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Chiasm in Jude

This was part of the presentation I gave at the Prophecy Watcher's conference last May in Colorado Springs. While it's not meant to be exhaustive, it is a fascinating way to see how Jude (by the Holy Spirit) constructed this one-chapter book.

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It is surely significant that Jude is the prelude to Revelation, which impacted me back in 2015 when I wrote Magna Carta R.I.P? 2015, and is even clearer now! See posts above.

Another of my unexpected apocalyptic songs!

This has just been sung in June by a Dutch/UK Christian band, looking out from the Mount of Olives at dawn. To be released soon with video.

I hopie, Pete, you don't mind me posting these. There are so few sites, particularly in UK that are awake to the signs! Most of my Brothers and sisters and family avoid the accelerating birth pangs and think I am obsessed. It can be a very lonely time, especally as I have a number of…

Rae Lynn Merritt
Rae Lynn Merritt
Jul 28, 2023
Replying to

So appreciate your reply. Have a beautiful blessed lovely weekend!



My song inspiration from 2018 for your blessing:


Jude was the inspiration to write my book MagnaCarta R.I.P? Religious Freedom and the Church in 2015 even though I never had ambition to write a book and being neither a theologian, church minister or academic. It was my lament as an ordinary Christian at the departure of my beloved UK and our Western World from our Judeo/Christian roots and the deep sleep of the church to the increasing birth pangs of the signs of the times. My Amazon kindle book recently became topical again with 277 downloads on the Online Book Club and over 1700 Tweets due to many voices calling for the freedom enshrined in Magna Carta to become again the foundation of our world. What the freedom…


Thank you Pete. My sister and I were talking about Jude today.


Rosalee Dent
Rosalee Dent
Jul 22, 2023

Pete, this insight is brilliant..God has made a mighty teacher out of you..I remember you saying you never liked to write..God has opened up this gift to you by taking your least likely skill and magnifying it tenfold...Keep up the great work, Brother Pete..I so enjoy your gift to turn words into pictures

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