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Monday Live (Dark Winter)

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C-diff is the superbug you were thinking of I think. Great content. I think of the pastor Adrian Rogers who said things are growing "gloriously dark". Maranatha!


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Thanks Pete I appreciate your insight on the Bible very much


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Pete for following God's calling, I learn so much from you and your guess. I am currently without a home church, so for now I watch great teachers like you, Please pray that God will open the door for a church that has a pastor who is authentic or a home group.

Thank you,

Love from your sis. In Christ,



I'm going to say this again, Pete, "I would love to meet your mom via messages (I live in Denver). She must be an amazing woman of God!" And thank you for sharing the wisdom and knowledge that God has Blessed you with!!! Love your Hobo series also 😊🙏


Thanks Pete you always give the Remnant clear teaching. My learning curve for Bible Prophesy has gone Straight up since following you, Lee and Mondo.

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