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Pete's Update 07/17/2021

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

For those who don't know Don Koenig's wonderful site "The Prophetic Years," it is a fantastic resource for end times information. I've been reading and talking to Don for nearly ten years, and he has been a huge influence on my own ministry. One of the most impactful he wrote, he did back in 2007 and looked at all the possible prospective dates for the Second Coming based on Scripture and other converging events. I remember reading this around that same time and he has always maintained a belief that the Rapture/Second Coming was in the 2020s-30s.

I remember reading that back then, and I was, to be honest, deflated. I was hoping for a 2010-2018 Rapture, and here was this guy saying it was much later. But he backed his opinions up, which I respected, and as time has passed (and all the crazy speculation dates have come and gone), his has proven to be more right than anyone else (see link below).

I just found out from Mike Mullin that Don's health is not well these days, and has postponed writing for the foreseeable future. Please lift him up in prayer. Our God has limitless treasures and limitless capacity to heal. I know Don (per his own thoughts) is ready to go home, but I've lost too many influences already (Jack Kinsella, Jack Kelley, Dave Hunt, etc.), I'm not ready to lose Don just yet.

Here is the link for this past, wonderful article. I recommend reading it on a desktop computer (due to the tables). As for my own writing, I'm in the publishing-hunting phase for my fiction book "H0B0," just submitted my final draft for a book I co-wrote with Terry James called "The Disappearing," and trying to finish another book contribution (a chapter) for another book called "Trajectory." I have another article in the mix I'm working on called "Dominion," but not sure when I can get it finished. It's dealing with the dominion Adam lost over the animal kingdom, what that has meant since, and will mean in the coming judgments.

Thanks for all the support from everyone, it means a lot especially since I've been in between jobs these past two years since my retirement. I start a new job on Monday and I'm ready to go.

Don's link:

Talk soon! Lord Bless,


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