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H0B0: Volume II Released

My second volume is now available on Amazon. If you purchase a copy, please leave a review as well. I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and support in the process. This book is a little shorter (174 pages) and the price is shorter as well! It is available on EBook (and Kindle) as well as paperback.

EBook: @ $7.99

Paperback: @ $8.99

Administrative Notes:

I will be live on Pastor Tom Hughe's Youtube channel today at 4 PM CST

I will also be doing a television and DVD interview Thursday with with Terry James to promote our book, The Disappearing.

Mondo Gonzales (Prophecy Watchers) will be posting two articles on Tuesday and Thursday. Hope you can get a chance to read them, they are very well done!

So busy week for me, Lord willing, I will be able to get this all done. I appreciate the prayers and again, want to say thank you to everyone who's part of the Rev310 team.

Lord Bless,


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