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2024: The Year In Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

It is that time again to put on my speculation hat and attempt to forecast what the coming year will hold. I've done this now since 2011, so for me, it's a bit of a time-honored tradition. As far as my track record for accuracy goes, it is somewhere between 30-50%, which is still better than that of the National Intelligence Council's "Global Trends" birdcage lining. This will be a "one over the world" macro view of things, as I will not be able to drill into everything or else this would be much longer than you'd care to read.

To be clear, I cannot see into the future. There are likely to be many black swan-type events that transpire with zero ability to forecast against. These would include things like natural disasters, terrorist events, sudden world wars, pandemic outbreaks, sudden economic calamities, and in particular, the mother of all black swan events...the Rapture of the Church. However, while we aren't going to know the specifics of how things play out exactly, the Bible does give us the general outline.

  1. The Rapture of the Church (John 14:1-3, 1 Thess. 4:13-18, 1 Cor 15:51-56, Rev. 3:10)

  2. The Seven-Year Tribulation (the 70th Week of Daniel) (Dan. 9:27, Rev. 6-16)

  3. The Second Coming, destruction of the Antichrist and false prophet, and binding of Satan (Rev 19:11-21)

  4. Jesus establishing His Millennial Kingdom (Zech 14:4, Isaiah 2:1-4)

  5. The Last Rebellion (Rev 20:7-10)

  6. The Great White Throne Judgment (Rev 20:11-15)

  7. The "ages to come" (Eph. 2:4-7, Rev 21-22)

Thesis: Regardless of what events transpire this coming year, and no matter how random things may appear, ultimately, we know that the world is moving ever closer to that of the world Revelation 13 describes. The question we have to ask ourselves is not whether this will happen, but how fast. How fast will the world move toward this prophetic end state by the end of 2024? Will the world move by the inch, or by the mile toward that final despotic government headed by the Antichrist himself?


The Americas

The United States: Since 2024 is an election year, we should expect a couple of things: first, the cost of living should be brought down (inflation, gas prices, etc.) to hide the reality of the previous three years of Bidenflation, and secondly, that politics will dominate the news cycles. The left is desperately trying to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican nominee again in March, but he likely will. The next stage for him in this process would be to find a suitable VP candidate avoiding his missteps last time in choosing a wishy-washy turncoat Mike Pence. Likely candidates include Vivek Ramaswamy (Rep), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Lib), South Dakota governor Kristi Noem (Rep), Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (Rep), and possibly even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Rep).

Nevertheless, a Trump victory will not just drive the news cycle throughout the year, but his nomination will likely create international news as well if we consider the effects of his nomination abroad. Trump's made no bones about many issues that have the globalists feeling uneasy. His election victory will also signal to other world leaders whether or not they should pursue certain geopolitical opportunities here and now while Biden remains in office, or wait until after Trump's tenure. Issues like Russia finishing operations in Ukraine, China violently repatriating Taiwan, North Korea moving south, or even the strengthening of the Abraham Accords are all likely outcomes we could see play out this year.

As for the Democrats, it seems that the two most likely (yet undeclared) candidates who could potentially be used to unseat the Biden-Harris is a Gavin Newsome and Michelle Obama ticket. I don't know who would be Pres or Vice Pres in this particular scenario, but either is a frightening possibility. Given the left's growing desperation to prevent Trump from winning again, it seems that this desperation may come to one of several conclusions:

  1. Best Case Scenario: Trump's case is vindicated by a Supreme Court decision in 2024 (which should also acquit the falsely accused Jan 6 protestors) and will turn the tide on this particular political witchhunt. The majority of states, including those four that were in question last time, are monitored closely to ensure voter fraud is at a minimum, and Trump is handed the Electoral College victory

  2. Worst Case Scenario: Trump is assassinated in such a way that prevents him from becoming a martyr (may appear as natural causes or some kind of accident) or is done in such a way that no determinable cause of death can be determined. Either way, this would tear the nation apart and trigger an armed revolution against the deep-state shadow government

  3. Most Likely Scenario: The Biden administration either creates or piggybacks off of a crisis (global war, pandemic, economic collapse, etc.) and uses that to introduce Martial Law or some other form of emergency government action that either delays national elections or halts them altogether. If this does occur, Biden will be removed for health reasons and someone else (likely Barack Obama) will be brought back to regain control of his administration. This may also trigger some type of revolt by the people against this move

While I think the last two are a bit extreme (not if you ask Alexa!), I think they are still within the realm of possibility. Overall, I predict a very turbulent year for the United States politically, economically, and nationally. This will be especially true if we continue to pressure Israel into settling for some sort of peace deal with her enemies. Remember, Genesis 12:3 and Zechariah 12:3 are still in effect.

