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2018: The Year in Review

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Another significantly prophetic year has come to its end and there needs to be some follow-up for the predictions I made the previous January, as well as my forecast for 2018. With all the fascinating historical and biblical timeframes associated with the year 2017; 2018 likewise proves to be even more prophetically charged due to the compounding nature of the convergence.

Here is a link to last January’s article for reference. The hits are the things I got correct. The TBD is something I predicted but has not yet come to fruition, though still tentative. The misses are clear wrong predictions that have little chance of being reversed.



Embassy Move

Last January, I stated that President Trump would move the Embassy to Jerusalem. Because Trump is not your ordinary elected official, I believed then (as I do now) that he wants to go down in history as the greatest president. Thus, when afforded the opportunity to do things his predecessors would not have touched with a ten-foot pole, he, of course, makes that his number one agenda. This is a lot easier when the whole political world is lined up against you.

ISIS Decimated

Obama underestimated ISIS as being the jayvee team while simultaneously hamstringing the military’s response to them. In return, they quickly and violently seized Iraq and Syria. But when Trump took over, he simply gave a simple directive to destroy ISIS and then got out of the way to let the US military do what they do best. Since Trump, ISIS in Iraq and Syria have largely been decimated through the technical and tactical support for the Kurds and Iraqi Army, as well as direct-action operations by US forces in Syria. Like so many pop stars from the 1980s music scene, ISIS enjoyed a brief bask in the international limelight and then squandered their kingdom via their own brutality. They share the same fate of Al Qaeda and are resigned to become just another one hit wonder terror-group having to spread their hate via franchise. So much for the caliphate.


Even though I forecasted that the EU would be hard-pressed to actually let the UK part ways, it is still technically scheduled to happen in 2019. After the BREXIT vote in the summer of 2016, everyone assumed that it would be a relatively straightforward issue. The British people voted to leave the EU and thus it should be so.

Nevertheless, reason after reason and issue after issue arose of actually leaving the European Union (EU) and has yet to be formalized in any substantive manner. Can the UK actually break away from the EU’s bureaucratic tentacles? As intertwined as they are economically and financially, it will be exceedingly difficult. There may yet be some carrots here with the UK and the looming birth of the EU Defence force (EU Army). I fear the satanic grip over the post-Christian nation of Great Britain is too strong to let something as simple as “the will of the people” reverse what’s taken the Eurocrats half a century to put together. The Roman Empire must be revived.

Russian Collusion

As much as the media seemingly wants you to believe that Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations were unfairly stolen by Russian interference (as if that were actually possible), what the “Russian collusion” investigation is really just prison-insurance. It has become a massive deflection operation to keep the Trump Administration on the defense in order to prevent Trump from following through on his “you’d be in jail” comment to Hillary during their second debate. Unlike his predecessor, Trump has yet to morph into the Russian Manchurian candidate they all claimed he would become.


Merkel Loses

Although I called Prime Minister Merkel losing her last election, her win is tentative. She is currently unable to form a new government. According to the and numerous other sources, Angela Merkel is in a bit of a bind.

Merkel is now left with a number of undesirable alternatives less than two months after she won her fourth general election. She can either seek a minority government with the Greens or call a snap election. The third alternative of negotiating with Social Democrats seems unlikely since the parties drifted apart during the election campaign.

It seems that a majority of German’s (68%) would also prefer a snap election which means she may still lose. Her unpopularity stems from her open borders and immigration stances which has seen Islamic crime and terrorism blossoming in Deutschland.

Damascus Destroyed

For all intents and purposes, Damascus, Syria is nothing more than a giant rubble-farm. But it can be rebuilt. I noted back in 2011, that Bashar Assad would NOT go the same way that Mubarak and Kaddafi went. Assad has got in bed (prophetically speaking) with the two of the three main characters of Ezekiel 38 for his own self-preservation, and it’s going to cost him dearly. With aggressive Iranian intrusion and development in Syria and multiple Israeli strikes against said encroachment, the utter destruction option is moving from the impossible category to the inevitable.

