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Harvest Life Christian Fellowship Prophecy Update

Here is my most recent interview with Pastor Curt Reed (Harvest Life Christian Fellowship, Calvary Chapel Las Vegas) and his wonderful congregation.

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My grandfather was a farmer, let the earth rest for a year until the government take over your land for equity


It breaks my heart as a South African, although we never cared for American pompousness, that this is the end of Western civilisation and Christian morals. When you fall, we all fall because of your influence and the Western world following you.😒

Autumn Blue
Autumn Blue
Sep 08, 2022
Replying to

I wouldn't judge a nation of 350 million people on what you might've seen on tv or heard in the news. That would be like me saying I've never cared for South African brutality. Which is pretty much all I've ever heard about the unrest over there.

The West and the western church have been declining for a long time, it's just picked up speed in the past decade. It began in Europe and what happens in Europe generally makes its way over to us.

I'm reminded of this verse..

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." Luke 21:28

It's encouraging to know these things have to…


❤🇱🇰 Yes, I too encouraged my pastor to preach on prophesy. His exact words were, "We have Paul, why do we need anything else". SO VERY short-sighted. 😔

Two weeks ago, on Sunday morning, his opening line was, "Jesus is coming soon". The entire church sat silent. Not ONE rejoiced or said Amen or hallelujah. There in is the answer for not touching PROPHESY. SAD.


Pete this was a wayyyyyyy better interview than the one with Sasquatch guy. You got to shine in this one and complete your sentences. Really enjoy you and Curt together. It was informative and uplifting most definitely. I will pass on the BK meely burgers!! Lol. Yup its true we have to get out there and get the good news out. Time is short. And we may think we get no where with unbelievers but they will remember what we said when the tribulation comes. I guess we want to be effort driven vs result driven. If we focus on results only we could be discouraged. But if we focus on effort then we will be planting seeds just like…


Great one Pete ... what you had to say about not arguing about eschatology and pointing out what reality really is ... eternity with Jesus ... And to get busy because the end of all things is close and the Trib WILL be horrific I believe the Holy Spirit was giving you words to say Thank you !

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