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Down the Rabbit Hole: Part I

"During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems—from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty—leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power."

— excerpt from the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development- Operation Lockstep

Admittedly, this article is going to sound a little crazy. But that's just how things are now in the 21st century, right? The truth has become so interspersed with speculation, half-truths, and conjecture, it's difficult to determine which way is up. It is very much like since 9/11, we (the American public) have fallen down this rabbit hole and we are all just trying to make sense of it all. This is why I hope today's brief will help (perhaps) shed some light on some of the lunacy we've seen transpire over the past two decades. No promises though. This will require multiple briefs to even scratch the surface of what's going on. While there is truth here in this article, this is also mixed with some speculation because I am not omnipotent. I am, however, attempting to draw some logical conclusions based on the facts we do know. Nevertheless, here we go.


Imagine a virtual (digital) world that mirrors our own.

Imagine a virtual world that is built to the exact specifications of our own real world.

Imagine this digital world ran by a mix of both human operators and an increasingly powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system.

Imagine the avatars (i.e., the digital characters in this virtual world) are based on real people like you and me.

Imagine an intelligence (deep state) apparatus that feeds this virtual world with endless terabytes of all of your digital information (i.e. digital footprints) that perfectly map out your daily life.

These include but are not limited to, your online: purchases, browsing and travel habits, online banking routines, ATM withdrawals, gas purchases, social media interactions, political and ideological intimations, religious beliefs, etc., and so on.

Imagine this virtual world exists solely to wargame cultural/political/economic scenarios against so they can plan out their (Deep State’s) reaction to our reaction months and years in advance.

Sound familiar? Sound like a popular movie that came out not too long ago? If you can imagine all of these as being, at the very least, possible, then you are heading down the rabbit hole to one of the most bizarre and surreal situations I’ve come across in my lifetime.



In 1999, Hollywood released a blockbuster movie called, The Matrix. In this movie, the main character, Neo (played by Keanu Reeves), plays a three-part role. As Mr. Thomas Anderson, Keanu Reeves lives out his daily life as an unassuming software technician leading a normal life. At night, however, he takes on the online persona “Neo” and is a prolific, activist-computer hacker. It is here where he is discovered by “Morpheus” who ‘unplugs’ Neo from the virtual world, only to discover the real world is not at the end of the 20th century, but actually at the end of the 23rd century. By this point (via nuclear wars damaging the atmosphere of the planet) unplugged mankind is reduced to living like animals underground. The world he thought was real (the world of 1999), was really a computer-simulated virtual reality called the Matrix. This is the world that humans in it believed was real. In reality, most humans are plugged into bio-pods and function as “human batteries” that power the artificial intelligence system controlling them and running the prison world of the Matrix.

I bring this example up to tell you that this idea is one that has been ruminating in the minds of the elite not just for decades, but for centuries now. I understand the Matrix is just a science fiction movie, but movies, esp. blockbusters, tend to show the desire of not just the elite, but the desire of the culture at large. Moreover, the principles/concepts behind this movie (i.e., immortality, digital immortality, human deification, etc.) date back millennia.

Throughout the centuries, mankind has, vis a vis, secret occult societies (e.g., Rosicrucian’s, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Freemasons, etc.) have long sought to discover the secrets for forbidden knowledge and immortality. In the past, they tried to achieve this through alchemy and occult practices but found those lacking. Whether they know this or not, what they were really trying to do is to revive the conditions of the Antediluvian Age (pre-flood conditions as found in Genesis 4-6). These conditions include the century’s long life spans, a borderless world, and the enhanced human condition. Alarmingly, they now believe they have the technology to achieve it.

And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Genesis 11:6


In 2006, a Department of Defense (DOD) white paper began to make its rounds through the various agencies, and ultimately, found its way onto the World Wide Web. This white paper was proposing something called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS) project. More specifically, the project came out of the JFCOM J9 office via an Experimentation Engineering Lead and was executed vis the Modeling and Simulation Frameworks department at Purdue University.

Since some of you might be asking what the JFCOM stands for, it stands for the Joint Forces Command (which was disestablished in 2011 by then SECDEF Robert Gates). As for the J9, this is a “Simulations” staff position for organizations that require it. For example, across all military organizations, numbered staff positions/offices all stand for the same function regardless of their branch or size: S1/G1/J1 are always human resources, S3/G3/J3 always operations, etc. In this case, the JFCOM used their J9 as a “special projects” staff who worked on whatever modeling or simulations the senior leader of that organization tasked them with developing at the time. More specifically, a proposal was put forth by this office to create a project titled the “Sentient World Simulation (SWS) project, whose purpose was to create “A Continuously Running Model of the Real World.”