The EU Army

Discussions about an EU defense force are on the increase inside Brussels these days. They’ve moved from the why, to the how and when phase of planning. According to a Wikipedia,

Article 42 of the Treaty on European Union provides for substantial military integration within the institutional framework of the union: [2]

Article 42.2 provides for complete integration, which would require unanimity in the European Council of heads of state or government and has as such been blocked by the United Kingdom, which is the main opponent of EU defence integration [3], in particular. (The United Kingdom is however scheduled to withdraw from the union in 2019.)

The UK supports NATO and does not see a need for a separate EU army. But with the UK on the way out (potentially), the EU Army is on its way in. Even if the UK stays in, they will have lost the ability (potentially) to prevent this from becoming a reality.

CERN Opens the Gates of Hell

Although done half-jokingly, as of yet, CERN has not yet figured out how to open the portal to hell.

Democrats and Secession

TDS (or better known as Trump Derangement Syndrome), has not abated yet and secessionist movements such as CALEXIT were/are still ongoing. Notwithstanding, it’s hard to build the secessionist-bandwagon when much of your state is on fire.


Kurdish independence

On September 27th, 2017, the Kurds held an election to vote for independence from Iraq-proper. Although they voted yes, the world voted no.

French election

I predicted that nationalist-candidate Marine la Pen would win. By now, we all know that the antichrist-candidate (sic) Emmanuel Macron squeaked out a victory in May and now wants to rule as a Roman god. The Roman Empire must be revived!


This may be more of a TBD since Pizzagate has morphed into the “Me TOO” campaign against sexual assault/harassment with skeletons literally bursting out of closets across the country.

Pacific Pivot

I thought Taiwan would be more of an issue than it was. Turns out, North Korea is the hot-button issue that has the world’s attention.


I believed (and still do) that although Trump is pro-military and pro-letting the generals manage the war there, he would have offered more of a serious let’s look for an exit strategy-strategy than he has. But due to recent events (21DEC17), President Trump and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley very bluntly told the UN members that whoever voted against them in that highly symbolic and non-binding vote against the US recognition of Israel, would be remembered. Well, Afghanistan was one of those members who voted against the US all the while expecting continued military and financial aid. This may be the reason (of which there are many) the US finally decides to pack up and go home and leave the Afghan’s to their own abortive ending.


Mid-East Peace Plan

Jared Kushner’s peace initiative is still on track to make gains in 2018 despite Jerusalem. With solid backing from the Saudi’s, this proposal probably includes creating a Palestinian state into the Sinai Peninsula rather than taking from Israel proper. There are still issues surrounding the Temple Mount and the Old City that make Jerusalem an unsolvable issue to all nations. I believe that the Isaiah 28:15/Daniel 9:27 covenant comes out of this particular agreement.

US Politics

  1. Nancy Pelosi and John McCain retire this year due to medical reasons

  2. Rex Tillerson is replaced with Mike Pompeo and/or Nikki Haley as Secretary of State.

  3. John Bolton is brought back to be the Ambassador to the United Nations (personal wish)

  4. GEN (RET) David Petraeus joins ranks with the administration

  5. More politicians step down for past sexual harassment/assault issues. Expect the left to try and apply this to Trump, albeit unsuccessfully

  6. Mueller is trying to keep this collusion investigation going through to 2018 where the Democrats hope to take back either the house or the senate. He then will hand over what he has to them (at least this is the plan)

  7. The whole Russia Collusion scandal falls apart and takes a dramatic swing to the left, on to Clinton and her cronies and the Uranium One and Benghazi/FBI/email scandals.

  8. The Swamp begins to drain

Divorcing the UN

Look for serious discussions about the United Nations quitting the United States as retaliation for declaring and recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of Israel. The US has already declared that it will be keeping tabs on who votes against the US decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem. It’s not likely the UN will move out of NYC this year, but I think they are going to vote on where they (as an international body) would like to move to in the future. Perhaps Nemo, Saudi Arabia?


