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The best is yet to come?

This is our glorious and magnificent inheritance. We are Americans, we are pioneers, we are the pathfinders, we settled the new world, we built the modern world and we changed history forever by embracing the eternal truth that everyone is made equal by the almighty hand of God. America is the place where anything can happen. America is the place where anyone can rise. Here, on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true. This nation is our canvas and this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see a limited frontiers just waiting to be explored. Our brightest discoveries are not yet known. Our most thrilling stories are not yet told. Our grandest journeys are not yet made. The American age, the American epic, the American adventure has only just begun. Our spirit is still young. The sun is still rising. God's grace is still shining. My fellow Americans, the best is yet to come. Thank you. Thank you very much.

President Donald J. Trump, State of the Union Address, February 4, 2020.

He’s not lying, the best is really yet to come. However, let me add a cautionary note: the best is yet to come, for the born again, redeemed believer in Jesus Christ. As for the rest of you (if you fit into this category), something wicked this way comes. Something dark and dreadful. A time is coming that is full of nightmares and monsters. It will be unbridled wickedness on steroids. The time coming is so bad, so evil that even Jesus Himself said it would be the worst time in human history. Given the Noahic Flood, that is saying a lot.

Ballots to Bullets

Writing on the 85th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, he (Abraham Lincoln) said that the Union must “demonstrate to the world that those who can fairly carry an election can also suppress a rebellion; that ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors of bullets; and that when ballots have fairly and constitutionally decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets; that there can be no successful appeal except to ballots themselves, at succeeding elections. Such will be a great lesson of peace; teaching men that what they cannot take by an election neither can they take by a war; teaching all the folly of being the beginners of a war.”[5] (Source) (Emphasis mine)

What happens when ballots are no longer fairly decided?

Around 11 years ago, an angry and frustrated American public began a peaceful grassroots movement that grew organically and spontaneously around the country, eventually evolving into the Tea Party Movement. Although it began in 2009, it really didn’t get the momentum until late 2010, early 2011. The Tea Party Movement was what helped flip the house from Democrat to Republican in 2012, putting the brakes on an ambitiously progressive president. The Tea Party proved time and again, to be a raucous, yet, peaceful group, who even picked up their trash after a long day of protesting. The Tea Party was the politically healthy way Americans could unite and protest peacefully to air the grievances against a government that wasn’t listening anymore.

Fast-forward nine years.

Nearly 80M American’s were not really surprised by the outright theft-by-fraud committed by the Democrat Party and its useful-idiot RINOs but were stunned by their inability to do anything about it legally. Every legal recourse American Patriots felt they could turn to, let them down one after the other like a trail of dominos.

President Trump’s legal team went to extensive efforts to expose and prove, in person, to the respective state legislatures (all of them Republican majorities), how this happened. We heard from hundreds of eye-witnesses under penalty of perjury, swear to seeing fraud, criminal negligence, and non-existent chain of custody procedures for ballots, as well as outright voter and inspector suppression in major cities.

We had computer forensic experts speak up and show statistically, how these questionable machines (Dominion) could easily be altered, and that somehow, a non-US company could handle and store the raw voting data overseas, and somehow, maintain the integrity of the American vote.

We have political interference and censorship by tech oligarchs on such a wide scale, even the New York Post, a historic newspaper of record, was censored for running a negative yet verified story about the Biden’s criminal connections to China and a corrupt Ukraine energy company.

Investigative results turned up thousands of dead or illegal voters, voters with no address, voters who voted multiple times, as well as just printed universal ballots that were printed by the hundreds of thousands.

In fact, the more verifiable the evidence, the more likely it was rejected by just about everyone, as if, the election didn’t matter, it was merely a formality. They were going to get Trump out of office regardless of the outcome.

The courts failed (state courts up to the supreme court). Most did not reject the cases brought to them on merit, but rather, on standing. Liberal-leaning courts refused to take them at all for fear of backlash by the left.

