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John Haller Mid-Week Prophecy Update

John has been a friend of mine going back a few years (2018 or so) and I think he is one of the most respected and trusted prophecy teachers out there. We don't agree on everything, but his understanding of geopolitics is the best I've ever seen or heard- ever. I'm bringing him on here to not only introduce him (in case you've never heard of him) but also to listen to his deep dive into what's going on in the Middle East. Having lived there for a few years, this is as comprehensive as it gets.

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22 jun 2022

I love prophecy updates but I also love learning the word of The Father and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! If you’re look for a great place to start reading the word in the New Testament John is the best book where Jesus Christ spill’s His heart to The Father about just how much He love’s us! Please remember to take all things in moderation as you can get so caught up in these Prophecy updates that we can forget that the more you spend in the word you are building a relationship with the Triune God! We must know who He is and what to share with others! Patiently waiting for His return to gather us up to join…

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A whole ‘nother layer to consider. I never considered how advanced the Saudis are technologically.

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18 jun 2022

Hilarious. John's opening statement is that it is ""short" mid-week prophecy update, for me..." and then gives a 58 minute update.

I think that John tries to give "short" updates during his Sunday update. His updates used to go about 1hr 10 min and now are up to 1hr 30+min. Also, he used to never give mid-week updates segueing to threatening mid-week updates to now finally giving mid-week updates.

A major testament to how much is going on in the world. John's increasing update times.

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John Haller, a lawyer by trade, is well researched and an excellent source for learning the truth in world events.

I listen to every one of John Haller’s most informative prophecy updates. John’s sermons are great as well.

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