  • Sentient— has a conscious or sense of self-awareness

  • World— the whole world

  • Simulation— a virtual world mirroring our own

In other words, they wanted to create a Sim-City-like (virtual world), to run simulations against (aka wargaming), but instead of using fictional characters, they wanted to use real data from real people, to feed this virtual version of a city/state/nation. This project was tested in a limited capacity in the DOD’s 2006, Urban Resolve 2015 which was labeled “Adapting to Urban Warfare.” Here is a synopsis of what that simulated exercise entailed:

Urban operations currently are of great concern to the defense community. J9, the Experimentation Directorate of USJFCOM, and the Joint Advanced Warfighting Program currently are conducting an experiment to investigate concepts for applying future technologies to joint urban operations…

Urban Resolve (UR) is a three-phase experiment designed to explore new approaches for urban combat in the 2018 time frame. The U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) J9 Directorate and the Joint Advanced Warfighting Program (JAWP) at the Institute for Defense Analyses are conducting the experiment. The hypothesis is that future sensors will provide a significantly higher degree of situational awareness than we currently have, allowing us to conduct urban operations more effectively and efficiently. (Source)

Sounds nefarious, doesn’t it?

However, before I go any further, let me clarify the original purpose of this project and the justification for this type of technology. In 2006, as you well remember, the US was getting into the worst period of fighting WRT our combat operations in far-off places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the fighting in Iraq was predominantly being fought in places like Baghdad, Sadr City, Mosul, etc. our leaders felt justified in needing this kind of predictive technology to make up for our obvious disadvantages.

Nevertheless, who lives in urban areas? People do. People mean men, women, and children. Fortunately, the technology in 2006 was still too limited to accurately map out a digital world. At the time, the computer software was too clunky, not enough bandwidth, and not enough people “online” to fully create this digital world they wanted to simulate.

But in the post-pandemic world of 2022?



Estimates are the pandemic’s economic lockdowns effectively forced an acceleration in digitization by some six years. What this means is that our society reached a level of digital interconnectedness we weren’t meant to reach until 2026. This, as well as the upgraded 5G bandwidth, has indeed accelerated our digital transformation into the cyber-physical age. IOW, we are now in the early months of 2022 already operating at 2026 levels.

So what’s the rush?

Perhaps the real powers behind the throne (i.e., Lucifer and his demonic hosts) are driving their human meat puppets (world leaders) to speed things up because they know the time is drawing to a close? Just a thought. Perhaps the C-19 plandemic was not just about what we thought it was? Listed below was the original narrative many of us (myself included) believed warranted explanations and immediate course corrections on:

  1. The mysterious and still (as of Feb 2022) unexplained origins of how the virus came to be

  2. What role did the 2019 multi-agency exercise, Event 201, play in the subsequent 2020 pandemic

  3. The subsequent global overreaction to a virus with a 99% survival rate

  4. The rush to supply an experimental mRNA gene therapy treatment with questionable and potentially dangerous side effects

  5. The gross abuse of power by corporate, state, and federal authorities (mask and vaccine mandates, threats on employment, quarantines, fines, etc.)

  6. The forced dependency upon federal aid (ramping up artificial unemployment)

  7. The double standard treatment of churches and small businesses vs. corporate businesses (essential vs. non-essential)

  8. Corporate enforcement of unconstitutional mandates (doing what the federal govt. couldn’t do)

While all of these were bad in and of themselves, and those responsible should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, I now believe these are not even what this whole thing was about.

These were simply the side effects or ‘outcroppings’ of this brief expansion of power via crisis management. In other words, this was the intended distraction by giving certain leaders a whiff of real power, (antithesis) so they could find or gauge the requisite pushback (synthesis) in places like Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States to feed the virtual system. They (Deep State) need to know how far they can push the public before the public pushes back. IOW, the Deep State is using people like Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, UK's Boris Johnson, US state governors, and even the Biden Administration to provoke the public via draconian measures that are neither science-based, nor reasonable, so they gauge our reaction in their version of the Matrix (i.e., the SWS).

If I am correct, then let us make some simple assumptions before moving forward:

  1. Given our national intelligence agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) penchant for wargaming (Rockefeller Lockstep, Event 201, etc.) and their addiction to data collection (warrantless wiretaps, COINTELPRO, Ed Snowden, etc), means SWS is almost certainly still in play. Likely, it has been rebranded/renamed and upgraded greatly since 2006. If true, this sentient world simulation project would require massive amounts of data to feed it

  2. The plandemic, as previously noted, sped up the world’s digitization by six years

  3. This might explain why the NSA has several massive data farms, each capable of storing all the digital information in the world, many times over

  4. This also explains why Google, Facebook (or Meta), Amazon, and other massive corporate organizations are also spending BILLIONs in constructing more massive data farms as well

  5. Might explain the rapid development and expansion of 5G bandwidth, despite the potential dangers surrounding its effects on aviation operations and human health

  6. Might explain the absolutely asinine and illogical decisions our government is making so as to provoke reactions from the general population

  7. These reactions (protests, religious exemptions, voting data, polling data, etc.) is then used to feed the SWS system and build predictive algorithms for future govt. actions in future crises'

