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Serpents and Doves

Folks, the long-awaited (for me at least) sit down with my good friend Pablo Frascini. Enjoy

Post Scriptum:

I went from doing two interviews over a ten-year period, to doing ten interviews in eight months. It's crazy (in a good way). Anyway, you know it's getting close to the end when God begins to ramp things up. Look at the rest of the Bible Prophecy ministries out there (the good ones). They're all getting busier doing the Lord's work and God is opening all kinds of doors for all of them. So I just want to thank Him first and foremost for the continued opportunities. I pray you all are blessed in the process.

I finally got the go-ahead to start a prison ministry at the local county jail where I live. This is something I've been trying to get done for a while now, and I finally got all the approvals needed to begin next Thursday. I will begin by taking them through the book of Revelation. Seems an odd place to start I know, but when I was in Saudi Arabia, I was ministering at an underground church there in Riyadh for a group of ex-pats, and I did a similar thing. The one thing they all told me, which surprised me, was thank you, no one has ever taught us this before.

I'm also teaching two classes at my church (date-TBD) in preparation for my presentation at the Prophecy Watcher's conference in May (19-22) in Colorado Springs. I usually don't have any qualms about speaking in public, but I want to do a good job and I think a Sunday school class full of adults is a good place to hone my presentation.

Finally, I'm still working on this new teen fiction book with my oldest daughter, and this book has such a cool twist, that I think it will be a blessing to a lot of people.

Thus, I am thankful for the opportunities, and ask that you continue to pray for me to have the mental-spiritual-emotional bandwidth to do all these things in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



P.S.S. Pablo graciously gifted me his old microphone, so for future interviews, my audio should greatly improve!

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