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The Tyranny of Small Decisions

The people of the great nations of the past seem normally to have imagined that their pre-eminence would last forever. Rome appeared to its citizens to be destined to be for all time the mistress of the world. The Abbasid Khalifs of Baghdad declared that God had appointed them to rule mankind until the day of judgment. Seventy years ago, many people in Britain believed that the empire would endure forever. Although Hitler failed to achieve his objective, he declared that Germany would rule the world for a thousand years. That sentiments like these could be publicly expressed without evoking derision shows that, in all the ages, the regular rise and fall of great nations has passed unperceived. The simplest statistics prove the steady rotation of one nation after another at regular intervals. Sir John Glubb, the Fate of Empires

Sors imperiorum (fate of empires)

From its initial founding in 1620 with the arrival of European Christian pilgrims seeking religious liberty, to the turn of the 20th century, the United States of America remained an anomaly in world history. A nation, founded not by a monarchy or dictatorship, but rather, on an idea. This idea was that men should be free and that our unalienable rights come not from government, but from God. This idea was codified in our nation's founding documents consisting of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights was absolutely radical. They were revolutionary. And from Satan's perspective, an unforeseen setback.

The United States of America, a nation of immigrants, found a safe harbor and vast resources that allowed Americans to either thrive or sink in a land that was ripe with opportunity. While not whitewashing all of America's past sins or problems, still, the USA represented the very best model of government the Gentile world had seen until then. The problem then arises is not geopolitical, or even human, but that of the great adversary of mankind (the Devil) seemingly foresaw the issues he would have going forward if the US remained powerful and sovereign. He got to work early and began corrupting and trying to destroy this fledgling nation through the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the issue of slavery, and the Civil War. When all these failed to collapse the US, he began working on the corruption of institutions, churches, seminaries, businesses, the military, and the government.

By the turn of the 20th century, the Western world had entered into the second industrial revolution. Manufacturing and energy industries began creating monopolies and incredibly wealthy individuals and businesses that greatly ramped up wealth in our nation. By 1909, the powers that be began to earnestly contend for the idea of a central bank. This sentiment was shared by the powerful elite because they recognized the value in something attributed to the patriarch of the Rothschild clan who said: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws"Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

But how to circumvent the most powerful government document ever created?

Thus, over the past 116 years, the world has been cycling through what appears to be an intensifying series of crisis events that increasingly bring the world to the edge of a crisis (whether real or contrived) and then de-escalates through a pre-planned solution. Depending on the crisis, the pre-ordained solution (think Hegelian Dialectic) is either armed conflict, governmental legislation, political (or media) driven propaganda, or some new crisis that overshadows the former. This has served both to destabilize the masses, as well as continue moving the globalist agenda ever-forward regardless of the outcome. This repeated cycling of crisis governance is intended to do three things.

First, it creates a panic-based (i.e., knee-jerk reaction) form of governance used to sidestep the traditional means of governance through the excessive use of unconstitutional rules, regulations, amendments, and executive orders that always lean toward restricting/removing the rights of its citizens for "safety and security."

Secondly, it is used to keep the citizenry divided and distracted over a number of superficial issues while masking the true power grab by the state over its people. While this "divide and conquer" strategy does not originate with Karl Marx, his Marxian Class Theory is what is presently being modeled after to achieve these ends.

Lastly, crisis governance is used to desensitize the public into embracing a progressively bureaucratic and militarized police state as the new normal. When that new normal reaches the plateau of acceptance, this requires the introduction of a new crisis (or series of crises) that is further sensationalized by both the government and the mainstream media to continue advancing said agenda.

Sub rosa (Under the rose)

So much now is being done in secret, the US population (and most populations for that matter) have no idea what is being done in and by their governments. Information is either being hidden by the overclassification of information or by hiding it outright. As I said in a previous article (Chaos Theory), information as well as silence is being weaponized against the citizenry in our present age of information.

The US government was created to function with three branches of government. The Executive Branch would oversee the enforcement and execution of the laws passed by the Legislative Branch and would rely on the Judicial Branch to interpret those laws to ensure their legality with regard to our nation's constitution and bill of rights. Given the time it takes for a bill to go from creation, through committees, through votes in both houses of Congress, many in the Executive branch have chosen to use the route of "Executive Orders" to bypass the lengthy process of legislation.