I gotta believe that President Trump is looking for serious options in regards to pulling out of Afghanistan. Not only has this become America’s longest war, it has also become the least profitable in terms of our investment in money and results. And with Afghanistan’s recent vote against the US at the UN, that vote may have just cost them our benevolent relationship. Furthermore, the powers that be would like us to see our military focus shift back to the growing near-peer threat, as opposed to the COIN-centric warfare. Although Trump does not want a repeat of Obama’s miscalculation by creating another vacuum as we did in Iraq in 2011, he also doesn’t want to keep pouring American blood, sweat, and tears into a lost cause. Blackwater withstanding, look for a serious exit strategy to emerge in 2018.

North Korea

Blue Sky Option #4 before Trump’s time in office ends. I believe that this may happen sooner rather than later.


The Russians up their global antagonism in Syria, Ukraine, the Balkans, the Baltic States, and former Soviet-satellite states as retribution for being banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics. So they went from hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics to being banned from them. They will also continue to fund and aid Iran and North Korea further pushing the world closer to war.


With Iran and Russia setting up bases on Israel’s northern border, the Ezekiel 38 scenario becomes that much more likely. Furthermore, with the US recognizing Jerusalem as their capital, this has brought Turkey into the geopolitical ménage a trois. Fueling Turkey’s faux outrage is Tayyip Erdogan’s insatiable desire to reestablish the new and improved Ottoman Caliphate 2.0 (which inarguably includes Jerusalem). Israel’s enemies now have a rallying cry: Tomorrow, Jerusalem!


Dubbed the Energy Triangle, Israel, Cyprus, and Greece have agreed to build underground pipelines from the natural gas fields of Leviathan, Tamar, and Aphrodite (Cyprus). They’ve added another partner (Italy) and should be supplying energy to the EU no later than 2025. I first noted this incredibly prophetic and significant economic alliance in 2012. Expect to hear and see this become a major issue for 2018.

Saudi Arabia

I believe this year we’ll see the Arab Spring finally come home to roost.

Natural Disasters

I believe 2018 will be too earthquakes and flooding, what 2017 was to hurricanes and wildfires.

Black Swan Event

Right now, the United States is the biggest obstacle to the new world order. The Trump administration has and will continue to work tirelessly to reverse the globalist trends previous administrations have pushed for over the last three decades. Below are possible scenarios that could effectively remove the US as the world’s only superpower.

  • Joint Chinese-Russian-North Korean EMP/nuclear attack on the US

While it seems unlikely that they would actually attempt this, it is, however, not out of the realm of possibility. The US is the current global policy-maker that everyone else must orbit around. It could be that they take us out thereby wrecking the current order, so they can remake the world in their image.

  • Yellowstone Caldera erupts

If the super-volcano that is currently festering under Wyoming were to actually erupt, you could kiss the United States goodbye.

  • Economic collapse

While the US economy and markets are currently enjoying a rebound due to the loosening of bureaucratic regulations, we see digital currency becoming a major contender in the near future. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that conversion away from fiat currencies triggers a major currency collapse.

  • The Rapture of the Church

As I’ve stated in numerous previous articles, the Rapture will immediately and unexplainably remove all born-again believers and those under the age of accountability from around the world. Even if this were to remove only 10% of the current US population, that’s still over 30 million people that will suddenly disappear. This will wreck the US economy, which in turn will wreck the global economy, thus providing the perfect crisis vehicle for a new system (the Beast) to arise.


To the unbeliever, this might sound frighteningly pro-apocalyptic, but it is not. It is simply a reflection of what is destined to happen. None of us wish for the end of the world to come, due to its obvious implications of death and destruction. Yet, we (believers) know that the way the world is, is not the way it was intended to be. God has something much better in store for those who are His. The Good News is, that anyone can be part of His family. May this new year find you both in His hands and looking up!

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