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Pledging Allegiance to the Banana Republic

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

– by Steve Schmutzer

A recent tweet by a prominent media person sums up the 2020 election fiasco well.“The same voting machines that got Chávez and Maduro “elected” to office in Venezuela were used in 2,000 precincts and 30 States to give Joe Biden the “most votes” of any candidate in American history. You can understand why this is ending up in the Supreme Court.”

This tweet is about voting systems like Dominion. And it’s spot on. According to a 133-page 2012 Human Rights Report, Venezuelan dictator, Chávez, and his followers “….have been building a system in which the government has free rein to threaten and punish Venezuelans who interfere with their political agenda.” Maduro was no better. A 2019 Amnesty International report found his regime to have promoted “….a systematic policy of repression against opponents or those perceived to be opponents.” That report concluded with an international plea for justice.

Dictators Maduro and Chávez rigged their elections to “win office.” Honest voting processes would’ve meant a loss for them instead. A NY Times article this month stated the same elections software that governed America’s 2020 elections was used in Venezuela and “….was manipulated to report a skewed tally.”In the late-night hours of Nov. 3rd, when the data showed Trump’s votes were soaring to historic figures, a decision was made in several swing states to stop counting the votes.


Abruptly stopping our voting counts was unprecedented. This sort of corruption only happens in Banana Republics – – like Venezuela. In the wee morning hours after the vote counts were stopped, many tens of thousands of ballots were dumped into the system. Multiple batches of these ballots only had one mark on them – “for Biden.”This adulteration of our voting process was unprecedented. This sort of corruption only happens in Banana Republics – – like Venezuela. Elections fraud expert, Russell Ramsland, of Allied Security Systems, reviewed the 2020 Elections data and concluded, “There are a stunning 3,276 precincts where the Presidential Votes Cast compared to the Estimated Voters based on Reported Statistics ranges from 84% to 350%…this reveals 431,954 excess ballots. This pattern strongly suggests that the *additive algorithm* was activated.”

Ramsland continues, “In the data are 4 spikes totaling 384,733 ballots allegedly processed in a combined interval of only 2 hours and 38 minutes. This is physically impossible given the available equipment at the 4 reference locations.”Various other reviews of America’s 2020 elections data by voting experts have found that, in many cases, and AFTER the voting software was manipulated, Biden consistently earned a greater percentage of votes across several states than those votes earned by Trump – BY THE EXACT SAME DECIMAL FIGURE.

This is not statistically possible – – not without human intervention. The reality is millions of votes that were FOR Trump were flipped to Biden instead. The way this election was rigged for Biden was unprecedented. This sort of corruption only happens in Banana Republics – – like Venezuela. Not anymore! It gets worse. According to a November 18th Gateway Pundit article, Smartmatic, the software operating Company which was used by Dominion, is a known supporter of Antifa. Their software, designed to rig elections, was developed – guess where – in Venezuela!

A Wall Street Journal article in 2006 seems to affirm this fact. It states, “Federal investigators are looking into whether Smartmatic Corp., a voting-machine company whose equipment is used widely in the U.S. and abroad, paid bribes to win a Venezuela election contract in 2004.”So much more like this could be said. At this point, the evidence of corruption in America’s 2020 elections has now reached staggering proportions. The sheer volume of examples – many incidents of which have been preserved in sworn affidavits – would fill several large books. We have a big problem. Here are some facts to keep top of mind.

Number one. Joe Biden is NOT yet the President-Elect. There is a proper process for earning that designation, and until those lawful procedures are followed, he’s just “Hiden’ Biden.” The media does not have the legal authorization to state who the next President will be.

Number two. President Donald J. Trump…..still is! Until such point, as he’s not, he has the Constitutional authority to ensure America has transacted a free and fair election process. Right now, as things stand, that process appears highly dubious – and evidence affirming this suspicion continues to pour in.

Number three. Face the obvious. If you’re persuaded that serious corruption has not infected this elections cycle, you have your head in the sand. You’re either willfully ignoring the facts or you’re too lazy to look them up. Social media will probably place some sort of flag on my post here – as it does whenever the facts are stated, but you still have an obligation to learn the truth.

Number four. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – – OK, you get my point. It’s high time to admit what’s clear. The left’s strategy is to operate like a third world, corrupt, fraudulent, tyrannical Banana Republic – – like Venezuela. Here’s the thump – it shows who they really are.

Number five. Ask yourself what you value. Is it law and order? Is it “….one nation under God?” Is it our Constitutional rights and liberties? Is it a legal due process? Is it a “free and fair” election? Is it integrity and justice? Is it true? If you hesitated or answered “no” to any of those questions, you’ve got an ethical dilemma. Your spiritual condition may be at stake.

That last point leads me to my concluding comment, and I need to be blunt. The facts about America’s 2020 election – as they continue to emerge – will force every person to make a choice between what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s improper to defend this election debacle in the face of such blatant fraud and perversion. It’s wrong to suppress the truth or suggest this nation’s God-fearing, Constitution-loving, and law-abiding citizens are somehow the ones at fault. Proverbs 17:15 says, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.”

That’s a precarious thing to be!

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