Canada: While Trudeau is set to continue in office until October 2025, Canada will continue to veer into the realm of dystopia. What may reign him in somewhat, is Trump's reinstallment as the 47th president. Their relationship in the past was icy, considering the huge chasm of personalities between the two. However, I think if Trump regains office, he may be able to dictate some policies and actions against Trudeau specifically, which may help curb his weasly behavior.

Mexico: Mexico is likely one barbaric act away from invoking/inviting US military action in northern Mexico against the cartels regardless of who is in office. American leftists have decried this call for military action as creating another failed state (such as was the case with Iraq). However, it can be reasonably argued that Mexico is already a failed state given its lack of control over the cartels in its northern provinces. With the border remaining a hot-button issue with so many, and the hypocrisy of non-border states walking back their "sanctuary" status (after receiving more illegals than they can handle), it may come about under Biden rather than Trump.

South America:

  • Venezuela invades Guyana with Maduro desperately seeking a scapegoat to distract from his failed socialist policies

  • Argentina drops out of BRICS, opening a position for Khazakstan to join

  • Brazil's leftist government collapses due to political corruption and 2024-25 triggers another explosive year for them to bring about elections

Middle East

Israel: Beginning in 2020, Satan began furiously stirring up Israel's enemies both from without and within in a desperate attempt to politically destabilize her. It is this author's opinion that this was done solely to prevent her from moving forward with any ambitions toward building a third temple. This was exacerbated beginning in 2022. Why 2022? Well, that was the year when the world was introduced to the five red heifers from Texas who had, according to Numbers 19:1-10 standards, become the first potentially qualified red heifer(s) to be sacrificed in Israel in two thousand years.

According to rabbinical tradition, there have been nine red heifers sacrificed since Moses’ time. Since the destruction of the second temple, no red heifers have been slaughtered. The rabbi Maimonides (1135—1204) taught that the tenth red heifer would be sacrificed by the Messiah Himself (Parah Adumah, ch. 3, § 4). The Temple Institute, a group advocating the construction of a third temple, reports that five flawless red heifers from Texas arrived in Israel on September 15, 2022 (, accessed 9/22/22). Many people view this event as a fulfillment of prophecy, since the acquisition of a red heifer is a major step forward in plans for a new temple. (Source).

Their sacrifice would be the first step in ritually purifying the priests, the instruments, and anything connected with a third Jewish temple, and Satan knows this. That is why (in my opinion) Satan has worked tirelessly to destabilize Israel politically (4 elections since 2020), the political uprising against weakening the judicial power in Israel, and the escalation of violence by Israel's bordering enemies, which culminated on October 7th, 2023 with the barbaric surprise attack by the Gaza-based Hamas group and its supporters. This means:

  • Israel's war against the terror threats on her borders will continue at least until Passover 2024 if/when the red heifer(s) are sacrificed

  • The total collapse of the Hamas government in Gaza

  • The re-incorporation of Gaza back under Israeli control

  • The attempt by the UN to place international control over Gaza

  • The removal of the Hezbollah threat in southern Lebanon

  • The removal of Islamic Jihad and Fatah

  • The death of Mahmoud Abbas, culminating in the collapse of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the "West Bank"

  • Increasing global condemnation against Israel for removing the threats on her border

  • Passover 2024- The Sanhedrin approve for the sacrificing of the red heifer(s)

  • Already reminiscent of Psalm 83, this conflict may include the permanent destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17)

  • Trump's reinstatement as 47th President may give Israel a false sense of security setting the stage for Ezekiel 38-39

Arab nations: After Israel's painful, but ultimately victorious ends are achieved concerning Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, etc., I believe that the Abraham Accords will come back into full swing with Saudi Arabia and Egypt officially coming on board, giving total legitimacy to Israel in the Sunni-Arab world. Talks would include the exports of fruits and vegetables, drinking water, energy, and natural gas with ports and pipelines from India to Greece.

