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The Kingdom of the Ring

Updated: May 23, 2022

Update: Thanks to a diligent and very gracious member of this website, I’m going to be revamping/editing this book, as well as fixing the formatting and cover. Stay tuned for the update!

Weighing in at 137 pages, and 24K words, "The Kingdom of the Ring" (a Christian teen fiction) book is now complete. I want to say thanks to those who helped proofread and provide edit points. Thanks to both of my eldest daughters (Lily and Alivia) for contributing to the artwork. Here is the back cover description.

A story four thousand years in the making comes to life when an orphan named Jacob decides to wander the woods with his dogs. What began as a most amazing discovery, plunges him into the very real magical realm of angels and demons, myths and monsters, only to discover he was always meant to be there. But can he stay there when the forces of darkness begin to hunt him down and drive him from his divinely appointed destiny? Joined by his beloved dogs and a classmate named Rachel, Jacob is about to discover that some things have to be believed to be seen.

The book will be available on Amazon KDP for paperback ($7.99) and eBook ($4.99). I think if you have a Kindle subscription it's free. Hope you enjoy it and share it with those young readers in your families and social circles.

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22 may 2022

Just ordered it for my children to read!

Me gusta

Dan Galbraith
Dan Galbraith
18 may 2022

Bought two copies for my grandkids.. thanks Pete!

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17 may 2022

So, is it true what they're saying Pete?? Men CAN give birth?? Congratulations! That must be an amazing feeling, one I envy (in the Lord, of course!). God bless!

Me gusta

Ordered! I'm claiming to buy it for my daughter, but I look forward to reading it myself! :)

*That was my vote for title! Yay!

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