The last hope the people had, were its representatives in Congress. The hope was they would either reject the electors brought forth or at the very least, provide time to investigate the mountain of growing evidence growing bigger on a daily basis showing something was rotten in Denmark. Instead, we got the usual belligerence by the Democrats, claiming their political effort was above board and by the books but refusing to allow anyone to peek behind the curtains.

We also got the usual response from the squish Republican Senate, who, instead of exercising their backbone and intestinal fortitude, decided to “yield the high ground” and ride out the next four years on their belly. As a reward for their loyalty to the establishment, the senate majority also yielded their majority status to the Democrats in an election they already won.

The Republican Senate as well as in many state offices are simply pretending things will go on much as they always have; they win some, we win some. True to form, the once-great Party of Lincoln no longer fights for you and me, but fights for the status quo.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are playing for blood. The Democrats are playing for ‘keepsies.’ They lost interest in the status quo before even the Gore v. Bush debacle in 2000. Thus, the genesis of the Clinton Foundation was born (1997) and has since become the new Tammany Hall.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party moved so far left, even they wouldn’t recognize themselves twenty-years later. They are a party in identity-crisis, realizing they have lost mainstream America, they have no recourse left BUT to cheat. They proved this through the Russia Gate Scandal, the Ukraine-Phone Call Impeachment, and the other dozen phony scandals falsely attributed to Trump. All they proved was there was no level too low that they wouldn’t steep.

For now, they are content to let the Republican squishes pretend to have a seat at the big boy table just long enough to build voter-proof elections, and then, systematically dismantle the entire Constitutional system piece by piece, while the Republicans sit at the kid's table throwing their food at each other.

This election will become the standard for all future US elections. Their supposed victory, will also justify their need for future global crises the year of, or just prior to the next election. They will spend the next four years picking which ‘essentials’ are going to be more essential for the 2024 election, and protecting the new form of corporate censorship to get everyone to conform to the new normal.

But I digress.

I mentioned the Tea Party earlier because at the height of their political power, circa 2011-2016, was only a few short years from our own recent 2020 election. An election that had voter enthusiasm through the roof for the incumbent President with at least 74M votes easily handing President Trump a second term. Now, if the Democrats could steal an election with this kind of enthusiasm, imagine what they could do when we get a ‘not-Trump’ or squish candidate? (McCain? Romney?)

Worth remembering, the Boston Tea Party event (circa 1773) was only two years away from open hostilities and military conflict with the British and their tyrannical King George III that would last from 1775-1782.

How much longer do we give an angry and frustrated American public, who feel like they cannot get a fair shake at the justice system? How much longer do we give an angry and frustrated American patriot, who has watched patiently as rampant fraud takes place since 2012, and nothing is done about it? Remember-

  • Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal

  • Obama’s gun-running operations in Fast and Furious and Benghazi, as well as his hand triggering the Arab Spring;

  • Transgendered bathrooms and Drag Queen library story hours

  • The Deep State cover-ups

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s convenient suicide

  • Michael Flynn entrapment scheme

  • $1200 and $600 stimulus checks to Americans vs. stimulus pork bill II

  • Illegal lockdowns crushing local stores for a virus you have a 99.5% chance of surviving;

  • Free reign for ANTIFA and BLM protester violence and anarchy

  • Cancel culture and the new corporate “woke-ness”

  • Durham’s Invisible Report

  • The theft of 74M+ votes

You know all this already because you’re living it. There is no justice unless your political affiliation begins with D. How much longer do we have before ballots replace bullets? At the rate we are going, I don’t give us much longer, because when those who govern, no longer listen to the governed, they remove any recourse for constitutional litigation. Furthermore, if those who govern, no longer listen to you, it is only because they no longer fear you.

Thus, the long-held belief that ballots are stronger than bullets argument no longer holds true when the system is broken. Nowadays, ballots are only stronger than bullets for the party with the magic ballot-printing machine (i.e., Dominion). What do they have to fear when they know they will never lose another election again?

