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Serpents and Doves Interview (6/24/22)

Here is my epic two-hour midnight interview on Rumble with Pablo Franscini of Serpents and Doves Ministry. The YouTube version only covers the first hour but had to move to Rumble when talking about more sensitive (NSYT- Not Safe for YouTube) topics. You can watch it all here uninterrupted.

Unfortunately, I have not figured out a way to get Rumble videos embedded into my Wix platform (as of yet), but here are the links!

On the Serpents and Doves Website

On Rumble

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Autumn Blue
Autumn Blue

This was great! I enjoy the talks you do with the Serpents and Doves guy.


Great Bible study. Loved the church history Gary mixed in. Explains a lot about where we are today. keep writing and sharing Pete. Mark -



Great interview! Enjoyed that it was a bit longer. Lots of good content and thought provoking. It helped that I read the article first.

Thanks again for all that you do , Pete.

God bless you!


Fantastic interview!! Fav line was….there aint a problem that the rapture cant fix. Amen!! Roe v Wade overturned today…the Lord is on the move


Over the last 50 years of bipartisan ineptitude has not the US collapsed its own economy having become grossly indebted without any help from the "global elites" or the boogie man? Last week Putin deriding US "exceptionalism" stated the US "unipolar" days of world domination are over as he defended his stance to protect Russian "sovereignty." Hardly the words of "globalism." WHY on earth would a Christian fear globalism? Globalism is the inevitable & necessary condition for the return of the Lord. When you see globalism, the Lord is not far behind. COME LORD JESUS!

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