from trauma. In my opinion, pretty much everything this person does has the aroma of Christ. This is the mind bending part. I personally heard this person say, “a lot of people want Jesus to return but I don’t want him to because there are so many people we can still help.“ I cannot process this. My mind has no place available to file this information. I’ve been pondering this for months to no avail. I’m posting on this page because it’s a fairly small group and from what I have read, I think most of the people who peruse these pages seem to be real thinkers and committed Bible students. I am hoping for serious insight that might help me process this perplexing way of thinking from someone I perceive to be a solid Christian.

Eden Rose

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