Historically, with regard to the US President's use of executive orders, the greatest two abusers of this were Franklin Roosevelt (3,721 EOs) and Woodrow Wilson (1,803 EOs). Given the crises of their day, World War Two and the Great War (respectively), it's easy to see why and how they were able to get away with as much. It should also be remembered that executive orders (and the like) should not just be measured in volume but in context to each one specifically as to their regulatory constraints or burdens they put on the citizenry.

Yet, what has become the unacceptable norm is the increased use of non-elected government agencies to create a tsunami of rules and regulations that eventually become binding on the public in such a way that it has created a smothering effect over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Quoting Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., in his Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State for 2018, he writes:

"Regulatory agencies do not answer to voters. Yet in a sense, regulators, rather than Congress, do the bulk of U.S. lawmaking. Legal scholar Phillip Hamburger has described the rise of a monarchical administrative state in defiance of a Constitution that “expressly bars the delegation of legislative power.”310 But agencies are not the sole offenders. For too long, Congress has shirked its constitutional duty to make the tough calls. Instead, it routinely delegates substantial lawmaking power to agencies and then fails to ensure that they deliver benefits that exceed costs."(Source, p. 77)

In fact, so pervasive and expansive is this "monarchial administrative state" that by measuring it in economic power, this bureaucratic monarchy would be ranked ninth in the world behind India and ahead of Canada (paraphrase from p. 4).

So when we consider the things that are rapidly contributing to the demise of US sovereignty and our impending necessity to abandon the sinking US Dollar in favor of a surveillance currency like the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), we must ask why our national debt is ballooning so quickly.

Simply put, the national debt is skyrocketing because of overspending. It's overspending because of the ballooning of government agencies (estimated to range from 61 to hundreds), each with its own budgets and agendas. Crews address this in his extensive compilation titled Regulatory Dark Matter which speaks to the trillions of dollars spent annually on regulatory compliance and economic intervention for an unknowable number of government agencies, all courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Ordo Ab Chao (Order from Chaos)

Aside from the globalist subversion taking shape in the form of a bureaucratic coup d'état, the great Victor Davis Hanson asks a series of questions that he details in this must-read article titled The Biden 10-Step Plan for Global Chaos.

  • Why is French President Emmanuel Macron cozying up to China while trashing his oldest ally, the United States?

  • Why is there suddenly talk of discarding the dollar as the global currency?

  • Why are Japan and India shrugging that they cannot follow the United States’ lead in boycotting Russian oil?

  • Why is the president of Brazil traveling to China to pursue what he calls a “beautiful relationship”?

  • Why is Israel suddenly facing attacks from its enemies in all directions?

  • What happened to Turkey? Why is it threatening fellow NATO member Greece? Is it still a NATO ally, a mere neutral, or a de facto enemy?

  • Why are there suddenly nonstop Chinese threats toward Taiwan?

  • Why did Saudi Arabia conclude a new pact with Iran, its former archenemy?

  • Why is Egypt sending rockets to Russia to be used in Ukraine?

  • Since when did the Russians talk nonstop about the potential use of a tactical nuclear weapon?

  • Why is Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador bragging that millions of Mexicans have entered the United States, most of them illegally? And why is he interfering in U.S. elections by urging his expatriates to vote for Democrats?

  • Why and how, in just two years, have ad confused and often incoherent Joe Biden and his team created such global chaos?

After listing the 10 steps, VDH concludes with this:

"But the examples explain well enough why our emboldened enemies do not fear us, our triangulating allies judge us unreliable, and calculating neutrals assume America is in descent and too dangerous to join. Yet without America, the result is a new Chinese order in which, to quote the historian Thucydides, “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”

I wholeheartedly agree that this chaos is both intentional and necessary for the collapsing of the United States. My only respectful disagreement with his conclusion is not that it will end in a new Chinese world order but that of an even fiercer beast kingdom (regnum bestia) led by the unholy trinity of the devil, the antichrist, and the false prophet.

Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name. Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” Revelation 13:1-4

Multa consilia, unum ordinem

(Many plans, one order)

It's unknown to us when Satan first dreamt of a global government under his control, but we can see iterations of this before the flood, after the flood (Babel), and through the subsequent rotation of empires we've seen rise and fall over the past six millennia. At some point during the last two thousand years of the church age, Satan began to maneuver his considerable resources around so that his final empire would be so powerful, so comprehensive, that no one could escape its iron-fisted clutches.

The fact that our mortal intellects are almost always limited by the technology of our day, it was always difficult to see the consolidation of such global power until only very recently. Once the Internet was no longer tethered to a laptop, but began to move into other objects creating "smart devices" (the Internet of Things), the possibilities soon became limitless as to what governments could control, monitor, surveil, or weaponize.

Let me end with this: considering the present SDG global summit this week, a friend and I were in a discussion that with all the similarities to the opening of the Seals in Revelation 6:1 and the Daniel 9:27 covenant, what if things aren't exactly as we think they are? I really like how he summarizes this because I've been thinking about this now for a while. John B. writes:

Yes, we know the Tribulation is inside the final 7 years but if the seals being broken are somewhere closer to the midpoint or earlier and the antichrist is among the 10 kings that arise early in the final 7 years then maybe we can be taken before the revealing of who he is but after the 7 year period starts?

God gave us bookends. The 490 years would start with a return to restore Jerusalem so it was all about the Jews. The end comes with a covenant (not just with Jews) but with many because it’s the birth of the antichrist global government. I never thought it had to be just an agreement with the Jews. They are part of the global system though that would destroy them if not for Jesus' return

It just seems like this agreement is too much like what we should be expecting to be another red herring. If the signs become impossible to tell apart from false signs then they become meaningless. God gave us the signs to prepare and not confuse us. But I also think it could be the covenant but our presuppositions of how it would play out may be blinding us to what we are seeing play out. Just like the Jews saw everything play out with Jesus first coming but had other ideas of what it should look like.

Perhaps it does happen this way?

Perhaps not.

Either way, it is an exciting time to be alive, and while we will not know the day or the hour, we can certainly recognize this season as the season of our Lord's return. We hold our theories loosely with open hands, trusting in God to deliver us in His perfect timing.

Until then, Maranatha!

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Lana Scott
Lana Scott
Sep 23, 2023

Thanks Pete, you have given me a lot to think about ! I have never thought about satan being in control of all the governments throughout history. It has taken satan all of these years to almost destroy the world, and our God could just speak, and it would be done ! I’m so thankful that I’m on God’s side! God has truly given you the gift of teaching! Thanks again !


The only thing that makes me disagree is that the wedding typology of a galilean wedding feast is 7 days, followed by the marriage supper to end it. 7 year wedding during tribulation, wedding supper at the end of it. 3.5 years in heaven doesn’t rly fit that.

Replying to

Yes I am aware lol. The point of my comment is that 7 doesn’t fit into 3.5. The rapture would need to be before the 7 year period starts to fulfill the wedding typology.


For a while now I have often had this thought: during Jesus’ time the Pharisees & Scribes, etc. all missed the time of their visitation. The 12 Apostles didn’t know it was Jesus’s time either, they were blessed enough to believe though. Even when it came time for Jesus to die on the cross and after he was resurrected they still didn’t get it! They all missed from Scripture that Jesus would have 2 comings. As the Lamb and then as the Lion……so what is it that we today could be missing in our Scripture interpretation??? I don’t believe anyone will get it right but it sure will be fun in Heaven figuring out who was closest. I…

Autumn Blue
Autumn Blue
Sep 29, 2023
Replying to

Two things can be true at the same time. We were chosen - and we have a will that God allows us to exercise in choosing or rejecting Him.


Great Article The Lord has certainly opened my eyes to what has been going on historically as Majored in College in both Political Science and History but I always felt things I read and studied didn't seem to be logical until the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the truth. I also have wondered are we expecting too many people to be raptured I have a feeling it will not be anywhere near as many as most project I mean duroing the last judgement in Noah's day he only saved him and his family and there are onoy 24 elders before the throne also the 10 virgins who all knew only 5 were ready with oil I am not saying…


👏😍I loved this , great job Pete!

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