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The Final Four: Part II

Updated: Apr 4

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Final Four Part 2

  • God establishes the pattern in the creation week. Six days of work and one day of rest. This was later told to us by Christ that this was on purpose

  • God works in thirds: The triune nature of the Godhead, the triune nature of man

  • Satan also works in thirds: a 1/3 of angels fell with satan, a 1/3 of Adam's named sons (Cain, Abel, Seth), (Ham, Shem, and Japheth), Ham, Canaan, and Nimrod, and lastly Nimrod-Semiramis-Tammuz

The "Third Day"

  • “On the first day” was used 36 times

  • “On the third day” 26 times phrase used

  • “On the seventh day” was used 39 times

*Jonah’s three days and three nights

*Jesus raised on the third day

*Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac on the “third day”. (Gen. 22) *Joseph held his brethren in prison until the “third day”. (Gen. 42)

* Exodus 19:10-11, at Sinai:” On the third day the Lord came down….upon mount Sinai” God asks Israel to prepare for two days for His coming down.

*God verbally gave the law at Sinai on the “third day” (Exo. 19) *David hid himself in the field from Saul until the “third day” (1 Sam. 20) *David learned of Saul & Jonathan’s death on the “third day” (2 Sam. 1) *Hezekiah was healed and went up to the temple on the “third day” (2 King 20) *The 2nd temple was finished on the “third day” of Adar (Ezra 6) *Esther stood before the king of Persia on the “third day” (Est. 5) *Israel will be restored on the “third day” (Hosea 6)

*Jesus turns water into wine on the third day (John 2)

* Parable of the Good Samaritan (returns on the third day)

*Jesus stays with the Samaritans for two days

*Rebuilding the temple in three days (Matt 26:61, 17:30, Mark 14:58)

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