Non-Arab nations: As to the non-Arab Sunni nations not on board with the Abraham Accords (Turkey, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia, etc.), it seems these events push them further into the orbits of Iran and Russia and establish the causus belli for Ezekiel 38-39.


Will this be the year that the EU officially decides to divorce the US from NATO? From its disastrous withdrawal from the Afghanistan theatre of operations in 2021 to the equally disastrous military adventurism in Ukraine highlighting NATO's reluctance to engage Russia directly (which is why it was created in the first place) has demonstrably proven that NATO is fundamentally broken and needs to be reorganized and reoriented into an EU-specific military force. An EU-specific defense force has already been in the making since 2017 under the guise of  PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation). PESCO is a framework for EU member states to deepen defense cooperation and make joint investments in capabilities. I would expect this divorce to be expedited if/when Trump gets back into office.

Secondarily, there is a division brewing within the EU itself regarding the unchecked immigration by Muslim nations into Europe who not only fail to integrate with their host nation but actively fight against integration. I believe this will continue to come to a head as more European leaders challenge the "open borders" policies that are tearing their nations up. As a side note, this author believes that when the Gog-Magog coalition forms, it will drain a significant percentage of Muslim military-aged males out of Europe.


It has been rumored that Vladimir Putin (age 72) is either seriously or terminally ill with some undeclared medical condition. Whether he lives through 2024 or not, seems sort of irrelevant, given the fact that his number two, Dmitry Medvedev (59 years old) is an aptly qualified candidate to continue Putin's dream of creating a vast, Eurasian empire with Russia at the helm. This author believes that Russia will wrap things up in Ukraine in 2024, securing more land to serve (if nothing more) than a buffer between the West and its border.

President Zelensky and the rest of the Ukraine government are presently surviving solely on international handouts, which at the moment, is drying up, given the demands for resources elsewhere in the world. I don't expect that Ukraine will survive the year in its current condition. Look for Russia to secure more of Ukraine and demand the permanent dismantlement of the Ukrainian government. The only option for preventing this would require NATO to enter into direct armed conflict with Russia, which is a prospect no one wants.


I believe 2024 will be an incredibly turbulent economic period for China with sharp economic downturns predicted across the board. This means that when China begins to struggle financially, it will project its frustrations outward to 1) stimulate the economy through the business of war, 2) redirect people's anger and frustration against an external enemy (i.e., scapegoat), and 3) use the victory to rebuild political and nationalist momentum.

I expect to see them militarily reclaim Taiwan this year while the US is mired down in Ukraine and now the Middle East. I would doubly expect it if Trump wins the 2024 election, which the Chinese would seek to do before he takes office. The fall of Taiwan to China would demand serious reconsideration by other nations in the region (i.e., Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines) as to whether or not the US can still project its military power across the vast Pacific Ocean to counter Chinese ambitions.


We should expect to see a continued deterioration amongst the bulk of African nations, while China pursues its 21st century colonialization projects and with Islam making gains in several African nations. Ultimately, we know that Northern Sudan, Somalia, and Libya join the Ezekiel 38-39 Magog coalition in coming against Israel. As for the rest of Africa, each nation has its own set of political, economic, and cultural issues that always seem to keep the continent on the verge of collapse. If another pandemic sweeps the planet, it seems it will either come from here, or China, and would absolutely be used by the WHO to enforce digital health IDs or some other draconian form of global authority. South Africa continues to be the poster child for the abysmal failure of political correctness run amuck. I think the "white flight" from South Africa will continue further exacerbating that nation's ability to function in the BRICS coalition.


As the US Dollar (USD) continues its downward spiral into insolvency due to massive governmental debt and the rising of alternative currencies challenging the USD's hegemony on the global markets, 2024 will likely see the acceleration of that spiral. Adding to the USD woes is the rise of crypto-digital currencies that the world seems incredibly eager to implement, such as the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). As of this writing (December 2023), the implementation of CBDCs is well underway (see map here).