However, the downside for everyone involved in this tragedy is what will inevitably come. Even at the time of this writing, up to four people are dead (facts yet to be determined). One of them, we know was shot by Capitol Hill Police. What are the chances of us ever finding out what actually happened? With Biden in office, I’d say those chances are about the same as a thorough Hunter Biden or Jeffrey Epstein investigation.

Unfortunately, the old maxim will not only prove true, but it will prove it sooner than we think. The maxim is this, you can vote your way into socialism/Marxism/communism/fascism/deep state, but you have to shoot your way out.


Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again. President Ronald Reagan

Let me be clear by saying, I’m not advocating violence by any stretch of the imagination. I’m simply reporting on the anger and the frustration I see and hear every day. The anger is real. The frustration is real. Even we believers hate to see evil win, even if that win is momentary and especially if it is through deceit. Ultimately, we know God wins in the end, and thus, we win. But still, seeing those succeed with ill-gotten gains stings our consciousness (Psalm 73, 94).

Many patriots have associated conservative ideals with faith in God as being one and the same. While they often run in the same circles, they are not the same thing. Nationalism, populism, and patriotism are not bad things (depending on the nation I suppose), however, they are but facets of human endeavors. Being a true, red-white-and-blue patriot does not guarantee you salvation any more than does being a diehard liberal.

Trump is not our savior. I’ve never said he was, nor would I ever say he is, but some people treat him as if he is. I have said in the past, I see God using him to do things like setting the prophetic stage as well as there being some odd coincidences with him being the ‘last trump’ before the Rapture. I still believe that God used him to accomplish things no other president would ever do (Israel, Jerusalem, Abraham Accords, etc.).

I also didn’t see him losing, however, technically, he didn’t.

Cheating is not accepted by just about any civilized or uncivilized nation on the planet. We don’t tolerate cheating in sports (sign-stealing Astros?). We don’t tolerate cheating in music (i.e., lip-syncing) in live performances (Mariah Carey?). We don’t tolerate cheating in races (Lance Armstrong?). Why would we tolerate it in our presidential elections?

Apparently it is acceptable now. What is interesting to see now (and disheartening) is everyone from mainstream Republicans to the Democrats, from the mainstream press to the Hollywood elite, academia, and so on, are completely UN-interested in all the cheating that went on in this election. For four years they cried and howled at supposed Russian Interference, and even got a two-year, $40M investigation which turned up nothing, but now, no one cares? Not even the Republicans?

But why is that?

Why is everyone resigned to an outcome that was gotten through fraud and deceit?

The spirit of Antichrist is why.

And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2 Thessalonians 2:11

I believe that in the context of this passage, the ‘strong delusion’ will be The Antichrist himself, however, there is a delusion in the form of the antichrist zeitgeist increasingly enveloping the world today into spiritual blindness. [Zeitgeist being the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.]

By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world. 1 John 4:2-3

If the spirit of antichrist is already in the world (it is) then that spirit will always, always, always seek to accomplish its goal set by its master, Satan. It's like the ring in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. The ring corrupts everyone who wears it and is always seeking to get back to its master Sauron. In real life, the spirit of antichrist is always seeking to do the bidding of its master Satan. From time to time, God throws a curveball (e.g., Trump) and Satan loses the bubble (aviator term), but he is always quick to recover and get back on his agenda. Thus, Trump's actions, especially towards Israel and the Middle East, have accomplished that mission.

The world is getting ready, or rather, is being conditioned to accept the inevitable coming of the Lawless One. We’ve seen it before. Hitler. Mao. Obama. Trump? I’m not saying Trump is a tyrant or even evil, but he is a cult of personality, just as is everyone else on this list. You either love the guy, or you hate him. He leaves little room for you to be on the fence about. Personally, I was holding out hope that he would pull off some sort of January surprise, but the way it looks today, it looks all but inevitable that we will get four-years of a Biden-Harris ticket…barring any unforeseen events.

