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Time & Tide: A Lament

From ages past

The brightest and best

Wondered what the end might be

When it finally arrived

Nobody believed it

Because the end did not arrive

With an armada of battleships

Or stone-faced soldiers

goosestepping through the streets

No, it arrived slowly

Without fanfare



Like mold in a darkened corner

Or rust on a forgotten machine

Desecrating what was

Ruining what could be

In the end, things fall apart

The unraveling was everywhere

It was in our schools

It was in our sports

It was in the corporate world

It was in the government

It was in our churches

Finally, in our homes

Man's last refuge had surrendered

To the march of inevitability

Powerless to speed up or hold back

Like the Native Americans of old

Watching helplessly from the shore

As ship after ship arrived

From the Old World across the sea

Time and tide, they say, waits for no man

Bells cannot be un-rung

Eggs cannot be uncracked

Some things that are done

Can never be undone

Lines were crossed

Things invented

Man's imagination unleashed

The leapfrogging of ideas

Until there was no going back

Still, people tried to resist

Against the inevitable rising tide

They fought bravely against change

But change came nonetheless

And the people turned to flee

The Indian of old

Racing further west

But the wise look back and realize

Eventually you run out of west

It was not so much the "white man"

Who robbed them of their destiny

But the inevitability of time

And the zeitgeist of modernity

Inevitability is a funny thing

A thing sometimes hard to grasp

You cannot hold it in your hands

But it will catch you in its trap

While impossible to hold

Causes the hand to wither

Trading vigor for pain

And flesh for dust

And now our time has come

To stand on the shore and see

As ship after ship arrives with cargo,

The things that should not be

Things that divide the world from what was

To what will be

There is no going back

The end is here indeed Our time has come to pay the bill

But not with currency

The cost for the 'great reset'

Will be paid in blood and liberty

Trading sovereignty for servitude

And liberty for ease

Their chant equality of outcome

Not equality of opportunity

Where the latter ensures success

The former only misery

So now we told to bend a knee

They demand loyalty

To a system that views us not

As the image-bearers of God

But useless eaters and hackable animals

We are of no more value to them

Then the bugs they want us to eat

The souls of men at bargain prices

Sold as commodities

Can you see it?

It is here in the car you drive

The stores you shop at

The home you live in

The system you live under

It's in the phone in your hand

The phone in my hand

They say, let us do you this service

Look how happy you will be

When we put the phone in your head

Or your right hand for ease

We have arrived at the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's statue

Whose clay and iron toes

Trampling asunder men

Into dust from whence he goes

Unelected, powerful men conspire,

Crafty counsel they know

To enslave the world in a web

A multi-layered system of control

Economic, political, technological, and ideological

They want it all and

Realized long ago

They don't need armies to do this

By giving the chains of technology

The people will do it to themselves

The very things that bring comfort and ease

Are the very things we can't live without

We become slaves to our dependence

On the system control

Yet even these wicked men and their evil plans

Are working themselves into bondage

Blinded by their hubris and greed

They will not escape either

They will hand it all over to one man

Thinking they will rule and reign with him

Instead, find themselves under his boot

And only hell remains

The system he takes over is the beast

He personifies it and will become one with it

It will be him, and he will be it

This coming prince will personify

The most wicked government that ever was

Or ever will be

Nationalism is dying

Imperialism is rising

Globalism is inevitable

The beast is coming

And nothing on earth can stop it

The tide of time is being pulled back

From the present shore it cedes

Before returning with a vengeance

To the dark, uncaring sea

This tsunami cannot be stopped

It will not relent

The end will come as a flood

The beast kingdom is coming

Is come

Is here

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Wow very well stated , you put into words exactly where we are in this perilous time line, eyes on Jesus our precious Savior and Lord , the King of Kings and Lord of Lords , every tongue will confess every knee will bow to Jesus , we await our blessed hope , to rapture us to heaven 🙏🏽♥️


Lisa Wisler
Lisa Wisler
Feb 11, 2023

This is one of the most poignant things I have seen 'penned' in a very long time! I would love you to add a few more paragraphs to state 'Who' and 'What' comes next, as in our hope in Jesus!

Sadly I think many would read your lament and scratch their heads!! Beautifully written xx


Feb 11, 2023

Amazing piece…well said…wow! Thank you Pete!



Rosemary Taylor
Rosemary Taylor
Feb 11, 2023

POWERFUL … WOW. Thank you Pete, I read this with tears streaming down my face. How far we have fallen, and how quickly our nation has turned away from our God. You have been blessed with a powerful gift of writing that touches our hearts and our spirit. May the Lord continue to sustain you and inspire you … your words of wisdom are a blessing to us all, and reminds us to stay strong because zJesus is coming soon to make all things right. ❤️🙏🏼


Feb 09, 2023

The list of mind boggling events in this piece is staggering. It's almost too much to absorb in one bite, as are most of our days now.

It reads like a melancholy eulogy, a bitter-sweet trip down memory lane, and a call to arms all at once. The halted sentences and one word lines also amplify your alarm and state of breathlessness. You demand your audience to wake up: "Can you hear it?" !

Though not American, I'm on your northern border, my righteous (?) anger and sorrow at what we've become is painful.

Powerful, Pete. Thank you!


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