With the BRICS coalition focused on the de-dollarization of the global markets, it appears that a perfect storm is brewing that will happen sooner, rather than later, and dethrone the US Dollar.

More details (Source)

Map key:   Member States   Will join on January 1, 2024   Applicant   expressed an interest in joining   Rejected invitation offer[needs update]   No relationship to BRICS

But as the US declines economically, so does this present US-led world order which has been in effect since the end of World War II. It would appear that this decline is not only noticeable or expected but being orchestrated to fail, which is why the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) have become so aggressive in the stage-setting to have the Great Reset conditions in place before 2030. What is the Great Reset in a nutshell? Well, it's either corporate socialism or communist capitalism...take your pick. Either way, it is not good and is guaranteed to bring about global tyranny.


Lord Byron

Ultimately, we know that Revelation 13 describes a world in which one man controls all of the world's ability to buy and sell. This means the power to control, manipulate, deny, or allow currency transactions must be centralized into one system, which is centralized in the hands of one man. What this tells us is that the USD is going away, as well as every other nation's individual currencies. Furthermore, the world's currency (singular) is going to be digitalized and made accessible only through some form of bio-digital technology embedded into either the hand or the forehead of the bearer, which, according to Scripture triggers a guaranteed trip to the Lake of Fire.

Anytime any leader talks about resetting the present world order, it should raise red flags in your mind as to what they really mean, which is dethroning the United States and putting some other force in charge of the planet. For all its faults and flaws, the United States still remains the greatest gentile nation to have ever existed. It is no wonder as to why God kept this nation hidden (Acts 17:26) until the timing was such that it would precede the immediate time just before the seven-year Tribulation. One last great opportunity for the world to receive the Gospel, shelter a fledgling reborn Israel, and set the stage for the world's greatest collapse demanding a global restructuring that allows the kingdom of the Beast to come about.

Out of all the militaries in world history, the US Military has come closer than any other nation in history in attempting to master every domain. Thus far, the US has mastered the traditional domains of land, sea, and air, and to a lesser extent, urban, subterranean, cyber, and space warfare. However, the one glaring weakness the US Department of Defense has (as well as the rest of the government for that matter) is its refusal to acknowledge the spiritual domain. This blindness is due in part to the century-long secularization process of our nation's government.

I believe that this coming collapse of the US is due to the Rapture of the Church, which is something our government (and most all governments) do not believe is even a possibility. The collapse will necessitate a global restructuring in the geopolitical food chain, and all of the US's military might that is left behind (similar to what we did in Afghanistan) will be acquired by the rising European (Rome 2.0) power that also capitalizes on the vacuums created by the US departure, the collapse of militant Islam, and that of the vanquished Gog-Magog coalition.

For believers, this prospect of our soon departure is our beloved, blessed hope. It is also bittersweet, knowing what our departure will trigger...which is the worst time in human history. Paul addresses this juxtaposition by, of all things, pronouns (go figure!) in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-9 noting the stark difference between "you, yourselves, us, and we" and "they and them".

I asked a rhetorical question once in a Facebook post a year or two ago. I asked, "Is this what it felt like to be living in the Roman empire right around the time it collapsed?" Given the nature of the cultural coliseums that are presently collapsing under the weight of their political correctness, DEI, SDGs, LGBTQ+, CIA, NSA, FBI, academia, Disney, Hollywood, etc., etc., I can't help but be reminded of this sobering quote:

“How did you go bankrupt?"

Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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All of Northern Africa

How about a mnemonic?

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Dean DeGrendel
Dean DeGrendel
Dec 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome Pete!


Dec 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a fun read. I am sooooo looking g forward to 2024, biblical eyes of course. It is going to be year of many surprises. Mostly due to it being an election year. However, sadly false flags will be off the charts. I am heavy hearted, for I do believe sickness will be attacking many people, we are seeing it now and I am sad to think of what’s next. My heart is heavy with so many I know and live are sick. On the other hand we have experienced with invisible hand of God at work within and around us. His divine providence is here and active in this fallen world we live in. I see Trump win…


Rob C
Rob C
Dec 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I liked this article and especially this statement which I think is constantly on the minds of every believer:

"The question we have to ask ourselves is not whether this will happen, but how fast."

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