Just as I did 2021: Year in Review with a Trump-victory perspective (I do these to keep myself humble), let me do a summarized Biden-Harris victory prediction. I’ll keep it brief.

  • Trump divorces the Republican Party and creates a third-party which completely guts the Republicans

  • Because of Mike Pence’s perceived betrayal of Trump at the last moment, I fear there may be a growing rift between the evangelical community and the Patriot community

  • Trump creates a social media platform, also, Trump’s new autobiography will be a global best-seller and will torch absolutely everyone who ever betrayed him

  • Biden has control of all three branches of government- plus all the former Obama and Clinton apparatchiks who embolden a permanent deep state

  • Biden is replaced before the end of his first year in office

  • The US takes a hard lean leftward towards globalism and socialism

While Biden’s victory greases the global gears for the coming global government, I fear the trajectory of this anger and frustration by those who either don’t know Jesus or don’t understand Bible prophecy, will trigger massive uprisings across the states. This will potentially set off armed revolts as many frustrated and angry patriots in the US no longer take tyrannical government lying down. Clearly, this frustration is by design and not only meant to put a wedge between Patriots and law & order but to divide up the United States. Demands for secession will grow as the only possible recourse as many feel like the law and the institutions and the constitution have failed or are failing them.

I got news for them, those institutions have failed them (and us), however, not because they're Democrats, but because they are human. Humans are flawed, sinful creatures, and no human institution survives contact with this sin-tainted world for long, before coming corrupted itself.

This unrest, along with the collective groan against the coming global government, may, in fact, be the “peace and safety” everyone is clamoring for (1 Thess. 5:1-4). It may also be part and parcel of the seeds for the coming ride of the rider on the red horse (Rev. 6:3-4).

But we are not there yet.

As bad as things may get in the meantime, they will absolutely pale in comparison to what is coming.

Until then we have to make our own personal lines in the sand for Christ. Christ does not need us to physically conquer the world Him (He’s got that), we must individually, overcome the world. We do that by placing our faith and trust in the One who saved us. Read Revelation 1-3 again and see what it takes to be an overcomer.

After the Omega Letter closed, I named my new website Rev310 out of respect to the Philadelphian Church. They are the faithful church who ‘has little strength,’ in the final moments of human history. Honestly, I had difficulty reconciling this concept under a Trump-Pence administration. Sure it would have been nice to have had a president who was friendly toward the Church and toward Israel in these final moments, but it doesn’t look that way any longer.

Regardless, for the Christian, the best is yet to come.

The ‘unforeseen event’ I referred to earlier, is, of course, the biggest black swan event the world will ever see, the Rapture of the Church. I don’t know the day or the hour, nor even the year (I have my theories), but I believe this to be the decade our Lord returns. I believe we are that last generation.

The Rapture of the Church will remove the believer from the earth to spend eternity in a glorious fellowship with our Creator in perfect liberty- free from the corruption of sin and death.

We have a glorious future ahead that doesn’t depend on human government, stimulus checks, or any other institutions of man. Our future is not only glorious, but it is certain. It is more certain than death and taxes. While we may have to endure some more fleeting un-pleasantries, our eternity with Christ far outweighs any momentary discomforts we face in the here and now.

Let me close by saying this. I wrote an article back in May 2020 called ‘Can We MAGA?’ My conclusion then is the same as it is now,

If Trump is reelected in the fall of 2020, it is because God is continuing this grace period for people to come to Christ and for God to continue staging Israel for what comes after up to the year 2026. If Trump is not reelected (due to fraud or some other crisis), then I see the Rapture coming much sooner than 2024.

Lastly, I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet. These thoughts are my own opinions, based on what seems biblical, reasonable, and strategically logical.

Deep down in my heart of hearts, I still believe that.

The best is yet to come!


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James Haugen
James Haugen
Jan 09, 2021

I always look to certain people in the Christian community for inspiration upon some calamity, world events etc. You’re at the top of the list through your articles. Awesome article Pete!👍🏻


Jan 08, 2021


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