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I'm knee-deep in H0B0 Volume II, and it's turning out to be even better than Volume I. Admittedly, I struggled a bit with how to start the book, several weeks ago, something "clicked" and I've been off and running with it. I have two ways to proceed, and I'm not sure which is the better option. Figured I would ask you, the readers, how best to proceed.

Should I:

A. Create an equally long book (400+ pages) for a similar price? This would mean I don't have the book ready until the May-June time frame.

1. Pros- Could cover more ground

2. Cons- Could mean a more rushed ending (depending on how long it ends up becoming)

B. Create a shorter book (200+ pages) for a cheaper price? This would mean a shorter book but probably done in February.

1. Pros- More in-depth with the characters and take more time developing storylines.

2. Cons- Would necessitate the need to create a Volume III and possibly IV.

I appreciate your thoughts and will take them all into consideration.

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