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The Plight Before Christmas

‘Twas the plight before Christmas, and all through the House all of Congress was showing the brains of a mouse.

COVID masks cluttered their desks without care, no photo ops meant they could simply stay there.

Fraud and deception poured from the Feds as ‘Build Back Better’ danced in their heads.

And Joe with his prompter, was giving us laughs, as he mumbled at random with his typical gaffes.

On the floor shutdowns became such a chatter, Aides sprang to their feet to assist in this matter.

There in the chamber scams swelled in a flash, they ripped logic apart, and threw truth in the trash.

Their talking points needed some polish to claim their tyrannical plans didn’t deserve any blame.

When, what to discerning minds should appear, an incompetent Doctor the libs lauded so dear.

With his pattern of lies, and since truth made him grouchy, I knew in a moment it must be “St. Fauci.”

More dense than a rock, his supporters became, and he thrilled as he shouted some terms of his fame:

“Now Virus! Now Delta! Now Mandate, Now Passport! On, Booster! On, Tracker! On, Vaccine and Distort! To globalist goals! To America’s fall! Now crush away! Crash away! Smash away all!”

As the left’s agenda came hurtling through the air, the little ‘expert’ reveled in haughty grandeur there,

So up to the House-top the wicked plans flew, all chock full of lies which they all clearly knew.

And then, in that moment, I sensed in my heart the timing and purpose of each little part.

As I gathered myself and contained my despair, an image gained focus, I became more aware.

A King on a horse, with crowns on His head, and his garment was stained a deep bloody red.

He was coming for war, and His mouth had a sword, He was fierce in His anger, His wrath He had stored.

His eyes-how they burned! His armies, they came! On His robe and His thigh there was written a name.

“King of kings, Lord of lords,” His identity clear, the leaders of earth quaked and trembled in fear.

With the blade of His sword He will conquer His foes, He will strike down the nations and save those He had chose.

Arrayed in fine linen, snow white at His side, His armies that followed were known as His Bride.

He was regal and righteous, of glorious might, and He laughed as the wicked prepared for a fight.

His rule will be just, and His reign will be strong, He will dash into pieces all those that were wrong.

He’ll speak only a word, that'll wrap up the fight, His fury abated, He’ll bring back what's right.

I returned my attention to the woes of these times, to the lawlessness, lies, and the folly and crimes.

I have a real hope that burns bright in my being, It is coming for sure despite what we’re seeing.

I therefore exclaim, before we all lose our cheer, “Merry Christmas to all, Christ’s Coming is near!”

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Steve - Awesome poem!


James Haugen
James Haugen
Dec 26, 2021

Awesome 👏🏻


Wow, that's fantastic!!! Best poem I've ever read! Thanks Pete, and may the Lord bless you richly!! Merry Christmas to all. Maranatha!


That was excellent! Merry Christmas!


Dec 24, 2021

awesome and a Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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