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Jul 23, 2023

I read the book too a while back… Was very good and insightful. It pains me to say I will be leaving it behind for my children to find after the Rapture too… 😢 I want them to go with me. They won’t listen, They think I’m kinda ‘nuts’ but tolerate me saying stuff for a little bit… Then tell me they don’t want to hear it anymore so I back off and keep on being there for them. Every once in awhile still I can sneak in something to them😁 And of course keep praying 🙏 God loves them more than I do and I’m relying on Him to get them through ❤️


I just finished this book. And I must say it is spot on for our times. Terry and Pete's insight and knowledge are invaluable for times like these. I have read several of Pete's books and currently reading Trajectory another winner although a couple of years old. Anyone who follows Christ and Understand the times we live in would do well to read this New World Order. I have it now on my book shelf where my children will find it after the Rapture of the Church.

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