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Monday Night Live (8/21/23)

Caution: This video is 3+ hours. Watch at your own risk.

Discussion: Chaos Theory, Q&A, and Testimony

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FYI for the Rev310 Tribe:

On 2PROS YT ch: 25 Aug 2023

Can You Survive After the Rapture? || Pete Garcia

Today We talk to @PeteGarcia542 about the Tribulation and what happens immediately AFTER the rapture of Christians from the earth! So, what is the tribulation? Today we find out exactly what is is, how long it lasts and its devastating effects it will have on the earth and those that still dwell in it.

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Finally got to watch the rest of the show,, still don't have internet, so watch at other people's houses when I'm dog sitting. Very good article and I learn new things about you in each show,plus new Bible truths.

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Thank you for your time, there were so many good questions and interesting points you made. Thanks for explaining things so well. I don't mind the long time, I just listened over the course of 3 days! I'm 40 years old and had the Lord audibly speak to me once. It was exactly as you explained how He spoke to you. I was in a kiddie wading pool with 2 of my children, and there was absolutely no one else around. My husband was deployed to Costa Rica (he was a Navigator on C-130's for the Coast Guard.) My 2 year old son Logan was throwing a temper tantrum because I said we need to leave... so I turned around…

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25. Aug. 2023

Thanks Pete. I’ve known many things you speak of for decades. Our food has been garbage for years. When my daughter would go to Europe she would be sick for a few days until she filled up with the European food, then it would start again when she got home. Everything from our government & multinationals is corrupted, all for the all mighty dollar, control and population thinning. We can only do so much, such as going off the grid which we know is nearly impossible except for a select few. I watch these Monday night live videos in spurts while I’m on the treadmill or while lying down at night on the floor stretching before bed. Thanks for all…

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Gary Cox
Gary Cox
24. Aug. 2023

I appreciate that you brought up the law of noncontradiction. Two or more opposing views cannot all be right, they could all be wrong though. Won't it be interesting in the future that at some point we will know the truth. I suspect we will be surprised at what we thought was right that really wasn't, but we might also be surprised at what we thought was probably true and it turned out that it was after all. Since the only source of truth we have is the Bible, then too often we resort to speculation. It amuses me though when the Bible is silent on something yet someone claims to have the authoritative truth on the subject. Great work…

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