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Apr 08, 2022
@dodger51 Did you all happen to see the events that took place at the White House, the other day perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday? Obama sure let THE WORLD know that HE was in charge at the White House, considering that it is ALL HIS FORMER ADMIN. GOONIES that are in place working in the White House!! He sure made mincemeat out of old "lunch box Joe", didn't he? And how he was completely ignored by his VP (who seems to be taking a page out of Hillary's clothing line, only instead of red it's brown, YUCK!), and his "Speaker of the House", the super-spreader herself!! These people are so outrageous it is not even funny. I've heard how everyone is suddenly "saddened" over old Joe Biden, how he was treated by the rest of the cronies! Ha! Sad?? C'mon man? These are the same people that drag his name through mud out of one side of their mouths and then feel SORRY for him out of the OTHER SIDE??? I apologize, little bit of flesh coming out, but really, like our old friend Don Stewart likes to say, 'you just can't make this stuff up'! My actual point was that Obama came out, after they all claimed he lives less than 3 miles from the White House, to commemorate the signing of the Obama Care bill into law. Bunk! He came out to let the world know that he is enjoying his "hidden" third term and he is throwing his hat in the ring of politics for whoever he is choosing as his "pick" for the future of the Democratic Party. Little does he know, the Progressive Left has no place for him, they consider him a used up old rag. His politics do not appeal to them, and they will be the ones choosing the 'next' king/queen of the hill. Sorry folks to go on like this, but the affairs of man have always been directed by the God of heaven and earth. What is it that the Psalmist says, 'man plans and God laughs'? I do agree with what you are saying about this current leader in Israel, though. He seems to be more interested in being a "man of the world" going about to many different country leaders and offering to be a "mediator" of sorts. That makes me giggle a little, since he was somewhat of a 'lackey' when Netanyahu was Prime Minister. The fireworks were very interesting (and entertaining) when they ousted Netanyahu and Bennett "installed" himself into the position simply by bowing to the whims of the Arab party! THAT was terrible to watch! Well, that's my two cents. God be with you all!


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