  8. All of this is done in the name of national security and is supported by both Democrats and Establishment Republicans, the Military-Industrial Complex, as well as transnational banking and corporate entities, as well as every intelligence agency and Homeland Security

In Closing

Regarding the current state of the SWS, its current existence is still largely unknown. The USJFCOM was disestablished in 2011, and the name SWS doesn’t appear anywhere else other than in this 2006 white paper. However, the fact we don’t know its present status (in this veritable age of information) is, in and of itself, telling. It could well be the US best-kept secret for predictive technology the world has ever known. The truth is, the Deep State only lets us know what they want us to know. Groups like DARPA (the Deep State’s research leg), almost exclusively focus on technologies that are still 10-20 years in the future, therefore, I’m willing to bet this SWS still exists somewhere. Perhaps it's been funded by the Deep State and rebranded as the "Metaverse" which, bizarrely enough, is already selling virtual real estate.

The US needed an edge back in 2006, which is why it first began implementing this technology. This is why it began collecting biometric data over in Iraq and Afghanistan. This information was needed to offset our intelligence disadvantage of not speaking the language, not knowing the customs, and more importantly, not being able to differentiate between friendlies and hostiles when every military-aged male was named either Abdul or Mohammed. However, just because the wars ended, doesn't mean the technologies ended.

Nobody complained back then, because if you were a red-blooded American in 2006, you weren’t worried that this kind of technology would ever come back and be used against you. At the time, the enemy was not Mr. and Mrs. Law Abiding American Citizen. No, the enemy was those “radicalized” terrorists over there seeking to cause death and destruction. We blindly accepted the mentality that if we had nothing illegal to hide, then we had nothing to worry about the government doing a little ‘snooping.’ We were, after all, doing our part in fighting the “war on terror.”

Furthermore, the need for this level of surveillance and predictive technology was justified in the name of both the common good and the war on terror. As justified as the conveniently handy Patriot Act was necessary for the common good, and then signed into law a mere 30 days after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

However, since terror is both a state of mind as well as an ideal, terror then has the potential to become a subjective standard. In other words, terror is whatever the leadership of the country decides terror (or a terrorist) is.

But my how times have changed since 2006. Let us look at how the “enemies of the state” have changed and evolved (from the US Govt. perspective) since those ancient and archaic days of 2001.

  • In 2001 (post-9/11)-2002, Islamists were the enemy

  • In 2002-07, “radical” Islamists were the enemies

  • In 2008-9, banks too large to fail and their financial overlords became the public enemy

  • In 2010-11, Tea Party supporters were the enemy

  • From 2011-16, Conservatives were the enemy (i.e., deplorables, bitter-clingers, etc.)

  • From 2016-21, Donald Trump and MAGA supporters were the enemies

  • In 2021, Soccer moms and concerned parents protesting blatantly corrupted school boards became the enemy

  • In 2022, American’s speaking ill about this current government, are now the enemy of the state

Since the definition of “enemy of the state” seems to be as malleable and movable a goalpost as the “two weeks to slow the curve” mantra was, it’s fair to say, given our present trajectory and barring any black swan event(s), we are headed toward an authoritarian police state.

But is it too late?

Part II coming soon.

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Honestly Pete… I am great full beyond words that when I read your take on things, I don’t seem so alone & isolated. People just don’t want to face the realities…


Feb 21, 2022

I just had a thought.... Do you think that technology is Satans counterfeit Holy Spirit?


Thank you Pete. It is remarkable how all of this fits together.

Something started me of some 60 years ago as I had a then girlfriend whose family were heavily into freemasonry. I was also working for the GPO, then part of the Civil Service and also rife with Freemasonry. [The company eventually morphed into the British Telecommunication giant] A friend and I went to visit the Hell Fire caves in High Wycombe UK [1748 and 1752 for Francis Dashwood, 11th Baron le Despencer (2nd Baronet), founder of the Dilettanti Society and co-founder of the Hellfire Club,] I was curious but had little knowledge and these things were ''parked'' for a time

I was married when my wife and I…


Julia Pomeroy
Julia Pomeroy
Feb 16, 2022

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, this will be shared with as many friends as I can think of who have access to the internet. Can't wait for Part 2 - I think!


Unknown member
Feb 15, 2022

I know I am knit picking, but someone I met years ago was trying to make a case for a Sentient World Simulation as our current physicality.

“The Matrix” as portrayed in the movie would not be possible as a computational reality. Such a simulation must source a “universal clock” to generate a “common” perspective. A relative perspective would not be possible.

Einstein’s Relativity specifically points out our universe has no “universal clocks”, time passage references the gravitational field, relative speed and is a function of locality.

The movie “Despicable Me” hit too close to home for me. The nicer Gru is a work in progress.

Unknown member
Feb 16, 2022
Replying to

Or your nose...

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